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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 47 Give Money

After that, she turned away like fleeing, fleeing like a headless fly in the large living room. She couldn’t find where the kitchen was, nor where his room was, let alone where to buy lilies.

Benjamin looked at her panic with cold eyes, and she could tolerate it even more than he could imagine, without even asking if his fiancee was among those she knew.

Alice returned to the sofa, “Benjamin …”

Benjamin looked up at her and said, “What.”

“Your fiancee … is Molly?” If it was Molly, she would not make 3,000 dollars.

Benjamin’s lips made a tick, and the sound was very cool, “I don’t want anyone who has a relationship with you.”

Alice signed with relief. There was a pain in his heart.

“Well, what should I do first?” She really didn’t know how to get started before asking.

Benjamin looked at her embarrassed look, and remembered that she never looked like this.

“Buy food, buy flowers.”

Alice nodded, “Okay.” As soon as she turned around again, she thought of important things.

She turned around, looking at him, reaching out her little hand, “Give me money, I have no money.”

Asking for money is justified.

Benjamin put the bank card on the short table and handed it to Alice, “The password is 123456.”

This password was definitely set by him.

Alice held the taxi bill in her coat pocket and held it in front of him. “This, you have to give me cash, otherwise I will go out now and have no money for a taxi.”

Benjamin didn’t give her cash, and after holding the bill, he reached out and said, “Give me your mobile phone.”

He wanted to bind the bank card number to her payment account so that it would be more convenient to go out, even without cash.

In the end, this idiot, what an antique she gave him. The phone can only talk, and even the old machine with the SMS function turned off!

He got up, put her cell phone back into her coat pocket, and found the wallet in the coat pocket of the porch, and draw out a few at will.

Alice spent two full hours from going out to coming back. Benjamin doubted that there were less than two hours left. Can she make four dishes and one soup?

Alice went around the room without seeing Benjamin, and wanted to go to the kitchen first when he came back with the food.

She hadn’t eaten for a day, and smelling the four dishes and one soup she bought, she almost hurried to eat all.

Looking around sneakily, the guy may not be at home. When her fair fingers were ready to reach into the plate containing the chicken in the palace…

“Are you stealing food?”

“Ah!” They all said they were guilty of being thieves. They wanted to take a sip, but they were discovered.

How embarrassed.

It didn’t matter this time, she smashed plate on the ground, and the white floor was a mess.

She thought one bite was nor obvious, but now a whole plate was gone. How can she make another dish?

Alice’s first reaction was to squat down to clean up the mess. As soon as her hand touched the fragment of the plate, she was pinched by a big hand. “What are you doing?”

His voice was really anxious, just like she used to blame every time she didn’t know how to take good care of herself.

Alice’s heart tightened, and her hands clenched by his fists turned into fists.

He dragged her up ordered coldly, “Get out.”

Alice stood behind him and watched him sweeping the ground, but what she didn’t see was his brow frowning all the time, as well as the pain that felt for her.

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