Chapter 48 Let’s be together

Fall in love?

What qualifications does she possess to fall in love with him? Bella was trying to explain when she saw a familiar face coming in the restaurant. He was David Wilson’s friend, Jack Turner. Last time David took her on his party where they were hooking up with each other’s wives.

She was afraid that if Jack Turner saw him here with James he will definitely tell a lot of nonsense to David. She didn’t have much time to think about it. She hid under the table.

James Grayson, “…”

He frowned impatiently and lifted the tablecloth. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t want to be seen by someone,” Bella explained in a hurry.

She saw Jack Turner coming towards their table and pulled the tablecloth.

James Grayson’s heart was filled with an undesirable fire. He pulled up the tablecloth and said, “Am I a shame to you?”

She wanted to pull down the tablecloth so that she can hide but he didn’t let her do that. Jack Turner was almost there and it was too late for Bella to change a place to hide.

She hid her face in between James’s legs.


That was a very awkward pose. She clearly felt something inside was getting excited and bigger. James’s body was hot, and Bella’s ears turned red.

Jack Turner came to James Grayson’s side.

“Hello, Chief James Grayson. I didn’t expect to see you here. My company has contacts with Mr. Oscar Grayson. I attended the banquet last time, but you weren’t there.” Jack Turner warmly greeted him.

James Grayson’s face was livid. He didn’t look into Jack Turner’s eyes. He said in a cold voice, “Get lost from here.”

Jack Turner was also a very clever and sharp person.

He saw a girl squatting down and her head was inside Chief’s legs… His brain was smart enough to have an idea about the situation.

“Oh, I am sorry, chief. Have fun, enjoy yourself.”

Bella looked at Jack Turner who moved away but no far away. He sat at a table not far away from them and pretended to use mobile phones but looked at them from time to time.

She suspected that he would gossip this with David Wilson. If she came out at this time, Jack Turner would catch her and she must be dead by David. Bella was afraid.

James Grayson glanced at her and looked into her eyes. He put down the tablecloth and called Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown, “I’m now in the western restaurant on the fourth floor of the Moon International. In the next ten minutes, I want every single person out of the restaurant.”

Bella looked at James Grayson with gratitude in her eyes. He didn’t look back at her. He was really angry.

Thomas Brown brought some soldiers and takes everyone out of the restaurant. There was not a single person around ten meters of the restaurant.

He pulled Bella out and put her on the table. Bella has a bad feeling. She had never seen him so angry. He looked like a hungry beast. He bowed his head and kissed her lips fiercely. It was very fierce, he engulfed all her breath, like punishment and sucked hard.

Bella only felt the pain in her lips. She didn’t want to have such kind of relationship with him. She pushed him on the shoulder. The more she pushed him, the more irrational he was. He held her hand and presses them on the table.

Bella was forced to lie on the table. James Grayson’s chest heaved violently and he stared at her as if she was his prey.

“Bella, let’s be together.” James Grayson lowered his head and looked into her eyes.

He kissed on her knee. Bella’s scared legs were shaking.

“James Grayson, we can’t do this. I’m a married woman. It will be of no use. You’ll only ruin your future if you stay with me.” Bella tried to wake him up.

“Do you think I care about your identity? Aren’t you going to divorce soon? Besides, who told you that my future will be ruined if you stay with you?” James Grayson asked.

“Still, it’s not appropriate for us to do this now. After all, I am not divorced, yet.” Bella struggled to get off the table.

James Grayson looked at her coldly. There were no feelings in her eyes. If she really doesn’t want him then what’s the point of asking anything. James Grayson released his hand and said indifferently, “You can leave.”

Bella got up from the table.

James Grayson sat on the chair and looks at her coldly.

Bella did not look back at him. She lowered her head and said, “I will always remember what you have done for me. And I will pray for you.”

“Get lost.” James Grayson’s voice became colder and more indifferent.

What he wanted were not her good wishes, but herself.

Bella took the money out of the bag and put it on the table. “This is for cosmetics and clothes.” She said and left.

James Grayson’s eyes skimmed over the edge. She really wanted to have nothing with him. He threw all the money to the ground…

Bella took leave from the hospital and spent five days at home. David Wilson seemed to have disappeared. He didn’t call her again. No one came to trouble Bella. Life was peaceful.

Whenever Bella got some free time, she thought of James Grayson about his noble personality. The time she has spent with him was now her precious memory. And she still felt his warmth.

Friday arrived, but she didn’t go to see her mother. Last time, her mother asked to bring David Wilson with her. How could she take David with her? Bella called the nurse and instructed her about her mother shower, bath, and manicure. She was afraid to go in person.

Amelia William knocked and came in, “You have rejected such a good man. No regret?”

“No, that’s what I want.” Bella stood up and arranged her table.

“I think you’re regretting it.” Amelia William said softly.

Bella raised her eyes and looked at Amelia William, “I know that my decision is right. Let’s go home. I’ll make delicious food for you in the evening.”

Bella took off her white coat on a hanger and held Amelia William’s arm.

Amelia William looked at Bella and found her unhappy, like always. She wanted Bella to be happy. At least, she will not let her miss this opportunity to be Mrs. James Grayson. In the evening, Amelia William deliberately sent Bella out to a salon to have a haircut. When Bella wasn’t there, she called James Grayson.

James Grayson answered.

“Hello, this is Amelia William, Bella’s friend.” Amelia William said in a low voice.

“Yes.” James Grayson answered with a deep voice.

“I want to tell you, that Bella is stupid. She likes to keep everything in her heart. Do you know why she refused you?” Amelia William said.

James Grayson didn’t respond.

Amelia William said again, “She really likes you. Do you remember that you have a Russian book? The book was thrown into the pool by David Wilson, the scum man. She’s so worried even for your book. She picked it up from the pool and dried it. She also bought a book exactly like that. Now she’s studying Russian at home every day and she’s also taking notes from your books.”