Chapter 43 Whom you like, him or me?

Thomas Brown summoned up his courage and said, “Chief, you and this woman stay in a room. Isn’t it appropriate?”

James Grayson’s sharp eyes swept past him like ice blades. “What’s wrong? You go back and prepare for tomorrow. Tomorrow, send that wolf out for the performance.”

“Yes, Chief.” Thomas Brown responded.

Although Bella’s injuries were not serious but her back was covered with bruises. She cannot wash and disinfect them by herself. The nurses cleaned her up and sent her back to the ward.

Bella lies on the bed.

At noon, she didn’t eat anything and now she was feeling really hungry. Some aroma of rice made her even hungrier.

James Grayson opens the door and the nurses come in with a bowl of soup, pork ribs, sweet and sour fried chicken with fried vegetables and mushrooms topping.

“Hungry?” James Grayson asked in a soft voice.

There was a delicate feeling in Bella’s heart. She smiled and nodded her head. When she tried to get up. Her back hurts a little.

“Don’t move. Keep lying otherwise the wound will crack.” James Grayson said.

She looked at James Grayson.

His eyes softened. “I’ll feed you.”

In the morning, he had an accident and was lying on the bed and now he is taking care of her.

“And what about you? You also have an injury.” Bella asked with concern.

“It was just to avoid the dinner party. It wasn’t serious, don’t worry.” James Grayson explained. He put fish pieces into the spoon and handed them to her. “The doctor says it’s good for the scar.”

He’s fine, she felt some relief.

Bella’s heart beats a little faster when she ate the fish by his hand. “James Grayson, do you have any wish?” Bella asked. She wanted to do her best to help him achieve it.

“My wish, don’t you know?” James Grayson looked at her.

Bella knew what he wants. She didn’t expect that this was her only wish. Bella lowered her eyes. She was ill, and he didn’t want to tease her, “What is your wish?”

She has many wishes, to be an excellent doctor, to have the one she loves. Want to cook for her beloved man all her life and watch the stars and moon in the sky with him. She wants her mother to get better soon. Her biggest wish is to be happy. She was too greedy to have a happy life.

“Go to Provence. Take my mother there for a tour. My mother always wants to go there.” Bella said in a low mood.

“That’s easy. If you don’t have enough money, I’ll give you.” James Grayson said.

Bella shook her head. “My mother is mentally ill. She hurt people when her condition becomes worse. She cannot get the permit to go out.”

James Grayson’s didn’t speak anymore. He picks out the fishbone with concentration.

Bella looked at his charming face. He looks like the perfect art in the hands of a sculptor, especially the eyes. His eyes were like the brightest star in the sky.

“Am I good looking?” James Grayson glanced at her and handed the fish soup to her.

“Um.” Bella did not deny.

“More than David Wilson?” James Grayson raised his eyebrows and asked.

David Wilson also looks good. But James was born elegant, with a rebellious temperament and a charming personality. He’s the type of a man that when he comes out girls would scream for his attention.

“There is no comparison,” Bella replied.

“Whom you like?” James Grayson wanted to know.

Bella knew this sentence was a trap. If she says she likes him, it will be like a confession. However, she did not like David Wilson.

“I’m not a little girl. My age of dreaming had been passed for a long time. Now I don’t care about the appearance of men.” Bella said ambiguously.

“Then what do you care about?” James Grayson was not ready to let her go.

“Heart,” Bella replied in a simple word.

She looked up at him with deep eyes, and they looked at each other as if something was colliding in the air and there was some spark. James Grayson approached her slowly. Her breathing became heavier and heavier. She had an urge to kiss him…

“Well, I would like to have pork ribs.” Bella interrupted the burning atmosphere.

“Um.” James Grayson stopped. He cleared his throat and gave her a pork rib.

He ate after she had finished eating.

Bella lay on the bed and looked at him. She felt that he can really take good care of people.

“It will become irresistible for me if you keep looking at me.” James Grayson said in a very deep voice.

Bella’s face turned red. She immediately turned and looked to the other side.

James Grayson helplessly smiled. If she wasn’t hurt, he might not be as talkative as he is now. After eating the dinner, James Grayson lay on his bed.

The lights were not turned off.

Bella was quiet. She was feeling his existence without looking at him. Gradually, she closed her eyes. In the middle of the night, she felt the need to go to the toilet. She tried to get up.

As James Grayson felt some movement, he got alerted. He woke up, walked near her and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I want to go to the bathroom.”

James Grayson picked her up to the bathroom.

“It is not that serious. There are just bruises. Now I am feeling much better.” Bella said awkwardly.

“If you don’t want to lie for a few more days, keep quiet.” James Grayson said.

He took her to the bathroom, put her down gently, turned around, walked out of the bathroom, and closed the door.

Bella could feel her face turning red and hot. She managed to get it right.

James Grayson picked her up again and put her back on the bed. She closed her eyes.

James Grayson said nothing, lay down and turned off the light.

In their three years of marriage, David Wilson has never been in the same room with her like this. She spent days and nights alone guarding the empty house. She was just guarding his empty house. She even had forgotten that she was a woman. She has lost her self-confidence.

“Thank you, James Grayson,” Bella said. She was really grateful to him from the core of her heart. How could she be liked by him?

Gradually, she fell asleep.

When she woke up, James Grayson was already gone.

Amelia William pushed the door in and saw Bella lying on the bed, “What happened to you? Who did this to you?”

“Why are you here?” Bella was surprised.

Amelia William smiled, “Your wild man called me and said that you live in this room and told me to take care of you. How do you feel? Is it serious?”

“It was a car accident, but it wasn’t serious. The doctors have checked the wounds. There are some bruises. It will be fine soon. Maybe they will discharge me in the afternoon. You don’t worry.” Bella tried to convince her that she’s really okay.

“Okay, you will be fine soon. Do you know what this is?” Amelia William took out a recording pen from his bag.