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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 49 Have You Hated Me

Alice tore off the petals of the lily, and threw them on the spotless bed.

“What are you doing?” This woman was what he called to anger him.

Alice said, “Don’t you say that your fiancee likes Lily, you have to get something out of it.”

She’s not engaging in atmosphere, it’s engaging in provoking him.

In fact, he had become accustomed to the naughty girl.

Let her play tricks. He had a headache, and wanted to go to the study room alone. Anyway, this family will not invite any other women except her.

Alice was so busy that she was busy all the way at almost seven o’clock. To be honest, she was just doing nothing,. The room wasn’t messy, and she wouldn’t clean up the room.

She has been living in a hospital for the past three years. When it was cold, her mother was crowded in a single bed, and at other times she was laying on the floor alone.

Alice estimated that his fiancee was coming, and wanted to leave. She appeared at the door of the study, and when the door was not closed, she opened the space where she could put her head in, and discussed with him, “Your fiance is coming soon. Right? Or I’ll go first? ”

Benjamin pretended that he didn’t hear anything, and didn’t raise her head, and was too lazy to look at her.

Alice really didn’t want to meet his fiancee. “Benjamin, have you heard me?”

Benjamin turned on the computer, got up, and said casually, “She just called on the phone that she had something temporary and not coming here. Go to heat up the dishes and have dinner.”

Benjamin had already left the study, and Alice was still standing at the door of the study and did not respond.

Fiancee was not coming? Their relationship should be very good and stable.

The original four dishes and one soup became the current three dishes and one soup. After serving, Alice stepped back two steps and stood by the side, waiting for the host to ask anything.

Benjamin looked up at her, “Aren’t you hungry?”

How deliberate this question was.

Alice’s expression was not very good, but she still gave an answer, “Yes.”

Benjamin had started to use chopsticks. “Let’s eat it together. I can’t eat it myself, and it would waste to throw it away.”

Alice’s eyes flashed. To be honest, she’s a little dizzy now that she’s hungry, but she still kept in mind her identity as a little maid. ”

Benjamin looked up at her, snorted coldly, and commanded sharply, “Sit down and eat.”

Well, he forced her. It was not out of her willingness.

He used to hand her a glass of water before eating, and she said thank you. She put down her chopsticks before eating a few bites, and said calmly, “I’m full, take yourself.”

Benjamin fixed her eyebrows tightly, “You’re pretending to be small appetite, right? After a few bites, you’ll be full? Eat.”

Alice didn’t listen to him because she was really full. Now she felt pitiful because she had a small stomach. Sometimes she can feel full with a few sips of water.

Every time she ate, she wanted to stuff more in her stomach, but she felt bad when she ate too much, so she might as well be hungry.

“I’m really full now. My stomach had become small, and I’ll be full after a few bites.”

Benjamin’s pupils condensed. Her simple words filled him with piercing feelings, because he didn’t ask a few more words at first, and she had been like a refugee for the past three years.

“Alice …”


Benjamin put down the chopsticks and stared at her, “Did you hate me for not paying attention to you in the past three years?”

His question made her laugh, but she smiled bitterly, and her heart hurt. “How about you? Did you hate me almost killing you then?”

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