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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 5 Look back

Angie smiled through tears,”Really, is that to prove that I still have a chance, am I right to come back?”

Vanessa said yes.

In the afternoon, Vanessa did not drive with Angie, and took her to re-familiar with New York. They intimately laughed, as if back to the university and it has been dark outside.

Angie said that she would live here for a few days and then go back home, and she wanted to live with Vanessa ,but Vanessa said,”You’d better live in the hotel, because my house is too messy, and I afraid you can’t stand it.

“It’s ok, anyway, I won’t dislike you untidiness .”

“Even though you don’t mind, I care my face.” Vanessa said with a smile, and took Angie to a four-star hotel, paid the room fee for four days, and sent Angie to the room before leaving.

Vanessa just came out of the hotel and received a phone call from William , “Look back.” He said.

She looked back doubtfully and found William’s Maybach parked on the side of the road with car light flashing. Feeling nervous, she unconsciously took a look at the hotel and then hurried to the hotel with the phone.

Sitting in the car, Vanessa asked,”Did you follow us all afternoon?”

“I’m not so bored.” William said, quickly pulling away from the side of the road. “I thought you’d take her to a hotel here, so I drove here after finishing work. I’m just waiting for a while.”

William took Vanessa to the garden-style restaurant where they often went.

Today is not the weekend, so there are not many people. They just waited outside for a few minutes to line up to the table, and then sit down and ordered food.

“That’s all.” When Vanessa returned the menu to the waiter and just looked back. William took out a small box from his arms, and motioned for her to reach out.

Felling a cool thing on the wrist, Vanessa looked down, only to find a thin bracelet, decorated with broken flowers, the end of the chain engraved Tiffany unique logo, then she looked up to see William.

“For me?” She asked.

William said, “I saw it in the store by chance. I thought you would like it, so I bought it.”

Vanessa touched the chain on the wrist, and suddenly felt not so depressed, and even a little happy.

Although she and William have been together for more than three years, their relationship is not legitimate. Vanessa also never thought that William would like herself. She knew he liked Angie, and the reason that he was with her was just to appease his injured heart.

And she, however, is willing to stay beside him silently in this way.

Seeing Vanessa be happy like when children get candy , William lip corner hooked,”Just a bracelet, so happy? You will have more gifts in the future.”

In the future…

Vanessa suddenly thought of Angie in the hotel, and felt a little guilty, tried to calm and said,”You are busy. It’s very rare that you can find time to buy gifts for me, why can’t I be happy?”

William smiled and looked at Vanessa with deep eyes. “So do you want to thank me?”

Vanessa was too familiar with the meaning of his such eyes, so her small face became red and she bowed down.

After dinner, William sent Vanessa back and handed her the shoes in the back seat. “I’m not busy today. I just wanted to see you. The shoes are for you.”

Vanessa snorted with a smile and peered at him,”Yes, yes, you are the best.”

William stared at her for two seconds, then flipped the seat belt and leaned over to kiss Vanessa.

This kiss was too abrupt, and let Vanessa a little muddled, but then she put the hands on his shoulder, enthusiastically responding. The car was so quiet and it only existed their breathing sound, which was full of a sweet flavour.