Chapter 43 This was her brother

Her brother!

This was her brother!

Jessica panicked. She was afraid and pushed his chest hard.

But she was too weak to push him. He caught hold of her hands easily, pried her teeth open, got in, and sucked her body fluid.

She ducked with fear, but he clung to her frantically, sucking.

The strange feeling made her scalp tingle. He kissed her so hard that her tongue was paralysed.

He was her brother. How could he do this to her?

Jessica’s hands trembled uncontrollably and her eyes became sore. She tried to avoid his kiss, but he pinched her chin and she couldn’t resist at all.

In a moment, some strange and familiar fragments of memory flashed through her mind, stinging her head.

He finally touched what he always wanted. Ryan’s reason told him to let go, but he couldn’t help holding her tight, kissing her, and trying to insert her into his body.


His fingers touched the cold liquid.

When he opened his eyes, he saw her red eyes and the tears on her face. He came to his senses and his hands and feet, like the liquid, became cold.


Jessica gave him a slap across the face and pushed him away with a rush. She bit her lips and ran out of the room aimlessly.

She ran into a person at the door, but she just said sorry in a hurry. She even did not look up, and then ran away.

Jeffrey held the wall to stand firm, and turned to look at Jessica who was already in the distance. A look of surprise flashed across his eyes. When he entered the private room and saw Ryan whose cheek was swollen, he was even more surprised.

“Well, what did you do to make sweetie angry?”

He sank into the chair like he had no bones, squinting at Ryan who was almost in a sorry plight.

Ryan pinched between the eyebrows. His eyes downcast, he ignored him, took the suit jacket and was ready to go out.

“Hey?” Jeffrey stood up and stretched behind him. “Are you not afraid to stimulate her as you did a year ago?”

Ryan stopped after he heard that. He went to the seat to sit down with an expressionless face, silent.

He had tried to keep his feelings under control, but he had hurt her…

At this time, a coquettish ringtone rang.

Jeffrey took the phone out of his pocket and had a glance at it. He raised the outer corner of his eye slightly who looked very sexy. “Guess who?”

Ryan ignored him, just hanging his head, and covered his face with his hand, who looked very decadent and distressed.

“Tut, good.” Jeffrey raised his eyebrow and connected the phone and used the speakerphone function. “It’s a rare thing that Jessica doesn’t call at my critical time. Praise her for it!”

Listening to this, Ryan put down his hand. He tilted his head to one side and looked at the phone.

Usually, Jessica would joke, but she didn’t this time. When she was speaking, her voice sounded like she was crying. “Fox. My brother used to talk about a thing that happened a year ago. Do you know it?”

Jeffrey glanced at Ryan, whose body was rigid and looked back at the phone. He said lazily. “Are you crying? What happened? Say it and make me happy.”

“Fuck off.” Jessica’s voice was hoarse and nasal. “Don’t change the subject. Do you know what happened a year ago? I had asked you last time.”

Jeffrey yawned. “I don’t know. I thought I said it last time…”

He looked down at the phone which was hung up. And then he looked at Ryan as if he had expected. “The little girl’s temper is getting worse because you spoil her.”

Ryan didn’t answer him.

Jeffrey leaned back in his chair lazily. looking at his friend who was brokenhearted. He said shortly. “I called you specially and told you last time. Jessica She doesn’t seem to remember what happened a year ago. Why do you always mention it? Are you stupid? ”

Ryan didn’t speak. He just took his phone and wanted to send Jessica a message. But he deleted them little by little and finally sent her nothing.

He didn’t know what to say.

Saying that he always liked her, but just now he kissed her because he was out of control? That would only frighten her off.

“Jessica always called me fox, but she should call you like that.” He was more cunning. “She doesn’t remember that but why she was so angry? Don’t tell me you kissed her by force.”

Ryan opened his mouth, silent, buttoned his shirt and put on his suit jacket.

“That’s a good guess!” Jeffrey was delighted. “Ryan, you are always clever, but when it comes to feeling…”

Ryan stood up and said, “You pay the bill.”

After he finished, he walked out impatiently.

Jeffrey grabbed him from behind with a helpless look. “What are you going to do? Looking for Jessica? What if she go abroad after you explain it?”

Ryan was stiff. He withdrew his foot which had stepped out of the room.

A year ago, she went abroad because he scared her. He didn’t want to do the same stupid thing twice.

“Then …what should I do?” In business, he had never been so distracted.

Jeffrey seldom saw his friend being so helpless. He felt pity for him, but he also thought it was funny. He said truthfully. “I don’t know.”

His ex-girlfriend would not be angry with him as long as he was rich and handsome. He had never met a difficult girl like Jessica.

Ryan frowned.

Jeffrey yawned again and the physiological tears came out of his eyes. “Originally, I have already figured out the countermeasure. You just need to give her some time to prepare for it. And let her accept it step by step. Who knew you would do that suddenly and messed up all my plan.”

It was all nonsense. It was useless. Ryan thought about Jessica in his mind, and he was in no mood to listen to him. He shook off his hand and wanted to go.

“You go now, aren’t you afraid to scare away Jessica?” Jeffrey patted on his shoulder and said lazily. “I’ll go. Now you have something else to do.”

Thinking of Jessica fled from him a year ago, Ryan pressed his lips together tightly and didn’t insist.

He licked the dry lips. After a long time, he said hoarsely, “What is it?”

“You walked out of the meeting room without even giving an explanation, so J.K is very unhappy. Your cooperation with them may be cancelled. Your grandmother couldn’t get in touch with you, so she asked me to find you.” Jeffrey said.

Ryan had expected his grandmother and the board of directors there would find him, but he just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

He frowned and nodded, but his mind was not on it. “Jessica…”

“I’ll deal with it. You’d better mind your own business first. Your grandmother is really angry this time.” Jeffrey shrugged his shoulder and went out to find Jessica.

After all, they grew up together. He knows Jessica’s temperament better than she knew herself.

She didn’t answer the phone, so he followed the route she might take and found her in a lonely alley.

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