Chapter 42 He Didn’t Need Her to Be His Nanny

After Benjamin nodded, Alice kept pointing at him, and winked at Benjamin, begging him to understand her meaning.

Benjamin looked at Alice, and deliberately misinterpreted her meaning, “Well, you can help me find it, too. I will interview the guys you and Chuck find.”

3,000 dollars and bonuses! How can she miss such a good opportunity? Alice was anxious to fight for herself.” Chuck’s company was just starting, and he was very busy. You don’t have to bother him. Just give it to me. ”

Chuck would also wonder if Alice really didn’t know Benjamin’ trick or she was just so foolish to be trapped by him.

Only Alice knew it well.

Benjamin looked at Alice in disbelief, pretending not to believe her very much, “Can you do it? Those people you know are reliable?”

Alice couldn’t help it. She was afraid he regretted it. “Of course they are. Your little nanny is already here, it’s me.”

Alice didn’t know that in Ben’s eyes, she was like younger than 20 years old.

In his eyes, she just likes treasure, and he could follow everything she wanted.

But now, he must first restrain his impatience, “You? Forget it. You can’t afford it.”

Alice was anxious, “Why?”

Benjamin said one by one, “What I want was to be able to do laundry, cook, and chat with me. What do I buy you for?”

“Buy…” This bad guy. How can he talk like this?

Forget it. She was tolerant. For 3,000 dollars a month, she can bear it.

Immediately she turned anger into a smile, and said sternly, “You see how well I have raised myself in the past three years.”

The latter sentence poked at Benjamin’s heart. Well? Really?

Skinny, malnourished, and often dislocated arms, she made her life like a refugee every day.

Didn’t she really know how bad her life was now? She dared to say that she was raising herself well.

If she said she was well now. Did she mean that the way he treated before her was bad?

Benjamin’s long, white fingers rubbed against his perfect chin, and a pair of deep eyes could not see the waves watching her.

Alice waited patiently for him to nod or say OK.


“Forget it. I’m afraid I’ll have a white-eyed wolf and you will insert a knife into me again. I don’t want to go to the gate of devil again. It was not good.”

He talked about that accident casually just to let her know that, in fact, it was no big deal, and all had passed, although it was impossible to forget. But occasional mention of it will not tear his heart or feel guilty about it.

But Alice was not. After all, she was the culprit who let him go through this.

“Ok. If not for the 3,000 dollars, who wants to treat you this picked guy?”

Benjamin shrugged, with an air that there would always be someone willing to serve him.

Chuck took the opportunity to find a chance for himself, “My company lacks an assistant over there, and my salary is good. And you have to care about eating and accommodation. How about coming to my company?”

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