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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 51 Came at an awkward time

Because of their appearance, Vivian suddenly put her fingernails in the palm of her hand and said with a smile, “Angie, why are you here?”

“Oh, I’m worried about you, so I come to see you with William, but it’s not the right time.”

Angie turned to look at the man beside her, “What do you think of it, William?”

His deep eyes looked straight at the woman who had been bowing her head all the time. He responded with a tone of indifference, “Good.”

No one knew what the dark light in his eyes represented, but it definitely didn’t mean happiness.

“And, John, Vivi is my best friend. If you make me angry, I’ll let her ignore you.” Angie pretended to be unhappy.

“Well, I’ll listen to you.” John raised his hand to surrender.

“Angie, how long have you been here?” Vivian straightened up and asked, she did not know how long William had been standing outside the door and how long he had watched.

She didn’t want her fragile face to be seen by him.

Angie thought Vivian was shy and said careless, “Not very long. I just saw you hugging with him.”

Hearing her words, Vivian could not help blushing, she was embarrassed, actually.

“Vivi, you are so shy.” Angie said jokingly.

“No, I’m not, Angie.” It’s OK if Vivian didn’t explain about it. She was unable to explain it clearly now.

John reminded her, “Angie, although you are Vivi’s good friend, you can’t bully her like this. Now Vivi is also a girl with a boyfriend.”

“Hum, you have a boyfriend. Don’t forget I have a boyfriend, too.” Angie was unconvinced.


“Let’s go. Don’t disturb them.” As soon as William said that, the temperature in the ward was suddenly brought down.

It was clearly a hot summer, and Vivian felt that her heart was covered with a layer of frost.

“You are right. I don’t want to play gooseberry.” Angie was always obedient to William, and she was more willing to get along with him alone.

“OK.” Vivian nodded slightly and watched them leave without looking at William from the beginning to the end.

Angie had been chattering around William, suddenly the familiar smell made her remind of something, “Honey, I smell the taste of Li’s sea cucumber porridge.”

Smelling the fragrance, Angie looked at the beautiful lunch box placed on the garbage can, and said sadly, “Whoa, who did it? It’s a waste to throw away such a good sea cucumber porridge.”

Li had been cooking porridge for hundreds of years. Every day, the porridge was boiled new, and the quantity was limited. Even if she was rich, she can’t resist it. Unfortunately, Li only sold porridge in the morning.

That’s why she felt it was a pity.

The man who heard the word “sea cucumber porridge” looked more and more bleak and obscure, but soon his eye pupil was covered by black shadow again, and his said indifferently, “Let’s eat it now if you like it.”

“William, you are so kind to me. Let’s go next time.” Angie felt happy for a while. She thought that William would alienate her after last night. Unexpectedly, he came to find her this morning.

She was more confident now.

In the Ward-

John looked at Vivian’s tired expression and asked with concern, “Vivi, do you want to lie down and rest first?”

“Well, I’m a little sleepy. I want to sleep.” She said without refusing.

John sat up and said, “OK, have a rest. I’ll see you later.”

“Good.” Vivian nodded in response. She seemed to have something hidden in his heart and didn’t notice the worry in his eyes.

All the people left. She was the only one left in the room. Vivian lay on the bed quietly, blank in his mind.

She also had three conditions to fulfill. She was sure that William would never give up so easily.

No matter how hard it was, she must finish it as soon as possible.

Since Vivian’s foot was injured and asked for a long holiday, she became more leisurely, and William hadn’t appeared.

Sometimes She heard the name from Angie.

John would come here on time every day to deliver food to Vivian, go downstairs with her to enjoy the sunshine and have a breath of fresh air.

Their modes of getting along are also becoming more and more harmonious. Vivian’s idea of trying to make it clear to John had not come true, whenever she wanted to say something.

As if he had known what she would say, John would always try to sidetrack.

Half a month later, when Vivian felt that she was going to grow hair, she was finally able to leave the hospital.

This day, John also drove to pick up Vivian.

Two people were sitting in the car, John seemed to say casually, “Vivi, in order to celebrate your discharge from hospital, let’s have dinner and celebrate together in the evening.”

Only John knew how worried he was if Vivian refused him. He had prepared to give her a surprise tonight.

“Celebration? No need. If you want to celebrate, I would like to cook a meal as a reward for your care for half a month.” Vivian thought it was OK.

I’ve trouble him for half a month. I can’t let him spend any money. Vivian thought.

“Vivi, you just leave the hospital. It’s the same to go out to eat. How about I pick you up at 7 p.m.?” John also wanted to eat the meal made by Vivian, but the “celebration” tonight was very important to him.

Dinner, next time.

Vivian tilted her head to think. When she left the hospital, the doctor also told her that she couldn’t stand for too long. She had to rest for a few days and get used to it. Forget it. She would rather pay for the meal.

“Good idea. But I will pay for the meal.”

John heard Vivian’s promise, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but go up.

He had already prepared the dinner. Naturally, he had already paid for it. He just wanted her to promise him.

He can’t wait to have the meal.

Vivian didn’t know why John was so happy. Isn’t it just a meal? But she didn’t think more about it, because she asked for half a month.

Bonus, performance, salary, her heart began to hurt.

In addition, William’s huge sum of money that couldn’t be cashed in. She was short of money these days.

John was care about her and would still like to pay for the meal. She could only work harder.

Her joy of leaving hospital had been dispelled by the bleak prospect of the future.