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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 42 Psychedelic

Lily takes a step forward and answers honestly, “Yes.”

After a few seconds of silence, Carlos, who has gently grasped her wrist, lets her go. His eyes are emotionless, “Go.”

Lily walks out of the room quickly to go to the toilet and unscrewed the faucet. She then waters a tissue and places it on the forehead, her minds is full of Frank’s word.

That year, her father was investigated and prosecuted for approving a business of corruption and bribery. At that time, they also cooperated with Bao Cloud Group. However, it was only their first year, which isn’t as big as it is now.

As for the latter result, Lily remains unclear. She only knew that Harry is sentenced for 13 years. They spend lots of money to bail him out that time. With such bad history, it was difficult for him to find a job, owing to the fact that even his friend avoids him. This is why Harry could only maintain his life through a small retail business.

Speaking of corruption, in Lily’s impression, she has never felt that her family was very rich nor spend richly but only a decent family.

But she doesn’t expect that Frank, whose once was Harry’s attorney, has now been Bao Cloud legal representative?

As the matter of fact, even if Bao Cloud was an easy-going company, they definitely won’t choose such a person, for the reason that the incident at that time isn’t a small one. Did the CEO of Bao Cloud is that big-hearted?

Lily smells something fishy. This wasn’t an easy case, ‘I’ll have to ask Harry about it.

When Lily is about to gone out of spirit, her phone in the pocket vibrates. She then takes it out and finds it is Tim.

She picks it up. “Hello.”

Coming from the microphone. “Where are you?” Tim’s voice is calm.

Lily takes the wet tissue off her forehead and throws it the to trash can. “Meeting client.”

“We need to talk when you’re done.”

“Just say it, I might didn’t have any time to meet you.” The point is, Lily doesn’t want to meet him anymore.

He ponders for a moment and speaks again, “Didn’t you want to talk about the divorce? Let’s sit and talk properly.”

Lily acts rough, a little wary of his sudden attitude, “Are you still on your mind?”

“Jade is pregnant.”

Even though she had mentally prepared, she is still shocked. Jade is pregnant…..

She couldn’t help but think of Susan, about how she wanted grandchildren. She kept on being urged to have one right after they married. Now as she wishes, she gets it. Susan will definitely accept the divorce for the sake of her grandchild, not for Jade.

Lily thinks she would have a heart ache, but surprisingly, she feels much better than that.

Her emotion has long been drained.

“Come here. I’m at the Red Club, room number A301. We’ll talk face to face.”


Coming out of the bathroom, Carlos has been waiting for her in the main door. He, who wears formal attire, is standing under the bright lights with a straight figure in his long legs, very eye-catching.

The waiter who occasionally passes by wouldn’t be able to help but glances at him.

Watching Lily coming, he puts his phone away, “I’ll send you home.”

“It’s fine, I’m going somewhere else.”

Carlos’ eyes fell on her face, “Dating?”

“No.” Lily sighs helplessly, “I’m going to divorce.”

“Divorce?” Carlos shocks, “How old are you?”

“Twenty-four.” Lily knows what he is thinking and afraid that it will became awkward, she then starts her own joke, “Everyone else is single when I’m married, and even when I’m divorced they are still single. What a joke.”

Carlos doesn’t expect that she still have a mood to joke around. Knowing that it is about her personal matter, he no longer forces her, “Go, if something happens…”

Lily doesn’t hear clearly, “What?”

Carlos raises the phone in his palm. “Call me if something happens.”

Lily is stunned, feeling that his word is a bit strange. However, looking at his unscathed eyes, she feels that she is worried for nothing, “Okay.”


Red Club is one of the most famous clubs in the city. It is famous for their extravagant, a table for a night cost at least ten thousand, let alone a VIP private room. Its cheapest wine starts from five digits.

However, you must be a member before entering the club. Apart from having a money, social background checks is also one of the conditions.

Lily enters by saying his name, no one blocks her. Tim might have told them in advance.

Lily follows his order, looks for A301 room. When she pushes the door, she sees no one. The room is totally sound-proofed, all the noise from outside couldn’t be heard.

Lily dials Tim’s number. It is busy. She then walks to the sofa and sits down, looking at the wine and its glass on the table. Did he go to the toilet?

The room smells something weird. Lily wrinkled her nose but didn’t care about it. It might was a smoke mixed with alcohol, that makes a little pungent.

After waiting for about ten minutes, Tim still hasn’t appeared. Lily strolls around the room, suddenly feels something is wrong. She stands up and when she is about to walk, she suddenly feels dizzy on the head.

Her body feels weak. She sits back to the sofa right after standing for less than two second.

Lily tries to stand up again by holding the sofa. But she doesn’t have any strength. It is like her head is pressed by a ton of stones, which makes her difficult to balance.

She screams badly in her heart and takes a wet tissue out from the bag to cover her mouth and nose.

Even before she recovered, comes two men wearing all black outfit from outside. Her vision is blurred, but she could tell from their contours, it is not Tim.

Damn it!

It’s the bait!

The two men come in and didn’t say a word but dragged her body out. Lily struggles, but for them, her effort is like tickling. It is useless.

Lily is taken to the third floor, which is a business suites. She has no idea what is going to happen.

With a click of scanning card, the door opens.

Aware that she is about to be put inside, despair hits her and she suddenly bursts out a power to bite one of their arms, while kicking the crotch of another.

Both of them were unprepared for this and suddenly release her. Lily takes this chance to run away, but her feet is too weak for it. She then hold on the wall and runs out like a flies.

Behind her, they have recovered and start to chase her again. Lily doesn’t bother to look back, but she is aware that they were getting closer and closer.

Elevator… is just in front!

Maybe God has helped her. When her forefoot has barely arrived in front of the elevator, the door opens.

She doesn’t even have time to raise her head and rushes in. She abruptly comes across a group of people–

She doesn’t even have time to apologize, “Excuse me!”

Just when she is about to press the door-closing button, her wrists is suddenly grabbed and greeted by a low man voices, “Lily?”