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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 44 No Access Card

Alice managed to find a decent coat in the box, but it was three years ago. She found out the beige lapel coat, and matched a black turtleneck sweater and combed a hair.

It’s been a long time since she saw someone with care, even the mother on the bed was curious, “Alice, are you going on a date?”

Mom wanted to see her daughter find her own Mr. Right before leaving.

Alice turned around in front of her mother, “Mom is your girl good-looking?”

The mother nodded happily. “Good-looking, my girl is the best-looking. Can you tell your mother, are you going to date with Dr. Ran?”

In the eyes of every mother, her child is the best-looking.

Alice told to her mother, “I found a new job and I am going to the interview now.” She can avoid the matter of Dr. Ran and she was afraid her mom will be disappointed if she told her that she will not fall in love with Dr. Ran.

“What job?” Mom asked curiously.

Alice thought about it, and did not dare to say that he was going to be a nanny for Benjamin, so she had to use Chuck as a shield. “It is Chuck’s newly opened company. I am going to be a clerk.”

The smile on the mother’s face disappeared instantly, and the daughter had already contacted Chuck, so did she also see Benjamin, “Chuck is here?”

Alice nodded, “Well.”

“Then, you and …” the mother asked worriedly, Alice knew what her mother wanted to ask, and in order to reassure her, she said, “I’ve seen him. He’s doing fine, and he’s about to get married. We haven’t contact.”

After hearing what the daughter said, her mother was a little relieved. She really hoped that they would not have any more contact. There were still many things they didn’t know. Once they had contact, those things would be discovered sooner or later.

“That’s good.”

On the way to the home of Benjamin, Alice was thinking, why did everything change after the father jumped off the building?

After her father left, the godmother asked her to leave Benjamin, and the mother did not want them to have any relationship.

Sometimes Alice thought, was there something she didn’t know?

While the taxi driver was waiting for the red light, Alice looked at a cosmetics store outside the window. Several girls were sitting by the window and putting on makeup.

Then she asked the drive to stop in front of the car and ran to the lipstick test area of the cosmetics store. The waiter immediately helped her recommend a popular orange-red for the season.

Alice gently applied a thin layer on her tender lips, and instantly felt that she looked much better in the mirror.

The waiter looked at her and thought she was very satisfied, but did not expect Alice to give the other party a sentence, “I have to pick again.”

Obviously, she didn’t choose any more but came for free lipstick. Under the displeased look of the waiter, Alice slipped out of the cosmetics store.

In fact, for the past three years, she had done this too much. Sometimes she accidentally hurt her face, and she was afraid of going back to her mother, so she went to the supermarket counter to use concealer…

At the address he gave, the security guards in this community, not knowing whether they were too dedicated or stubborn, did not allow Alice to come in, no matter what she said. “No access card, no entry,” said the security guard.

When Benjamin appeared at the gate, Alice suddenly felt a sense of humility. He and she were really not the same people in the world.

He had a greyish V-neck sweater, wearing a pair of casual pants, and a pair of black baroque casual shoes. He put his hands in his pockets and looked at her from afar.