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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 50 Two people embracing

“Vivi, I’m going to hang up. William has come to me.” Angie’s cheering voice said in a hurry.

Vivian’s heart was full of bitter, and she said softly, “well, go now.”

At the moment when Angie hung up the phone, she clearly heard the cold voice of the man.

—-Angie, I’ll take you out for dinner.

When John walked into the ward, he saw Vivian holding her mobile phone in her hand. Her thin figure leaned against the head of the bed. There was no bright light in her bright eyes. She looked at somewhere of the room dimly. She was quiet like an abandoned child.

It’s painful to look at such a pitiful Vivian.


John’s soft voice cried out, he was afraid that his louder voice would frighten her, because she looked so fragile at the moment.

“John, when did you come here?” Vivian was stunned for a moment. She had put up the pain in her eyes when she turns sideways. She was still the optimistic Vivian.

“I just arrived. How are your feet?” John went over and looked at her right foot.

Since Vivian don’t want him to know how sad she is, he should not know.

Vivian said in a calm voice, “It’s ok. I’m ok. I bled yesterday, but I didn’t look good with the bandage. I twisted it when I came back yesterday.”

“You haven’t had breakfast yet?” John saw a lunch box on the table that had not been opened.

After John’s reminder, Vivian found that there was a delicate lunch box at the table beside her. It was placed quietly. She didn’t know when she ordered it.

No, she didn’t order it at all. That man can only be the one who did it.

“Oh, yes. I just answered Angie’s phone and forgot it.”

Vivian took her eyes back from the lunch box, raised a light smile on his face, and said softly, ” John, can you help me throw this lunch box away?”

She did not want to think of anything about William, nor would she accept his “sudden” kindness.

If Angie didn’t make a phone call, she might have some fluctuations in her mind. But after she heard William’s voice in the phone, seeing this box of rice made her stomach upside down.

William could “excitedly” look for her yesterday, and the next day he could pretend to look for Angie without anything. Vivian was not so cheap to pretend nothing happened.

John knows the difference in Vivian’s eyes. He doesn’t know who sent this box of rice.

“Well, no problem.” John, carrying the lunch box in his hand, wondered deeper. This sea cucumber porridge should be bought by a century-old shop in the south of the city. The hospital is in the north.

If you are not a very attentive person, how would you go to both the south-est and the north-est, which are far away.

After touching the exquisite lunch box, there is still a trace of excess temperature. It seems that the person who delivers the porridge should wait in line in the early morning to buy it. There is still some temperature now, just waiting for Vivian’s waking up to eat it.

Who is it? He is not willing to think about it.

“Vivi, you haven ‘t eaten yet. I’ll buy two meals.” John threw the lunch box and went back to the ward, asked in a warm voice.

“Don’t worry, I’m not hungry.” Vivian had no appetite.

John said disapprovingly, “Vivi, you can’t stop eating when you are sick. Wait a moment, I’ll be back soon.”

Seeing how cautious he was, Vivian stopped saying anything. She nodded and said, “well, I’ll trouble you, just say.”

“It’s just a small thing, and I didn’t eat, just together.” John said with a wink towards Vivian.

Vivian smiled and felt a little embarrassed. She didn’t want to eat. She forgot that John come here so early that he didn’t eat.

As soon as John left, Vivian was again lying on the bed with a wooden face, and the mobile phone he had been holding slightly vibrated twice.

Vivian took it up and looked at it. There were clear fonts on it, and they were hurting her.

Vivi, William said he was ready to take me home. I am so happy.

Vivian returned two words of congratulations, turned off her mobile phone and left them aside. What else can she say besides congratulations? There seems to be nothing left.

But I don’t know why, her heart is empty like there is a gap, which makes her panic. Because of this message,the gap is also constantly expanding so that she almost thought she didn’t even have a heartbeat.

See each other’s parents? How interesting, that’s good.

She has struggled for three years. It’s not as good as half a month since Angie came back. How ridiculous. She ran into the wall, broke her head and her body was covered with scar. It’s time to let go.

The arrival of John diverted Vivian’s attention.

Two people eat quietly. Sometimes John tells some jokes. Vivian also laughs with him. The atmosphere looks very harmonious.

But John felt that the smile on Vivian’s face was not the real smile, but made him feel that she was forced to smile, and just didn’t want to sweep his interest.

John sighed a little and said, “if you are not happy, don’t force yourself to smile.”

Vivian paused for a while, and then she looked up and smiled so deeply that he almost can’t see her eyes. “No, I’m very happy.”

All of a sudden, John reached out his hand and held Vivian in his arms. His warm voice said with a trace of heartache, “Vivi, don’t be like this, I will feel heartache.”

The clear masculine breath lightly surrounds her side, and Vivian’s pupil suddenly shrinks. The full and ruddy lips were tightly bitten together, and the tears in her eyes were about to burst.

Now she really needs a warm hug and a simple comfort. She is really tired. She is so tired that she can’t hold on and breathe any more.

Just when she wanted to cry, the young face in her mind pulled her back from the trance.

Vivian blinked hard for a few times, holding back the tears, pushed John away gently and said with a smile, “John, what are you doing? I just hurt my feet, but I’m not so vulnerable.”

John opened his arms and wanted to say something.

There was a cruel voice outside the door. “Ouch, I didn’t see anything. Go on, go on, as if you didn’t see us.”

Angie, holding William’s arm in one hand and pretending to cover her eyes in the other hand, actually did not cover anything, walked in briskly.

She kept saying, “I didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect that we would see such a warm scene. Vivi, have I come at an awkward time?”

“So why you still come in.” John’s face is natural.