Chapter 47 Just sleep with him

David Wilson looked at her tears. Somewhere in his heart, he felt an ache.

He doesn’t love Bella. He contacted her with a purpose from the first day. He wanted to get close to Richard Johnson. However, what he didn’t expect was that Richard Johnson didn’t admit Bella’s his daughter at all. He regretted marrying her and arranged the kidnapping.

He was really angry that she escaped from the kidnappers and got raped in her way. She insisted on marrying him. He married her just to torture her. But when she asked for divorce, he felt that he doesn’t want to leave her.

He couldn’t understand why. He said, “Okay, let’s separate for a month. If I feel that I don’t want you anymore, I’ll divorce you. Don’t do anything to make me angry or to provoke me.”

Bella was crying but suddenly she saw a dawn of hope. She picked up her bag and left immediately.

Emma Johnson raised a proud smile. Soon it will be over with Bella. “David.” Emma Johnson’s hands were more restless. “She is gone, let’s continue.”

David Wilson felt no interest at all. “Emma, you should leave now.”

“Okay, I’ll go. If I don’t know you, I would suspect that you fell in love with Bella.” Emma Johnson intentionally uttered a sentence.

David Wilson saw a taunt in her eyes and pressed her on the table. “If you talk nonsense, I will kill you. How could I fall in love with her?”

Emma Johnson entangled David Wilson and raised a charming smile. “Well, this is what I want.”

David Wilson left her and went to bedroom. His mood was very annoying and irritating and his heart was overcast. He couldn’t make sense of it. He didn’t have the strength to figure anything.

Bella went to Amelia William’s apartment.

Amelia William opened the door and asked anxiously, “Bella, what’s wrong?”

“He has promised to separate. He will divorce me in a month.” Bella said with a smile.

“He finally made the right decision. You should live with me first, so that he won’t come to tease you. This place is too spacious for me to live alone. It will be fun if you come here.” Amelia William offered her.

“Well, thank you, girl.”

Amelia William put her m around Bella’s shoulder, “No need to thank me. Go in and look at your room.”

Bella put James Grayson’s book on the balcony to get dry.

Amelia William leaned against the door frame and stirred the coffee. “When you got divorced from David Wilson, you can start well with James. I think he is very good.”

“I cannot, because he is too good…” Bella turned around and asked rationally, “Do you think I match with him?”

“Do you think a girl cannot find a man in better condition than herself? Whether you deserve him or not, the most important thing is that you have captured his heart.” Amelia William took a sip of coffee. She was going for a night shift.

Bella just smiled and didn’t answer Amelia William’s words. Her cell phone rang. She saw it was James Grayson. She hesitated for a while but thought that it was better to be clear. She didn’t want to fall in love right now. She has been hurt so much now she needs some time to recover.

Bella answered the phone.

“Are you ok? I heard that you asked for five days’ leave. I am arranging for your mother to come out. Then I’ll book the tickets of Provence for you. When you reach Provence, someone will be there to receive you.” James Grayson said softly.

She quietly listened to his voice and felt his concern. Her heart was sour and astringent. And these days her tears are dripping down without or with reasons.

The less you owe, the better you feel.

“No, I don’t want to go out. My mother is seriously ill, but it is not suitable for going out. In the evening, I’d like to invite you to dinner. Are you free?” Bella said calmly.

“Well, yes, I’ll pick you up.” He replied.

“I’ll see you at the Starbucks coffee shop of the Moon international in an hour. I’ll go by myself.” Bella hung up in a hurry.

“That soldier, he’s a good boy. You should sleep with him tonight.” Amelia William said with a smile.

“I’m going to make it clear to him,” Bella said quietly.

“What do you mean? Don’t refuse.” Amelia William tried to advise her.

“I will be divorced. I was raped three years ago, and my mother was in a mental hospital. Do you think his family will accept me?” Bella asked her.

“It’s ok to have true love. Why do you feel inferior? How many women are more beautiful than you? It’s just that David Wilson destroyed you.” Amelia William didn’t want her to give up.

“David Wilson just mentioned of separation for a month. I will be free after a month. I don’t want to provoke David Wilson’s possessiveness. I just want to live a quiet life and don’t want to hurt James. I cannot get a man like him.” Bella was very clear.

“Forget it. You haven’t got a divorce yet, and I am not encouraging you. But you should think more about yourself rather than for others. It’s you who suffer the most.” Amelia William said with concern.

“Maybe, I am worthy of it.” Bella entered the room, took the bank card, went to the bank and withdrawer all the money and then went to a Starbucks.

James Grayson was already inside sitting near the window. His face was serious and charming as always. He seemed indulged in his thoughts and was unconsciously stirring the coffee. He looked up.

He saw her. She put down a hundred note on the counter, turned around and walked.

“Are you ok?”

“Are you ok?”

He said the same sentence two times.

Bella smiled. Even if she’s not good, what can he do? It will be good if she doesn’t drag it anymore.

“There are a lot of food items on the fourth floor. What would you like to eat?” Bella asked.

“Anything.” James Grayson said in a deep voice and handed her a piece of ointment. “My friend has made it on my request. It will remove all scar marks if you apply it on your scars.”

Bella’s eyes were deeper, covered with mist and she did not refuse. She accepted his ointment.

After a while, they reached the fourth floor and Bella walked into a good western restaurant.

James Grayson sat opposite Bella. “If you are afraid about your mother’s condition, I can ask the medical staff to go with you.”

“Chief,” Bella said.

He’s good, she has been unable to bear it anymore.

“I wanted to befriend you. But even this is out of my reach to be a friend with someone. There is a huge difference between our statuses. What’s my qualification to be friends with you?”

James Grayson’s face sank, and he asked, “What do you mean?”

Bella lowered her head.

Cruel words remain cruel no matter how someone uttered them.

Isn’t it?

“I want to live a quiet, ordinary life,” Bella said.

“How can I make your life uneasy and disturbing? Bella, do you fall in love with me?” James Grayson asked and observed her facial expressions.