Chapter 45 Avoid arousing suspicion

The grandfather thought it was excusable that Ryan came back hurriedly because Jessie was bullied, but the grandmother didn’t agree.

“Ryan could tell us that Jessie was bullied. So we could help her and Ryan didn’t need to come back. It is not worth it to screwed up the plan and upset the J.K. and the board.”

Ryan was occupied with something, so he had no mood to argue with them. “I will deal with it. You don’t need to worry about it.”

“How are you going to settle this? Is this something you can settle easily?” The grandmother said.

Ryan was distracted and silent.

He didn’t know how Jeffrey handle the thing.

The grandmother softened her tone. “Let’s stop talking about the thing that the cooperation with J.K. was ruined. Just talk about your attitude toward Jessie. After all, you are not her biological brother. You are adults, so you should keep your distance from her. Otherwise, people will gossip about it.”

“Isn’t it normal for a brother to be nice to his sister? Why do people gossip about it?” The grandfather said in a high voice.

“It’s not my fault. Why are you angry with me?” The grandmother said. “You know Mrs. Miller? Her son fell in love with her adopted daughter. What people gossip about them was terrible.”

“Some time ago, there are people said secretly that our Ryan seems to like Jessica. Perhaps they will get together like Mrs. Miller’s son and adopted daughter. Look what they’re saying. Can I not remind Ryan?”

The elderly couple quarreled again. One thought they should avoid arousing suspicion. The other thought they were innocent so they didn’t have to care what other people said.

When Ryan heard her words, he became more upset. He said coldly with a frown. “I will deal with the matter with J.K. .I’m leaving.”

Then he got up and left.

“It’s noon now. Why don’t you leave after dinner?”


“Then remember to keep your distance from Jessie. Otherwise it’s difficult for me to act as a matchmaker. Those people will spread terrible gossip about you! Remember?” The grandmother shouted from behind.

Ryan frowned and walker faster. He just pretended not to hear.

All he had to do with her was fight for her attitude. What other people said and thought was never on his mind.

All the way out of the their old house, Ryan took his mobile phone out and made a phone call to Jeffrey.

Before he could ask, he heard Jeffrey’s voice. “Ryan, it seemed that I screwed it up. Jessica ran away just now. I looked for her for a while, but I still can’t find her.”

Ryan clutched the phone more tightly, and said after a while. “I see.”

He hung up and tried to call Jessica to ask her where she was, but when he found her cell phone number, he failed to dial it.

Ryan rubbed his sore brows and got in the car. When the driver asked where he was going, he didn’t make a sound for a while.

He should solve the problem of J.K. first, but he didn’t want to do anything when Jessica was like that.

His mother sent him a message saying that since he had returned, he could go home and had a dinner together this afternoon.

“I don’t have time.”

Ryan typed these words, and was about to send when his mother sent another message.

“It happened that Jessie is not filming today, and your father is also back. Our family hasn’t had dinner together for a long time. Would you like hot pot or barbecue?”

Ryan deleted those words in the dialog box and sent a word “barbecue” to his mother. Then he looked up and said. “Go home.”


The car started and soon arrived at his house.

Ryan was thinking all the way about how to explain the thing happened this morning in South Town to Jessica when he saw her. But as soon as he came in and saw her, she looked at him with the frightened look, who just like a frightened rabbit, and ran upstairs.

The father was sitting on the sofa reading. He was surprised at seeing that.

“What happened to you and Jessica this year? Ryan, have you done something wrong to Jessica privately? Or did you make her angry?”

The mother also looked at Ryan and waited for his answer when she heard that.

But Ryan just denied coldly and then sat on the sofa silently.

“Well, it’s time for dinner.” When she could not get the answer, she stopped asking. “Ryan, go and ask Jessica to come for dinner.”

Ryan wanted to refuse, but he hesitated, and finally agreed. He got up and went upstairs. Ryan stood for a while at the door of Jessica’s room and then tapped on the door.

“Who? What’s the matter?” Jessica’s voice came from inside the room, which was a bit hoarse.

Ryan clenched his fists slightly and said in a cold voice. “It’s me. Time for dinner.”

There was no sound in the room.

He stood still for a moment, whose fists clenched tighter, and was about to knock again when the door snapped open.

Jessica’s eyes were swollen and obviously she had been crying for a long time. And her expression was guarded and watchful.

The blood in Ryan’s body seemed to stop flowing at this moment. His Hands and feet become cold suddenly.

And she did not even dare to look at him. After she passed him carefully, she went down the stairs quickly as if there was a ghost behind her.

Ryan looked at her back. His eyes gradually darkened.

Jessica trotted to the first floor, but she still could feel Ryan’s piercing look which made her feel restless.

She looked back carefully and happened to meet his gloomy eyes. Jessica was stiff at the moment and withdrew her line of sight immediately. And then she ran to the dining room.

“Don’t run. Be careful!” The mother was sitting in the dinning room. She said that after she saw Jessica.

The father sighed to the servant who was standing aside to pull out the chair for Jessica.

“I just haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you, dad!” Jessica ran up to the father, hugged him, and returned to her seat, smiling.

Mother said jealously, “You only hug your father. Don’t you give me hug? Your father always said he missed you, but he never said he missed me.”

Father said, “How old are you? Why do you still haggle with a child?”

“How old? Mother is always eighteen years old!” Jessica stood up, and went to give the mother a big hug. She stayed with the mother intimately for a while and returned to her seat.

Almost at the same time when she sat back, Ryan came, and as usual sat beside her. His breath seemed to invade Jessica. She sat on the chair and her whole body froze.