Chapter 45 I will fuck you right here

James Grayson was on his way to the island. He saw Bella’s incoming call. He immediately answered.

“James Grayson.” Bella was crying.

It was like that she has got a candle to light up in a empty dark room. She was unable to stop her tears. They were dripping down.

James felt that there must be something wrong. He asked softly, “What’s the matter?”

“Can you come here now?” Bella pleaded. She really wanted to see him.

There were some complicated emotions in James Grayson’s eyes. There was a performance of Gray Wolf on Island. And he has already said that he will go there. In his professional life, he has always been strict with himself. His actions never go against his word.

However, now Bella is his priority.

“Thomas, go to the hospital.” James Grayson ordered.

“But the Wolf has set out.” Thomas Brown was confused.

“Record the whole performance. I will watch it after coming back. Don’t talk nonsense, drive to the hospital.” James Grayson said firmly.

The car was on its way to the hospital.

Bella put down her mobile phone and prayed.

“Three!” David Wilson spoke out the last number. He picked up the fire extinguisher and smashed it against the glass. The glass shatters, just like Bella’s life. He reached in and turned the doorknob.

Bella came out and watched David Wilson with her widely opened eyes.

David Wilson was coming closer to him.

Bella unconsciously retreated back to the wall.

“No.” Bella cried as if she was going to die.

She didn’t feel a trace of pity on David’s face. David Wilson was a hundred times crueler than those gangsters.

“You almost tried to make me disabled. How will you compensate for it?” David Wilson asked in his cold voice.

“David Wilson, there are many women who offer you their bodies. Please don’t force me.” Bella requested.

“Come home with me. I will count to three, and I promise that I won’t touch you. But after I finished counting, I will fuck you here, right now.” David Wilson warned her.

Bella was looking at the door, hoping that James Grayson will come to help her.

“One. Bella, I won’t divorce you. You can only be David Wilson’s wife all your life. If you have the thought of loving someone else, take this out of your mind. ”

“Two. There is another woman in James Grayson’s heart, and she will come back soon. You are just a time pass for him to relieve his boredom. ”

Bella was surprised, and her eyes shifted from the door to David Wilson’s face. She thinks that she didn’t seem to know anything about James Grayson.

“Almost three, Bella, you can’t wait for me to come to you?” David Wilson said, with his hands on her sides.

Bella’s cell phone rings.

David Wilson sees Amelia William’s incoming call and frowned, “Answer it.”

Bella answers the phone.

“Bella, I’m sorry! I locked the recording in the drawer, but the drawer was pried open and there was nothing left.” Amelia William said guiltily.

Bella was numb and sad. No matter how silly she is, but she knew that David Wilson did this. She can’t get a divorce. How many times James Grayson can save her, two times, three times or four times?

“I’ll go home with you,” Bella said.

David Wilson was satisfied with her answer.

He put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer “don’t worry, you will come to my bed with your own will. I believe that soon you will fall in love with me again.”

Bella did not move. She was just numb and quiet.

She sent a text message to James Grayson, “I’m ok now. I am leaving the hospital. Don’t worry. You don’t need to come here. Sorry for disturbing you.”

After that, she wanted to cry. But she can’t even cry. She just feels her heart becoming more astringent. She never did anything wrong to anyone. Then why did she have to face such a devil as David Wilson? She didn’t understand. Why god treated her like this?

She also sent a text message to Amelia William “I’m going home with David Wilson. I’ll contact you later.”

Amelia William called her again.

David Wilson grabs the mobile phone but when he sees it’s Amelia William’s he returns it to Bella.

Bella answered.

“Bella, are you insane? Why are you going back with David Wilson? Don’t be afraid. I’ll find another evidence.” Amelia William was angry.

David Wilson grabbed the mobile phone from Bella’s hand, “I’ve already credited your account with 3000 dollars. You’d better keep your hands off from my business. Otherwise, face the consequences.”

“Come on, I’m not afraid of you. You’d better not cheat on her; otherwise, it would be easy to take divorce.” Amelia William was not afraid of him, and she was very good at fights.

David Wilson frowned and hangs up.

The cell phone rang again and this time it was James Grayson’s call.

David Wilson’s eyes flashed disgust. He answered.

“Are you ok?” James Grayson’s voice was full of deep concern.

David Wilson handed the mobile phone to Bella. Bella didn’t answer because of David Wilson’s fear. David Wilson’s eyes were fierce, and he signaled her to answer. Bella holds the mobile phone tightly and answers.

“What’s the matter? Why don’t you talk? I will be there in an hour” James Grayson’s voice was soft.

An hour, it would be too late.

“It’s OK. It’s just a mouse. I’m afraid of mice and snakes. The doctor said I had recovered well. They have discharged me.” She tried to found a reasonable explanation.

But after hearing his voice, she wanted to cry again.

“It is good that you are okay. I’ve applied for the good citizen award I told you last time. Don’t worry about your mother. I’ll arrange it. Soon you will go to Provence with your mother to have a good time.” James Grayson said softly.

Bella’s heart was full of emotions. She just said it once, and he did it. Unfortunately, she does not deserve such a man.

David Wilson hung up the phone and said, “Are you touched by his words?”

“What do you think?” Bella asked and looked into his eyes.

David Wilson was evil as usual, “Refuse him. David Wilson’s wife shouldn’t accept other men’s gifts. Doesn’t your mother want to see me? I will arrange a time for that. ”

“Let’s go home, I’m tired,” Bella said helplessly.

James Grayson was confused. Bella might be afraid to see the mouse, but she will never cry for such things. There must be something hidden.

Thomas Brown’s cell phone rang.

He answered the phone and informed James in a great hurry, “Chief, there is an accident on the island. As they set the Wolf out, there was an explosion. There were 13 members in total, five of them were evacuated safely, and eight of them were injured. The soldier no. 108 was in the most serious condition. He is injured badly, and his legs were blown off. ”

“Ask them to send all of them to the military hospital immediately. Drive to the island.” James Grayson gave an order.

It’s lucky that the head of the team, Chief James Grayson wasn’t there at that time. Otherwise, the chief would leave without feet!