Chapter 49 An appointment

“That doesn’t mean she likes me, does it? Maybe she just thinks she owes me a Russian book.” James Grayson replied.

He thought of the moment when Bella paid money for all his gifts.

“She likes you, believe me. She often holds your Russian book in her hands. By the way, she refused you because she and David Wilson have agreed to live separately for a month. After a month, he will divorce her. She’s afraid of any accident that’s why she separated from you first.” Amelia William tried to convince him.

James Grayson frowned and stayed silent.

Amelia William felt that Chief Grayson is silent. She tried to guess what he was thinking and said, “Can you take the initiative? Bella is an introvert and it’s really hard for her to bow her head.”

James Grayson, “…”

Is it of any use for him to bow her head? He was afraid that Bella would hate him.

“Bella has never had a relationship with her husband. As a woman, she also needs it. If you make her comfortable, she will give up herself to you.” Amelia William said with a guilty heart. If Bella knew that she said that to James Grayson. She will not stay friends with her.

“Really?” James Grayson obviously didn’t believe it.

“Well, I have a blind date tomorrow. It’s a masquerade party, and I will take Bella with me. Bella has also changed her hairstyle. I’ll take her picture and send it to you and also messaged you with the address. Will you come?” Amelia William asked.

James Grayson stayed silent.

Amelia William has no idea whether he will come or not but he said. “I’ll send you the address.”

Then she hung up the phone and sent the address to James Grayson. James Grayson still didn’t reply. Amelia William went back to the salon. She asked the barber to cut Bella’s hair. Bella’s face is very small, and her skin is fair. She just doesn’t take care of herself and her hair was dry and rough.

The hairstylist cut her hair and gave her hair treatment.

She has a small face with beautiful shiny skin, two big round eyes and a decent forehead. Every part of her face was perfect, delicate and charming. Bella was beautiful but now after this haircut, she looks more appealing than ever.

“David was really blind. He left such a beautiful woman and fool around outside.” Amelia William takes a picture of Bella and sends it to James Grayson.

“Can we stop discussing him?” Bella got up.

“OK, let’s get rid of that scum man. We have a better choice.” Amelia William cleverly raised his smile. She wondered if Chief James Grayson would come or not tomorrow.

The next Morning-

Amelia William helped Bella in makeup and getting ready.

Bella laughed, “Girl, I am just accompanying you to the date, it’s not my date. You should do your makeup, not mine.”

“Keep quiet.” Amelia William put lipstick on Bella’s lips. “Of course, I will make it for myself. However, you are my partner. If you don’t look beautiful, it will affect my reputation. Now, you are looking good. Let me choose your dress.”

“All right.” Bella didn’t argue more.

Amelia William chose a white and black shirt and skirt for her. Through the white gauze, one can see the curves and slender waist of Bella. In the past, Bella was wearing too conservative clothes that cover her super-hot figure.

She really hoped that this time Bella could totally fascinate Chief James Grayson and then… Yes, Yes, Yes. Amelia William was very excited. She was really looking forward to today’s blind date.

Bella saw that Amelia William has prepared three suits for her, three suits for herself and a swimsuit as well.

“Why you are taking so many clothes?” she asked in surprise.

“That place is a little far away. It’s near the sea. We planned to go there for two days. We will reach by tonight. And it’s good to bring more clothes. We just have to put them in the bag.” Amelia William explained.

“You have a blind date for two days?” Bella was surprised.

Amelia William shrugged, “My father hopes that I can hit the right one. He is old and worried about me. By the way, I forget to tell you that the woman who gave that recording is missing for some days.”

“She may not dare to offend David Wilson. Forget it, now I am separated from David Wilson and will get divorced in a month.”

“Then you should also find a new one. Be prepared.” Amelia William egged on.

“That’s not good. Let’s go.” Bella helps Amelia William with their luggage.

The place was quite far away. It took Amelia William three hours to arrive. But the place was beautiful. It was a private villa near the sea. The beach was outside the villa. There were sunshades, lounges on the beach and many beautiful women wearing masks and bikinis. There were many luxury cars parked in the villa.

Bella got off the car. The sea breeze blew on her face and moved her hair. The air was fresh and refreshing.

Amelia William swept to the beach but everyone was wearing masks and she really can’t recognize which one is James Grayson. She didn’t even know that James Grayson has come or not.

She led Bella to the beach and two bodyguards stopped them. They were expressionless, “Master Taylor told people to check in first and arrange the room.”

“Oh. I see.” Amelia William followed the bodyguard to the villa to check-in. They went into a small room with six bodyguards.

Amelia William signed her name. The bodyguard checked the list and confirmed her id. He gave the room card to them. Amelia William was worried. It seemed that only required persons can get in here. Can James Grayson manage to get in here?

“Let’s go to the room first.” Amelia William said with a sigh.

The bodyguard opened the door. The curtains inside were all drawn. The living room was elaborately decorated, like a bar. There were neon and rotary lights, high stereo music, wine, beautiful women and handsome guys.

Bella and Amelia William put away their luggage in the room and came back to the living room. They choose a corner to stand. Bella looked around. A woman with a mask was singing. She has a tag of number five on her body. Her voice was very soft and there were many people listening to it.

“Why are there so many people on this blind date? Are you sure you didn’t come to the wrong place? I am feeling something wrong.” Bella was suspicious.

Amelia William shrugged, “Who knows, dad asked me to go. I think all the unmarried people of the circle are here. Let’s have a look. We can choose some good ones. We won’t be at loss.”

“Um,” Bella answered casually.

The bodyguard pushed the door and a man with a wolf mask came in the door. He was dressed in a black hand-made elegant suit. He was tall having a straight figure with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He had a great personality that is full of charm.

His eyes swept over the crowd and fell on Bella. In his eyes, there was a strange light just like a wild animal when he wakes up in the dark…