Chapter 5 You can get out of here

Located in the villa on the hillside of the Ningxia District.

Dark light, apple-scented rooms.

Folded pink bed sheets on the bed.

David Wilson was sitting, half narrowing his eyes. An unclear light flashed from his eyes. Red thin sexy lips slightly opened.

He is one of the best pieces of sculptor’s hand, the delicate shape, the charming character, and the everlasting bewitching smile on his face.

A woman squatted down tried to please his weakest nerve with her tongue and invited him with a charming voice.

“I want it.” She said.

He lowered his head smirked an evil smile, pinching her lovely chin and raised it. “Want it?”


“I’m a little tired today. Some other day.” David Wilson said cruelly, stood up and went into the bathroom.

Tonight, he felt a little bored. So he left his home early. Out of the villa, he picked up his cell phone and called Bella.

One bell, two bells, three bells…

Bella did not answer. He murmured, “Playing with my temper? Very good. ”

He dialed her apartment’s phone number.

One bell, two bells, three bells…

His patience was fading away.

“Hello.” The housemaid Liana’s muddled voice sounded.

“Where is madam?” David Wilson asked coldly.

“Madame hasn’t come back yet.” Liana answered.

“Is she on night duty today?” David Wilson’s eyes were colder.


As soon as Liana said, David Wilson hung up the phone.

“You didn’t even come back home at night!” He speeded up and headed for the hospital.

Bella went back to the hospital, opened the drawer and took out her cell phone. There’s a call from David Wilson at two thirty-one. She pulled out a sad smile, did not called back and put down the cell phone. She took some adhesive bandages and Povidone-iodine from the drawer.

Walk up to the mirror and bend her neck. The neck area has scarred but if one doesn’t look closely, he can’t see it. For the safe side, she put an adhesive bandage on it and sit back on the chair. She dipped some Povidone-iodine liquor with a cotton swab wiped the nail scars on her finger and pasted three adhesive bandages on them.

After that, she lay down on the rest bed in the office.

The door was pushed open suddenly.

Bella sat up. David Wilson saw her, and his face showed her usual evil smile. He put his hands in his pockets and walked near to her. “Why don’t you go back home and sleep here without duty?”

Bella looked at the hickey on his neck.

So he’s just finished …!

“Why are you here?” She skipped over his questions, put on her shoes and got up.

“I was going passing this way!” David Wilson said leisurely and saw the band-aid on her neck.

His handsome face evoked a sarcastic smile. “Bella, since when you learn the trick of gaining sympathy by hurting your own self?”

She fixed her eyes on him. There was no sign of guilt or shame on his face. It seems that it’s not him who has extramarital affairs; it’s not him who made other woman pregnant. An outburst of anger produced in her heart and her eyes became sharper.

“Yes, a trick to gain sympathy! But the pain is…”


Before she finished, David Wilson stretched out his hand and ripped off the wound sticker from her neck. Bella felt the pain of pulling the skin around her neck. It hurts very much. She stood stunned, her eyes were in a little trance.

David Wilson looked at her clean neck and expressed his disgust.

“There’s no injury on your neck, Bella. Your mind is too clever. No matter what, the best clown also stays just a clown.” David Wilson said ironically.

She felt so numb that she didn’t want to talk to him.

“You can get out,” Bella said.

David Wilson’s eyes flashed a bright light. He held her chin, pushed her into bed, stared at her face and said sarcastically, “You know why I don’t touch you?”

She did not speak, just looked at him and blink with wide eyes.

Like her heart had been entangled by the strings tightly and someone pushed the strings to give her pain. She wants to imprint his cruel behavior on her mind so that her heart will slowly get used to it until it no longer hurts!

David Wilson looked at her silence. He became angry and did not hide his disgust, “Because you are arrogant and annoying and made me lose my appetite.”

Her eyelashes twinkled and her watery eyes covered with mist. She stared at him quietly, without crying. “Do you know why I want to marry you even if I know you hate me?” Bella asked.

David gave a slight pause, twisted her eyebrows and looked into her eyes.

Bella raises a smile. She looked like a beautiful lotus. She laughed and turned off the sentiments. David Wilson was somewhat obsessed with her smile.

“Because I want to see you suffering. You and your lover kidnapped me, but I have no evidence, I cannot prove it, but I can stay with you to see you suffering every day and getting destroyed every day.” Bella said resolutely.

David Wilson got rid of her face.

“Wait for my lawyer’s letter. I want to divorce you. You want to see me getting destroyed? Stop dreaming.” David Wilson did not speak intellectually.

He turned around, took tissues from her desk and rubbed his hands hard. Like he had touched something dirty. And throw the tissues into the trash can, then turned around and went out quickly.


Bella looked at the closed door and sat down on the bed. She lay back in bed, closed her eyes, and pain in her chest had become intense. Once, she loved him wholeheartedly. But what does her love mean to him?

It was he who proposed marriage, who betrayed her and who divorced her. She is like a real clown, playing the role of being fooled and despised. The pain in her heart was so much that she couldn’t even breathe. She curled up tighter and hugged herself tightly, as if she could absorb a little heat from herself, so as not to die cold.

She didn’t fall asleep until the sky turned white!

Base Camp ….

James Grayson looked over the information handed to him by Colonel Thomas Brown and twisted his eyebrows. A guilt passed through his dark eyes. He did not know that she was living such a miserable life after her marriage.

She and her husband are separated. She has a bad relationship with her parents-in-law. Her mother is admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Her husband had sixteen affairs. It’s like he changes a woman after two and a half months.

James Grayson closed the file and ordered Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown, “Go and talk to the Dean over there and let her be promoted to the post of Deputy Director.”