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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 48 Cold War Quarrel

When Lily returns to the office, the colleagues have been gossiping her about her bravery of intrusion to the CEO’s office.

When the incident happens, she is anxious and goes upstairs without thinking much. But once again she becomes the subject of their gossip.

However, all of it is just an excuse. Previously, people said that she had a backdoor; a relationship with the superior, but no one dares to say the name. This time, she goes directly to the CEO’s office and still be able to come back safe and sound. It will inevitably bring Rex into this rumor.

Lily looks at those curious yet cautious stares, even Crystal is the same.

She restrains the soreness of her throat and tries to act as usual. The only thing in the world that was as fast as lightning is rumor.

She couldn’t control what others said, but can only turn a cold shoulder.

While sitting on the task chairs, Lily takes a ship of water from the thermos. The warm liquid flows into her stomach. She couldn’t help chilling when thinking of Rex’s cold eyes from just now.

The video has been taken away by Susan. After leaving the office, her face is full of smile. She herself doesn’t think that she was a kind-hearted person. She only gives her for the sake of the child.

Her only concern is that Rex might misunderstand. She explains, corrects, –clarifies, but he barely says a few words to let her out.

Lily sighs in frustration and listlessly lays on the desk, takes out the phone to text Abby–

Lily: You there?

Abby: Yeah.

Lily: I had just provoked Rex, he seems really angry.

Abby: ….I didn’t believe you dare to provoke him. Tell me, what happen? *gossip face emoticon

Lily taps the keyboard with her fingers, roughly describe what had happened today.

Less than half minute after the message is sent, the other party sends bunch of surprised expressions.

Lily: What do you mean?

Abby: Dude, you are the first that burn the bridge after crossing it without thinking.

Lily frowns as looking at the message, her fingertips types hastily on the keyboard: How can I burn the bridge after crossing it. I’ve explained to him before that it was for the sake of the children, but it seems useless.

Abby: Nonsense, nobody can bear this matter. It is good enough that Rex didn’t kill you. Think about it, the boss of a big law firm handles this case himself for your sake. But in the end, just because you pity your ex-husband, you let it go, can you imagine it?

Lily opens the dialog box, types in a line of message but soon deleted it. Her finger stops, still thinking what to reply, then Abby text her again.

Abby: You’re too kind-hearted. You may think for the sake of the children, but Rex may not think so. After all, you’re problem with Tim is too much. If you don’t want Rex to angry, go sweet-talks him.


Lily imagines if she sweet-talks Rex, which gives her a sudden goose bumps. She might have frozen to death first before have a chance to sweet-talk him.

Not everybody can bear the awful aura of him.

After chatting a few more messages with Abby, someone’s calls her name, which Lily doesn’t dare to neglect and put down her phone to go to work. It is only after work hours that she has time to pick up her phone again.

After looking at the time, she recalls Abby’s words again. Rex might has not left yet at this time. She sorts out the things on the desk first and walks away with her bag.


Someone’s suddenly calls her name when she reaches the door.

Lily jumps out and turns to the doer. It is Crystal and she sighs with relief, “What?”

Crystal points out to Julia’s office, a little surprise, “Why are you leaving so early?”

Lily is a little guilty, “…. Yeah, I need to go somewhere else.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll notify you if something happen.”

Looking at Crystal’s casual appearance, she remembers her eyes when she returned from the CEO’s office just now and takes a few steps forward, “Crystal, today…”

“Ah, it’s fine, I understand, you can go.”

Lily doubts, “You really understand?”

Crystal smiles brilliantly, “Well, I believe you are not such a person.”

Just one sentence and Lily, who has been desolated for quite some time, infuses with trace of enthusiasm, “Thank you.”

“Whoever your colleagues is whatever the gossip is, as long as there is someone who believes you are enough?”


Lily takes the elevator to the underground parking lot. She had been here with Rex several times before and he mostly drives Bentley Bentayga.

However, she has been looking around for three times and still doesn’t find the familiar figure of his car.

Lily takes out her phone and dials Joe’s number. He picks it up on the first ring and Lily is very impatient to ask, “Joe, Do you know which car Rex is driving today?”

Joes says politely, “Bentayga, as usual.”

Lily scan through the parking lot once again, “I’m in the car park, but why didn’t I found it?”

“Are you looking for Rex?” Joe says in a tone, “He has left.”

“He has left?” It is only five o’clock. He has never left so early before.

“Yes, he had a meeting tonight.”

“Oh, I see, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Hanging up the phone, Lily feels a little disappointed. She doesn’t expect him to leave early and finds nobody. She is thinking whether he did it on purpose, knowing that she will look for him and deliberately avoid her?

She is just like a fusty eggplant, being dumped away. She then walks out of the company to the nearby metro station. At the peak hour in the afternoon, there was people everywhere that she can’t even grab onto the handrails.

After changing to the other line, it is nearly half past seven when she arrived at the Villa.

She takes off her shoes, feeling shattered and falls on the sofa. She then takes out her phone from the coat. There is only one missed call from Bree.

She re-calls and reminds Bree to stay away from Tim’s family until the end of this problem. Bree not saying much, but only remind her to be more cautious.

After hanging up the phone, Lily couldn’t help but open the contact book to find Rex’s number. His phone number is too easy to remember that it might cost a car to purchase it.

She glances at the clock hanging on the wall. After hesitating for a moment, she decides to dial it.


There is an auto-message coming from the phone, still nobody answer even after ringing for a while. Lily unconsciously tightens her fingers and tense up. When she thinks that no one would answer, the ringing suddenly stops and follows by some loud music.

Lily’s eyes flashes with joy. When she is about to speak, come the charming female voice, “Hello, Who are you?”