Chapter 44 How to redeem after being possessed

Amelia William played the recording.

“David, come on. I want it. I want you! ”

“Little girl, I can’t feed you enough. Where do you want it? Here?”

“David, I don’t care if it is good or bad. Do it! ”


Bella lowered her eyes. She had already heard that recording when that girl called her deliberately. Today, she has no extra feelings.

Amelia William turned off the recording, “What do you think? You should be happy. I think this evidence is sufficient. The court will definitely give judgment in your favor.”

“I hope so. Amelia, please give this to my lawyer. I want it can be settled as soon as possible.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go and do it this noon,” Amelia replied.

David Wilson stood outside the door with a bouquet in his hand and his eyes were full of evil thoughts. She really wants to divorce him? Even the evidence has been found. their separation will give her happiness?

He can’t let her go until he’s tired of playing with her. There was a strange pain in his heart, which made him very uncomfortable. He dropped the bouquet in the garbage can, turned around and dialed a phone number.

Amelia William answered a phone call. After listening to the call, she said to Bella, “the director of the Gynecology Department said that there was an emergency operation. Now there are not enough doctors. He asked me to come back. I’ll come here after the operation to accompany you.”

“Okay, go ahead, I’m fine,” Bella said.

Amelia William turned around and left in a hurry.

Bella picked up the Russian book that James Grayson had put on the bedside. The book’s full of notes. His handwriting was just like his appearance, very good-looking.

There was a shadow in front of her. Bella has a bad feeling in her heart. She looked up. She saw David Wilson and felt frightened. “What are you doing here?” Her voice was sharp.

David Wilson frowned, “You are my wife. I should be here.” He said and snatched the book from her hands.

“Give me back.” Bella tried to grab it back from him. He was tall, and she couldn’t reach him. On the contrary, her wounds almost cracked.

“David Wilson, this is not my book.” Bella said.

He smiled but his eyes were cold. “I know, in a single glance I know its James Grayson’s.” He strode to the window, and threw the book out of the window.

“What are you doing?” Bella ran towards the window in barefooted.

She saw the book had fallen into the pool. Bella got angry, “That’s not your thing. How could you do that?”

“What about you. Aren’t you my thing?” David Wilson asked.

“For you am I a thing? A thing that you can destroy without pity.” Bella was really angry.

David Wilson stared at her cold eyes. His heart was flustered as if she was going away completely from his life, forever. He didn’t want her to go away from his life.

“I’ll take back my words that I made your life like hell. From now on, I’ll try to love you.” David Wilson softly said.

From now on? It was already too late to go back, and her mind is full of cruelty and brutality. Bella glared at him, didn’t utter a word and walked towards the door.

David Wilson’s eyebrows tightened. Is she still going to pick up that man’s thing? However, after a moment he went out to chase her.

Bella went to the pool and without hesitation went down to pick up the book.

David Wilson stared at her.

She immediately hid the book behind her. She was protecting the book like someone protects a person from death.

“If you are thinking of a love affair with James Grayson, just keep in mind that his political career can be destroyed by this.” David Wilson warned.

She didn’t want to have a love affair with James Grayson. Soon, after her divorce, she will be free and they will stay as good friends. She walked on without saying anything.

“Even if you get divorced, his family won’t accept a woman like you. Bella, wake up.” David Wilson was desperate.

When he said about divorce, his heart ached.

Bella lowered her eyes and ignored him.

David Wilson held her arm. “Let’s start over. You can have the life that you want, and I can give you everything.”

“I want to live without you.” Bella shook his hand away.

Now there is no place for him in her life!

He didn’t understand how a woman’s feelings change like this. He grasped her hand and asked suspiciously, “Have you ever loved me?”

“Does it matter now? Nothing can change our present relationship. Don’t say this word again.” Bella said coldly.

“In your eyes, what is our relationship?” He asked.

“I wish I’d never met you.” Bella said. Now, there is only hate left in her heart.

“Then I should leave a mark on your body so that you will never forget me.” David Wilson said indifferently.

Bella saw an evil light in his eyes and tries to run away.

He grabbed her quickly and put her hands inside her gown. His strong palms were on her chest and his hand moved back to unbutton her bra.

Bella was angry and embarrassed. She slapped him.

David Wilson looked at her face.

Her eyes were red and her face was flustered.

He tore off her clothes with great force. Even the buttons fell on the ground, and he holds her waist tightly.

Bella felt that part of his body against her. She trembled with fear. “David Wilson, let me go, don’t let me hate you more.”

“Hate? It would be better than strangers. I don’t mind you hating me!” David Wilson said cruelly.

Bella saw him pulling his zip, in daylight, publicly. Bella raised her leg and hit between his legs with great force.

David Wilson bent in pain. His eyes were blood-red with anger, and he wanted to tear Bella into pieces.

Bella ran. She didn’t give herself a chance to breathe. She went back to the ward and locked the door. She still felt it unsafe. She pushed the cabinet, table, and bed against the door.

“Bella, open the door.” David Wilson’s voice was expressing his anger.

He was kicking the door.

Bang, bang, bang!

She hid under the bed. Her body was shivering and still holding James Grayson’s book in her hand. She thought of him. But, at this time he must be on his duty. She can’t disturb him.

“I’m gonna give you to the count of three to open the door, Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences. One. ”

David Wilson’s voice was like a devil. If he comes in, he would smash her soul.

“Two.” The voice on the other side of the door was full of anger.

Bella felt scared. She doesn’t want to have any relationship with David Wilson.

She trembled with fear and dialed James Grayson’s number…