Chapter 45 The Temptation of Lipstick

As he approached, he smiled slightly at the security guard. “My new nanny.”

The guard nodded, and then opened the door.

Alice was a little embarrassed. She just vowed to the security guard that she was his friend, and she blamed this guy for not answering her phone.

Alice followed him, and there was a street light shining his shadow on her feet. Without knowing why she was angry, he stepped on his shadow.

She thought he wouldn’t know what she was doing, but he just didn’t say anything.

At the elevator door, he asked indifferently, “What did you eat when you came?”

Alice didn’t understand his question well. Should she report anything to him? “Forgot to eat breakfast and haven’t had time for lunch.”

Benjamin frowned. It was three o’clock in the afternoon. She said that she hadn’t had time to eat lunch and hadn’t eaten breakfast. She was planning to starve to death.

Resisting the urge to scold her, he walked into the elevator and waited for her to come in and leaned on the elevator wall before he pressed the number.

“Then what’s on your mouth?”

Alice didn’t know that she thought there was something on her mouth, but she was afraid to wipe off the lipstick, so she wiped it gently with her fingertips. She didn’t think there was something on her lips.

She was thinking whether to take a photo but he turned her into a corner with a sudden turn.

A pair of deep, sea-like eyes stared at her lips fixedly. His slender hands pressed her lips hard on her lipstick-coated lips, and then showed colored his orange-red thumbs in front of her eyes. .

Alice was still thinking. It turned out that he was talking about lipstick, and his shady voice passed into her ears.

“I asked you to do the laundry and cook as a nanny, not to accompany me and to seduce me to tip you.”

What the bastard!

Alice stared up at him angrily. If three years ago, she would have beaten him, but now, three years passed.

She had heard anything terrible when working in a place like a bar, but those words from his mouth really made her feel uncomfortable.

Alice lowered her head, moved her feet towards the free side, and muttered sarcastically to herself, “I thought I would look better, to please your eyes. You will give me a few more bonus at the end of the month. ”

Benjamin turned around and faced the elevator door. After all, she really came for the salary of 3,00s dollars.

The insiders were puzzled. At that time, Chuck, as an onlooker, could see clearly the thoughts between the two. But as the insiders, they were blinded by the fatal injury.

Having reached the twelfth floor, Benjamin stared at the red Arabic numerals, and said strangely, “Okay, why don’t you wear less while cooking? It’s better to be low-cut. Let me see whether your bony shape could please my eyes? ”

It’s really more and more outrageous. The sharp words made people want to bite his throat. Even if Alice had already trained many times to be tolerant, in front of him, she just can’t hold her own beast temper.

As soon as she lifted her foot, he kicked on the calf of Benjamin. Benjamin felt pain, like a cheetah that was instantly irritated, and suddenly looked back at her with bloodthirsty anger.

Alice felt that the kick she had just made was too much, and she was so scared that she shrank her neck and didn’t dare to look at him.

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