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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 48 Evil Capital

Alice whispered to him, “Benjamin …”

As if back to a long time ago, every time she did something wrong, he silently helped her clean up the mess.

When Benjamin made sure that there was no plate residue on the ground, he turned around and looked at her with no expression. “Broken the plate, fine 10 dollars. 10 dollars for this dish. And 10 dollars for helping you clean up the scene. ”

After that, he strode out of the meteor.

Alice pointed at his back, “Hey, why?” with such a penalty, she might not get anything at the end of the month.

Benjamin paused, and seemed to think of something again, turned around and walked back again, stood at the door of the kitchen, glanced at a few dishes on the glazed counter, “If you dare to buy a ready-made back later to fool me, fine 100 dollars.”

“I …” He could not say a word.

The evil capitalist.

Benjamin didn’t see where the flowers he asked her to buy, “What about flowers?”

Flowers? Oh, by the way, Alice’s fist knocked hard on her head, “The flower is still in the doorway.”

When she entered the door just now, she bought too many things. She was afraid that the flowers might be damaged, so she put them on the floor.

Seeing that she hit her head so hard just now, he felt painful for her. Why should he be so heavy against her?

Alice hurriedly ran to the door and took them in. In fact, she didn’t like the heavy-scent lily. She found a vase to insert the flowers into it, and put it on the short table in front of the sofa.

“Where is your bedroom?” She didn’t want his room to be so warm and romantic, but she was a little afraid he would deduct her salary.

Benjamin pointed with his chin, “There.”

Alice found out the perfume she had purposely bought from those shopping bags just now. Indeed, the room was cold and monotonous.

She didn’t know if he has nothing to do. He followed her into the bedroom. As it happened, Alice asked him, “Do you have other bedding in your family?”

Benjamin answered, “No.”

Alice thought that she might help her buy it the next time she went out. She thought that the warm color bedding was easier to sleep well.

When she helped him light the lavender aroma on the bedside table, Benjamin leaning on the door frame asked her disgustedly, “What’s that?”

Alice smiled and explained, “It helps sleep, and allows you and your girlfriend to make the atmosphere …”

Benjamin’s face was cold. “Blow it up.”

Alice didn’t want to do so, because when she saw him in the afternoon, he felt that his dark circles were a little heavy, probably because he didn’t sleep well.

“It doesn’t matter if you put it here, don’t you let me create a warm atmosphere?”

Benjamin smiled inexplicably, came in through the door, stood with his hands around his chest, stood in front of her, and said, “I have a feeling for my fiancee, I don’t need these things.”

The fiancee was deliberately highlighted, in order to correct the mistake she just said of his girlfriend.

“Perhaps your girlfriend likes it.” Alice persisted.

Benjamin changed the focus of the topic and reminded her again, “It is a fiancee, the woman who will marry me. My future wife.”

Alas, marrying a wife is amazing. You need to remind her again and again.

Alice blew her uncomfortable breath on the burning aroma, and then destroyed it, cursed him in her heart that tonight was not in harmony with his fiancee.

The little girl walked out of the bedroom. After pulling out a lily in the vase, she returned to his bedroom again.