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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 49 Almost found out

At the other end of the phone, John heard the heavy words in Vivian’s voice. He asked gently, “Vivi, are you uncomfortable? I’ll go to find you.”

Vivian thought about it and said softly, “I was not very comfortable last night. I was in the city hospital.”

“Well, I see. I’ll be there right now.” John did not ask why she went alone and did not even think of his boyfriend.

Vivian reported her room number and hung up the phone. Her delicate eyebrows tightened deeper. She decided to make it clear when John came.

It’s not her style or intention to be sloppy.

Vivian decided to relax a lot after that. She also sent a message back to Angie, telling her that she was OK.

It’s Angie’s phone call that came in less than a minute after the SMS was successfully sent.

As soon as Vivian connected, the voice of Angie continuous voice came, “Vivi, what are you doing? You don’t reply to messages or phone calls in the morning. If you still don’t reply to my messages in the morning, I will call the police to find you.”

“Angie, I’m sorry to worry you.” Vivian knows that Angie is concerned about herself and doesn’t pay attention to her complaints.

“How can you didn’t even tell me yesterday, which made us so worry. Do you know how nervous John is?” Angie mumbles on the phone, and says with some envy.

“Ah, I’m really jealous that John is so kind to you.”

“What’s the matter?” Vivian asked

Angie seems to have found an organization. All the grievances that she has been holding for a whole night are told to her, “Vivi, do you know how I came here yesterday? William hurt my heart so much that he sent me back and left right away.”

“…” Vivian didn’t know what to say, because William was running to find her, and she was still a little short of “do what you want”. She had always a little guilty and uneasy.

Angie didn’t care about Vivian’s reaction, and went on to say, “for yesterday’s reception, I bought that childish princess dress specially, and spent a lot of effort to dress up, but a William didn’t see my efforts at all, and refused me.”

“Vivi, don’t you think I’m beautiful?” Then Angie began to ask seriously.

“Angie, when did you lose confidence in your appearance? You are the Campus Belle of our school. “Vivian’s heart is astringent.

It turned out that Angie had planned to stay for the night with William yesterday. Would that happen soon……

Angie sighed and said quietly, “Vivi, you don’t understand. He is William, not an ordinary man. My self-confidence and pride describe vanity in front of him. I really love that man.”

Hearing that she loves that man from her friend’s mouth, Vivian can’t help biting her lips.

She said comfortingly, “William has already admitted that you are his girlfriend. So far, you are the first girlfriend he has publicly admitted, and you have met his parents, haven’t you?”

She really dislikes such self, obviously in the heart very resists, but still hypocritically placates own good friend.

Although she really wanted to bless them, she could not witness their happiness.

Because her heart is also flesh, also can ache.

“That’s what I said, but Vivi, why doesn’t William accept me? Is it because he was still angry that I ran abroad before, but I also lowered my posture to ask for compromise?”

Angie feels that she still can’t accept it. She is a proud woman. She has been in a good mood since she was a child. She hasn’t suffered setbacks and rejection. Even if she falls in love at University, she will naturally find the best man.

It’s only now that William makes her confidence become fragile.

“Vivi, to be honest, I feel a mysterious woman around William.”

Vivian’s fingertip, which held the mobile phone can’t help but tighten because of Angie’s words. It seems that only in this way can she relieve the tension in her heart, “Angie, do you misunderstand something?”

“Vivi, women’s sixth sense is generally accurate, and I almost know who is that woman.” When Angie said that, she was quite satisfied.

Just when these words fell in Vivian’s ears, it’s like a basin of cold water in the first month of the lunar month, which had been cooling her heart.

How could that be discovered.

When she left, she had covered up her breath and never left her own clothes. Even her hair had been glued away.

“- Hello – Hello – are you listening? Why don’t you talk all the time?”

Vivian suddenly returned to her mind, her face was pale, and her voice was slightly weaker unconsciously. “I’m listening, I’m just a little surprised.”

“I knew that you must be shocked by my cleverness.” The tone of Angie’s voice rose involuntarily.

“Then, what did you find out?” Vivian only felt her heart beating faster and hold a breath. I’m afraid that Angie could find any clues.

“Ah, I’m discouraged mentioning this. I just called out the monitor outside the William’s apartment. I didn’t see her face and nothing more.” Angie said in a low tone.

Hearing that Angie didn’t see her face, Vivian didn’t dare to relax. The only good thing is that every time she went to William’s apartment, she took his car and then took the elevator to the door, so there was no image.

“But I’ll always find that woman.” Angie made up an angry sentence at the other end of the phone.

“Angie, if William no longer meets the woman you said, will you still check her?” A tentative question from Vivian.

“Vivi, why do you ask this? Of course, I will check her. I’d like to see how capable the bitch is and how she captured William.” Angie said naturally.

The big characters of the bitch are like a big hat on Vivian’s head, making her breathless. Is she a bitch?

Although Angie broke up with William for a long time when she was with him, she also took advantage of her time and occupied three years of happiness.

After all, William is her best friend’s boyfriend, and she is with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend. It’s really immoral to say that.

“Vivi, what are you doing? Why are you still speechless?” Angie also feels the difference of Vivian.

Vivian explained, “no, I’m just thinking about what kind of woman she would be.”

Angie snorted coldly and said contemptuously, “no matter what kind of woman she is, she is a junior, and I don’t believe that William will choose such woman and doesn’t choose me. I am William’s first love.”

“Yes, yes.” Vivian answered difficultly. Who can stand the position of” first love” in William’ s heart?

First love is always unforgettable, even William should be no exception.

Just like her first love is William, though it is only her one-sided secret love.