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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 50 Justifiable Defense

“I said, you were justifying your self-defense.” This was what he said to his parents when he wanted to send her to prison.

Alice lowered her head, and her voice was very low. “Actually, you didn’t want to strangle me, and I seemed to really want to kill you.”

Benjamin’s bitter smile was difficult to restrain. If one wanted to forget what happened, it was impossible.

He sorted out his emotions and asked indifferently, “So I’m not dead, are you disappointed?”

Alice looked up and stared at the opposite side of him for a moment, but in fact she let him down.

“Thank you for not dying, thank you for being okay.” Thank you really.

Benjamin smiled seemingly indifferently, got up, “Clean up the kitchen and go back early. I am waiting for your breakfast tomorrow morning.”

She must be going back to the hospital to accompany her mother. He wanted her to stay, but he couldn’t.

Having said that, he left the restaurant, and Alice thoughtfully contemplated. He may have really let go.

Only after Benjamin in the study confirmed that Alice had left, he appeared in the living room. In the living room, she only left a few wall lamps, dim and silent.

He was sitting on the sofa, leaning on the back of the sofa. He was a little tired, raised his hands and rubbed his temples, inhaled deeply, and exhaled heavily.

He looked lonely in the dim light.

And Alice was a human figure walking alone in the crowd, sometimes with a bitter smile and sometimes looking up and taking a deep breath.

Love is not terrible. It is terrible to fall in love with someone who should not be loved.

The best distance between them should have been restricted to friends. Once some relationships crossed the border, they can only become strangers.

It was because they were too stubborn. If they had to fight, they either lose each other, or they all die together. It was impossible for them to meet and nothing happened.

In the hospital ward, due to Alice’s new job, her mother was very happy. Although she still walked into the former circle of friends, at least her daughter did not have to work as hard as before.

Doctor Ran was on the night shift and came to check rooms. He was surprised to see Alice at this time. “Why not go to work?”

Before Alice had time to say, her mother couldn’t wait to tell Dr. Ran, “She had found a new job and worked as a clerk in a company. As long as she works hard in the future, it will definitely be better.”

Dr. Ran glanced at Alice. Her inexplicable words were silently closed in her eyes, and she smiled warmly at her mother. “Well, I am afraid the if she lives better life in the future, she might ignore me.”

Her mother and Dr. Ran often make fun of her, and Alice was also used to it, just to make her happy, and maintain couple with Dr. Ran in the eyes of her mother.

Alice followed Dr. Ran out of the ward and went to his office.

As soon as she entered the office, Alice anxiously asked the doctor, “My mother has been unable to eat for the past two days. Is there a good way?”

John Ran was sitting at his desk with his fingers pressed against his chin. He seemed to be thinking. In fact, he wanted to ask her if the new job she found had something to do with Benjamin.

But he didn’t ask, and looked up and said, “I think if you promise to marry me, your mother will be very happy. Maybe the condition will be much better.”