Chapter 46 You fell in love with Bella

James Grayson reached the island. The wounded has been evacuated. There were many potholes on the island, with black residual ashes, and the air was very turbid.

James Grayson swept across the scene, and there was anger in his sharp eyes. He ordered coldly, “There are not many sellers of chain mines here in this city. Within 24 hours, I want to find all the sellers and buyers.”

“Yes.” Thomas Brown replied.

At David’s House.

Bella stood behind David and looked at him typing the password: 19920316.

Once, she thought that her birthday was his password and she was touched by it. But actually, it turns out that Emma Johnson has the same birthday as her.

“David Wilson, so you are finally back.” Emma Johnson was standing at the door.

Bella looked at Emma Johnson coldly. She was wearing a very short skirt and if she bends down one can see her underpants.

Bella frowned.

So the Governor’s daughter is here to sell herself?

Emma Johnson saw Bella, who was following David Wilson and was stunned for a moment but after a moment she put a sweet smile on her face, “Sister, you are here too.”

Bella ignored her and walked in.

On the table there was a bottle of red wine, two goblets, a fruit salad, two steaks, and a carefully prepared heart-shaped cake.

Bella didn’t know why David Wilson brought her here.

“Shouldn’t I come?” Emma Johnson asked David Wilson in a soft voice.

David Wilson smiled, looked at her hot figure and said, “Your dress is good. You are looking very beautiful.”

“Really? Happy to know that you like it. I’m hungry. Come on, let’s have dinner. I made it especially for you.” Emma Johnson held David Wilson’s arm.

Bella walked towards the room.

“Bella, let’s eat together. You should taste Emma’s dishes. She is very good at these things.” David Wilson called Bella.

Bella stopped and looked at them. Her eyes were empty.

Sometimes we don’t speak out what we feel, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the pain.

She came here to cook for him last week. What was his attitude on that day! Emma is virtuous and she is disgusting.

“No, you eat. I’m not hungry.” She walked on without looking back.

The wedding photo on the wall was changed into a personal portrait of Emma Johnson. On the bedside table, there was a picture of Emma Johnson and David Wilson. What’s more ironic was that in her wedding room, on the wedding bed, there was a set of clothes changed by Emma Johnson and a box of condom.

This room already has no place for her. She was not a narcissist. She didn’t think that David Wilson refused to divorce because he loved her. Actually, he brought her here just to humiliate her.

Bella went out to David Wilson and says, “I’ve finished appreciating your two people’s world. Can I leave now?”

David Wilson pulled out a chair. “Come here, sit down. Don’t let me say it again. You can’t afford to offend me.”

“David Wilson, what do you want?” Bella was already upset.

“What you think?” David Wilson looked at her, “Don’t disobey me again.”

Bella sat at the table patiently and saw how disgusting they were.

“Let me prepare some more steaks. Just wait for three minutes.” Emma Johnson said with a smile and entered the kitchen.

She mixed the ready-made steak with a layer of salt, a layer of pepper and did not put it on the pot at all but put it directly on the plate and brought it to Bella.

” Bella, help yourself to some more steak.” She said sweetly, sitting next to David Wilson.

Bella lowered her eyes, and her long eyelashes covered her eyes.

David Wilson looked carefully at Bella’s expression.

He wanted to see her jealous and angry. Tit for tat.

But no, she was not jealous

He couldn’t help but feel lost.

Emma Johnson saw David Wilson’s eyes on Bella. How could she allow her man to see another woman? Her hand extended to David Wilson’s knee, slowly upward. Her other hand picked up a “banana” and she said, “This is my favorite.”

David Wilson connived with Emma Johnson, “You can eat more if you like.”

Emma Johnson was charming. “Bella, I forgot to take vinegar. Can you help me to see if there is in the kitchen?”

Bella stood up expressionlessly and walked into the kitchen.

Emma Johnson immediately kissed David Wilson, “David, I want to take advantage of Bella’s absence.”

David Wilson always stays available to passionate beauty. He kissed her, but his eyes were always on the kitchen’s door.

Bella saw what they were doing from the window. She felt some pain in her stomach. She didn’t know if she’s hungry or sick.

She turned around to pour some boiled water, stood at the other side of the window and looked out at the scenery. She intentionally gave them more time. Emma Johnson can help David Wilson solve her physiological and hormonal problems, so she will be safer.

David Wilson saw that she didn’t look back. He let go of Emma Johnson, shouted to the kitchen, “If you didn’t find it, leave it. I don’t like to eat vinegar.”

Bella sighed, turned around and looked at Emma Johnson’s provocative eyes.

“Bella, come and eat quickly. It will not be delicious when it’s cold.”

Bella sat down, cut a piece of beef and saw some blood in it. There was a fire burning in her heart. She had not seen such a disgusting woman. There was a sharp noise of her spoon falling on the plate.

“David, I’m afraid.” Emma Johnson got into David Wilson’s arms.

David Wilson saw Bella finally gave a reaction. He smiled and hugged Emma Johnson’s waist, “What are you doing Bella? Emma prepared it with all her heart. Look what you have done.”

“What am I doing?” Bella asked, her eyes were red. “I’m a shrew, jealous woman. Our life is a punishment which will never end.”

David Wilson’s facial expressions were cold. “You have gone mad, again? I said, don’t disobey me.”

“What is disobedience?” Bella wiped her tears. “What kind of woman do you want to be your wife?”

Bella wiped her tears again. She didn’t want them to come out. When she loves him, he loves other women. Now she doesn’t love him anymore, but he still needs her to obey her. This marriage is hell.

“Are you crying?” David Wilson was surprised and a strange light flashed across his eyes.

Before, when he was with other women, she was always arrogant and domineering. She never cried because of any other woman.

He let go Emma Johnson. “Why are you crying? I’ve cut my steak for you.” David Wilson passed his steak to Bella.

Bella looked at him. Over the years, she never let him show pity to her. Her pride didn’t allow her to bow to the wrong man. However, now she was very tired. Self-esteem, pride, she did not want anything. She just wanted herself to have relief.

“David Wilson, divorce me. After divorce, you can stay with anyone you want. I don’t want to live such a life anymore.” Bella was crying.