Chapter 41 Why was this guy so violent

Hearing the noise, Chris looked round. Seeing it was Jessica, he frowned and turned back.

Knowing that he didn’t want to stop her, the waiter returned to his seat and played mobile games, and also didn’t stop her.

Jessica said sorry to the waiter and skipped forward to Chris. She patted him from behind and was about to speak. However, Chris grabbed Jessica’s arm suddenly.

Before she knew what was happening, her arm was twisted behind her and she was pressed against the floor.

“It hurts! Let go!” She didn’t expect that. Jessica paused and felt a sharp pain in her arm.

Oh, god, why was this guy so violent !

“Don’t touch me!” Chris released her sullenly. He scratched his head petulantly and took some tissues to wipe his shoulder.

Jessica thought, “This is the benefactor. Endure, I must endure.”

“I forgot you are fussy. Or you throw this coat away, and I will buy you another.” She said as good-tempered as she could, pressing her aching arm.

“Buy one?” Chris hissed, and looked her up and down. Then he sneered. “Look at your outrageous clothes. Are you sure what you buy will go with me?”

Jessica took a deep breath, and smiled stiffly. “Talk nicely! No personal attack!”

If he hadn’t helped her, she would never have spoken to him!

Chris had drunk for all night, so his eyes were bloodshot. He was more agitated when he heard Jessica rambling. ” Get out if you can’t stand. Nobody forced you to listen!”

“Why is your temper so bad?” Jessica had a temper actually, so she couldn’t stand it at the moment. “I just came to thank you. I owe you a favour.”

She could not stay here any longer, and was preparing to leave when she finished. As a result, she was too angry to look and stepped on the empty bottle.

“Oh!” Jessica swayed and fell backwards.

Jessica thought, “Oh my god! I fell down right after I finished. Shame on me!”

She closed her eyes with remorse. But the expected pain didn’t come and she landed in the arms which was full of the smell of alcohol.

“Idiot!” He cursed, kicked the bottle away, squeezed her chin, and said. “Once again! I was not helping you yesterday. I just dislike that rascal. Don’t misunderstand it!”

Ryan stopped at the door of the bar, looking at the man and woman holding together through the transparent glass. The glass reflected his dusty and wrinkled suit,awkward and ridiculous.

His face was tight and his eyes grew deeper and deeper.

It was a long distance but he could see that she had no problem with the hug.

“Who’s that man?” Ryan looked as usual, but the fist revealed his emotions.

Tina came in a hurry and was out of breath. Hearing that, she looked at the people inside and said carefully. “That is Chris. The leading actor you named last time.”

He lowered his eyes, hiding the emotions in his eyes. “The relationship between Jessie and him…is good?”

The last two words, was said very quietly. It seemed that he was trying to suppress something.

He seemed to be in a bad mood, then Tina replied with even more trepidation. “Not bad. He helped Jessica when Alex sexually harassed her. He beat Alex yesterday.

Ryan did not speak, but the air pressure around him lowered.

Tina tried to figure out his thought. Thinking that he might not be satisfied with Chris’s late help, she carefully explained.

“Yesterday, it was the first time that Jessica played with Alex after Chris came. The moment when he found it wrong, he beat Alex. If it’s not handled properly, it could even affect his future.”

Chris was rare good actor, so she also did not want him to be misunderstood by Mr. Howard and ruined his prospects.

“Why did he help Jessie ?” Ryan looked at the young man and woman inside just separated. The knuckles of the hand turned white because of too much force.

She didn’t tell him what had happened, but asked other man for help?

She treated him like an outsider? !

Tina hesitated for a moment, and said smilingly. “Jessica is so beautiful, her acting is good and her temper is good. Maybe Chris likes her, so he wants to chase her.”

Jessica was Mr. Howard’s younger sister. It was always right to praise her.

But she did not expect him to look worse when she had finished. She looked at him carefully and stopped smiling.

Why did Mr. Howard just look like a jealous boyfriend?

She must have thought too much.

“Don’t tell her I’ve been here.” Ryan took a deep look at the two people inside and strode away with a tight handsome face.

Tina was left alone. She thought over and over again, but she was unable to figure out what had upset Mr. Howard.

In a trance, Jessica felt like someone was looking at her outside, but when she turned to look at the door, she couldn’t see anybody.

Who else would come to a bar in the middle of the day except a psychopath like the bully. That should have been an illusion.

“I repeat, what I did yesterday had nothing to do with you! I don’t need your thanks. What will happen to me is none of your business. You can leave now!”

Chris picked up a glass of wine, and put it down on the table heavily when he drank it off in several swallows.

“Say what you like.” Jessica did not continue to argue with him, but said carelessly. “But Alex is not a nice guy. You hit him yesterday and you’d better watch out for him…What are you doing?”

Chris had stood up and walked to her side. He was very close to her.

She couldn’t see any pore in his skin even when she was so close to him. Jessica curled her lip with envy and took a few steps back.

She didn’t like to stand with people taller than herself. She would see the nostrils when she looked up. It was annoying. Perhaps she would also see the booger.

Chris took a few steps forward and looked down at her with a mutinous look. “If I were afraid of him, I wouldn’t have hit him yesterday! I wouldn’t be afraid of those people who do the dirty jobs secretly. ”

He lowered his head again, breathing alcohol fumes all over her. “Even if I am afraid, it’s none of your business, understand?”

He would take the consequences of his actions. He didn’t need anyone’s help. It has nothing to do with anybody.

“Who wants to care about you? I don’t care whether you are afraid or not.” Jessica pushed him away and felt it puzzling. “Anyway, I owe you a favor and I’ll return it. I’m leaving.”

She couldn’t stand him who was a bully and drama queen. She had better leave!

Chris watched her figure moving toward the door slowly. He didn’t pretend to be prickly, but was only lonely and tired.

He hissed, drank up a glass of wine and slammed the glass to the ground.

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