Chapter 46 Did you bully her in private

But the chopsticks fell on her side, and when he bent down to pick them up, she couldn’t resist jumping to her feet.

Her father and the mother looked at her instantly.

“It occurred to me, it occurred to me that the director said he might call me in the evening, so I have to go to get my phone.” Jessica smiled stiffly and turned to leave.

Every second she spent with her brother, she felt miserable.

But as soon as she took a step, the mother stopped her. “You sit down to eat, and let Mary fetch it for you. Don’t pick up chopsticks, Ryan. It’s unhygienic. Change another pair.”

Jessica had to sit down again.

The hot pot soup had been prepared. It was made by Mary. The tender beef was boiled in the bottom of the fiery pot. It steamed and smelled appetizing.

But she had no appetite.

And she and Ryan were close together, so she would touch his arms if she was not careful.

Before, she thought nothing of it, but now she felt something was wrong.

She didn’t help herself much, but kept stirring the sauce in her bowl absently.

In addition to the hot pot and food to be boiled, there were also spicy crayfish Jessica liked to eat.

Ryan habitually picked up a crayfish, removed the shell and was ready to put it into her bowl, but his action paused.

Then he made a sharp turn and put it in his mouth.

The mother just saw this scene and asked. “Ryan, why didn’t you shell the crayfish for Jessie today? She’s so slow that when we finish eating, she won’t be able to shell three crayfish.”

Listening to this, Ryan’s hand stopped and he looked at Jessica.

Jessica quickly swallowed the food in her mouth and explained. “I… I don’t want to eat crayfish today!”

This excuse was somewhat perfunctory, but the mother did not continue to ask again.

Instead, the father looked at her swollen eyes, and the distinct gloom and the palm print on Ryan’s face and asked in a low voice. “What happened to Jessie’s eyes?”

“Because of filming.” Jessica’s eyes were downcast and she said guiltily. “I had a crying scene and my eyes got puffy after a long shoot.”

“Oh.” The father answered thoughtfully and didn’t continue about it. He just looked at the palm print on Ryan’s face again and then lowered his head to eat.

Looking at that, Jessica was greatly relieved. Fortunately, her father did not ask again. Otherwise she really did not know how to deceive him.

After a few quick bites, she said she was full and got up to leave.

“Why do you eat so little today?” The mother asked curiously.

Jessica was standing beside Ryan and wriggled a few times unnaturally. Her mind was in such a mess that she couldn’t think of a good excuse.

“She has to lose weight as an actress.” The father glanced at Jessica and said, “Go upstairs and go to bed early.”

“Yes!” Ryan’s gaze made Jessica uncomfortable all over. She hurriedly nodded and answered. And then ran away quickly.

The father looked at the door to make sure that Jessica had gone far. Then he put down the chopsticks. He looked at his son who was too quite and his expression grew solemn. “Tell me, what’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter?” The mother looked puzzled.

Ryan stopped eating for a second and said in a low voice. “Nothing.”

“Nothing?” The father raised his voice. “But why did Jessie cry? Did you bully her in private?”

Ryan pressed his lips and didn’t make a sound.

The mother acted as a peacemaker. “Dear, didn’t Jessie just say that? Her eyes are swollen because she cried a lot during filming.”

“She hasn’t acted for a day and a half. How did she have the crying scene?” The father stretched out his hand and pointed to the palm print on Ryan’s face, “Jessie cried and he has a palm print on his face. He must have done something to make Jessie angry!”

The mother said nothing, but looked worried.

“I’ll take care of this with Jessie.” Ryan put down his chopsticks and said in a cold voice.

He was annoyed with his parents at their questions, so he took a tissue to wipe the corners of his mouth, and went upstairs.

It was still early. He had no idea what to do and when he realized he was standing in the doorway of Jessica’s room.

He pressed his lips and knocked on her door.

No one answered.

Ryan frowned and knocked on the door again. His voice was very low. “Open the door. I know you are inside.”

Still no response.

His voice grew cold as he spoke again, “If you don’t want father and mother to know, just…”

Before he had finished speaking, the door opened.

Jessica stood in the doorway. Her eyes were still swollen and she looked gaunt.

She looked at him warily and pleaded, “Don’t tell mom and dad.”

She didn’t want her parents to know about it.

Ryan did not speak, but just looked at her defensive appearance and pressed his thin lips tight.

Jessica was uncomfortable under his gaze. She looked away and said in a very small voice, “What is it you want to see me about?”

“I can’t see you for nothing?” Ryan asked her.

There was a wisp of hair sticking up on her head, so he reached out subconsciously and wanted to smooth it. But as soon as his hand was stretched out, she stepped back in terror, as if he were a devil.

He looked at her coldly and withdrew his hand.

Jessica hold the door tightly with both hands. She didn’t answer but just said evasively. “If nothing else, then I am going to sleep!”

She did not wait for an answer and was about to close the door.

But she couldn’t close the door because his slender fingers fastened the door. Jessica exhausted the strength but she still couldn’t close.

“Anything, anything else?” She shrank her neck and looked at him without the admiration but alertness, wariness, and strangeness.

“Jessie, who am I in your mind?” Ryan stared at her.

Jessica thought of his crazy behavior in the morning and her fingers couldn’t stop trembling. “Of course you are, you are my brother.”

“Except for this.” He said, deadpan.


His voice was calm, but his eyes were too complex to understand.

He was so strange to her. And she was so frightened that she opened her mouth slightly and wanted to step back instinctively.

But Ryan pinched her chin and did not allow her to escape, “Speak.”

His breath invaded Jessica’s senses, and the strength in his hands almost crushed her chin.

She looked at his dark eyes and her voice trembled uncontrollably, “You, you are my brother.”

Ryan looked directly at her. After a moment, he released her chin, “Yes.”

Taking advantage of the gap, Jessica stepped back several steps, like a frightened animal, looking at him with wet eyes.

Yes? What did that mean? What did her brother want to do?

“Remember what you answered me. Don’t think too much about today’s thing.” Ryan loosened his tie and said coolly. “I just tried some new things with my friends. It has a strong delayed effect.”

What he said was not very clear, but Jessica knew what the new thing that he said was. People in the circle often took something that were not drugs but the essential effect was not so different from the drugs. It was just something less effective.