Chapter 42 Marry me again

“Go to bed early and recover soon. Don’t you know it’s your most important task right now?”

Christian tapped the tip of her nose lovingly and said in an affectionate tone.

“All right.”

Vivian lowered her head shyly and allowed him to take her back to her bedroom.

Patrick came to visit early the next morning when Vivian and Hope were having breakfast. Patrick didn’t chat or joke with her as before. He simply greeted her before he went over to Christian’s study.

“What are you going to do?”

Patrick pushed the door open and sat opposite Christian in an imposing manner.

“I’m going to propose to her and hold a most unforgettable wedding for her to announce to the world that she is my wife.”


Patrick was particularly supportive of Christian. Despite his trust in Christian’s capability, Patrick warned him again.

“I’ve lost to you this time. But if you dare to make her unhappy, I’ll certainly get her back.”

“You won’t have the chance.”

Christian quickly put an end to Patrick’s warning and looked at him with a smile.

“You’d better.”

Patrick snorted and didn’t want to talk to Christian anymore. He wanted to play games with Hope.


Christian watched him leaving with a serious look.

“You’ll always be my best friend.”

Patrick smiled, but he didn’t turn round. He just waved and left the room.

Now that the most important people in his life could be happy together, he had nothing to be sorry for.

When Christian and Patrick left the study one by one, Vivian was feeding milk to Hope.

“Hello, little guy!”

Patrick made faces to Hope. His funny looks cracked Vivian and Hope up.

“The weather is good together, why don’t we go camping?”


Vivian was very excited about it and she looked longingly at Christian.

Having been lying in bed for a year, she looked forward to some of her favorite activities. However, Christian only allowed her to walk round the garden under his supervision.

“All right.”

Christian nodded when he saw Vivian’s eager eyes.

“Then it’s a deal. I’ll prepare some tools with Christian. You and Hope stay here and wait for us.”

Patrick and Christian left in a hurry.

“Hey, here is your opportunity. Don’t let me down.”

Patrick said. He didn’t sound very happy.

Christian smiled, but he didn’t say anything. He wouldn’t miss any opportunity to make Vivian happy.”

Two hours later, Patrick and Christian came back with a pile of things. Patrick excitedly waved at Vivian at the door.

Vivian picked Hope up and smiled at their sweaty faces.

“Where have you been?”

“Nowhere. Is everything ready?”

Patrick was gasping for breath. Christian looked at Vivian with anticipation.

“Yes, we are ready to go.”

Vivian’s hair floated in breezes and the sun was warm and cozy. She held Hope in her arms happily and she was in an extremely good mood today.

The three of them talked and laughed on their way to their destination.

“Where is this?”

Vivian looked around at the green grass and trees. There was a sense of natural freshness in the air.

“You’ll know when you get off the car.”

Christian took Hope over and gently held Vivian by the wrist.

“Hello, wait for me!”

Patrick looked at them gloomily. Having been ignored by those two lovebirds, he was embarrassed and bitter.

On both sides of the long tree-lined road were beautiful flowering shrubs where butterflies were flying carefreely and cicadas were chirping cheerfully. It was a land of idyllic beauty.

Christian held Hope with his one hand and took Vivian’s hand with his other one. They walked quietly, enjoying the beautiful scenery around. Vivian was in a trance because it felt like a dream.

It was simply just a tree-lined road, but it looked like the entrance to her happiness.

A few minutes later, Christian stopped. He put Hope down and turned around to cover Vivian’s eyes with his hands.


It was a surprise that Vivian had expected, but she couldn’t help laughing.

It was too obvious.

“Close your eyes.”

“All right, I’ve closed my eyes.”

Christian took her hand and went straight on.

“Be careful.”

Christian was tender and considerate, which was something she had never dreamt of.

They walked across the grass and came to an open and flower-scented place.

Vivian found the sunlight strong, though her eyes were closed.

Christian let go of her hand and pushed her step forward, looking forward to her reaction.

It was a small clearing in the wood where the green grass was decked with white lilies interspersed with beautiful roses.


Vivian was surprised to see the intoxicating sea of flowers in front of her that lit up her eyes.

“Go and have a look at the flower in the middle.”

Christian raised his hand and pointed at the lily in the middle of the flowers.

Slightly taller than those around it, the lily stood out in the sea of flowers.