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Chapter 5 A Japanese meal

Jessica felt warm.

Although she got to know Clara after she worked for this newspaper, she has a very close relationship with Clara after getting along with her for more than half a year.

Clara helped her with everything. She really appreciated that.

She logged in her email account to check the emails. There were many unread emails including the one sent by the human resource department. The email informed that the new boss will take over the company next month.

She saw that the surname of the new boss was Howard. Jessica raised her eyebrows and doubted.

She has ever came into contact with several bosses in her industry whose surnames were Howard, but they were not interested in buying her company. Was it someone she doesn’t know?

After dealing with the matter in hand, it was already afternoon.

Thinking of her mom’s order this morning, she closed the lips, took the phone and dialed Alex’s number.

She has been in a relationship with Alex for a long time. It was time that she should bring him back home to meet her parents.

She tried calling him several times, but couldn’t get through.

Jessica thought perhaps he was busy filming and had no time to check the phone, so she sent a message.

But she didn’t get a reply until she got off work.

“What’s the matter?” They were leaving together after work. Clara approached and asked because Jessica didn’t look good. “Were you scold by chief editor?”

“I’m fine.” Jessica put aside those troublesome matters. She took Clara’s arm on her own initiative, smiled and said “Feel free to have Japanese food tonight. I’ll pay the bill no matter how much it is.”

Clara looked askance at her and asked, “Really? So generous?”


They took a taxi to the famous Japanese restaurant. Their associate editor and several colleagues happened to be there, too. They decided to sit together around a table boisterously.

After the dinner was about eight o’clock. Some colleagues proposed to go to karaoke bar. They just took the taxi there.

“Trouble will find you no matter where you go oh oh. No matter if you’re fast no matter if you’re slow oh oh…”

Jessica whose cheeks was reddish was holding a microphone to roar in front of the screen. A group of colleagues behind her were trembling. They deeply regretted taking her to sing and letting her to drink.

“Who allowed her to drink? Why didn’t you stop her from drinking?”

“My ears are going to explode. Oh, no.Associate editor, I don’t feel well. I’ll go first!”

“I don’t feel good, either. I have to leave first!”

Within a few minutes, there were only Clara who was desperate and Jessica who was still roaring in the large room.

Clara thought, she would never ever bring Jessica to the Karaoke bar again.

Eventually, Clara also couldn’t stand hearing. She dragged Jessica out of the room. She was out of breath when she arrived at the roadside, “My dear, where do you live? I’ll take you home.”

Jessica pointed to the sky and giggled, “I, I live in the heaven!”

Clara was speechless.

“Forget about it. You’d better stay at my house.” Clara sighed.

“I can’t…can’t stay at your house. There is entrance guard system.” Jessica grunted. She She slumped on the floor and emptied out her bag to find her phone.

Jessica was in a daze and felt a lot of words floating in front of her eyes. She dialed a number with great efforts.

Well…She wanted her boyfriend to pick her up.

It was past eleven o ‘clock in the evening, and the conference room of The Howard Group was full of people.

The analyst stood in front of the projector and analyzed the product data of recent months to the executives present. All of them listened attentively.

Ryan played with the pen and listened to every word of the analyst. However, he was thinking of the call that Jessica made to someone in the car last night. He felt uncomfortable.

When did she have a boyfriend? And why didn’t she tell him about it?

Was it because of what happened a year ago?

It occurred to him that Jessica was always avoiding him, so Ryan was restless and fidgety. He couldn’t help taking his phone out of the pocket and logged in the Instagram to check Jessica’s moments.

As he just logged in, he saw the moment shared by Jessica ten minutes ago.

“Met my colleagues in the Japanese restaurant. Go singing together. A lot of fun!”

And a picture showed that a large square table with all kinds of wine and beer on it.

Ryan frowned sharply.

He found it unexpected that she should go drinking. Didn’t she know her capacity for liquor?