Chapter 41 Who Is better in Being Nanny

Alice may think that standing next to Chuck was safer than standing next to Benjamin, so she was like hiding from a bad person, slipping to Chuck, and not forgetting to look at Ben’ s cold face.

When eating, Benjamin was sitting alone, and Alice was sitting beside Chuck. Perhaps it was a habit that had been developed for so many years. Sitting at the same table with her, he was used to helping her with vegetables.

Alice gave him a distasteful glance, “It’s not hygienic.”

Benjamin almost knocked her head over and kissed her. She dared to abandon his saliva.

Chuck laughed without saying a word, but in fact he could see that Alice intentionally provoked him.

Chuck said, “Do you really plan to stay here temporarily?”

When Alice heard this, her heart missed a beat, which meant that Benjamin would live in the same city as her.

Benjamin held dish unhurriedly and nodded, “Well, yes, you have been here for a long time. Could you help me find a nanny?”

Chuck thought he heard it wrong, “Nanny?” Isn’t he the one who didn’t like to see any outsiders in his space?

And Alice was taken aback. His lifestyle changed in three years?

Benjamin said very seriously about the requirements for the nanny, “The one who is beautiful, single and the temper is not too bad, and just can wash and cook and chat with me.”

Chuck didn’t smile as if he listened to a cold joke. “Why don’t you just choose a wife? Why not go directly to a blind date meeting and find someone who is single, good-looking, and good temper?”

When Chuck complained, Alice nodded her head as well. She thought to herself that just a nanny, why he needed so many conditions.

Benjamin looked at Alice indifferently. “What? A small civilian like you should know a lot of friends who need to work, or should you help me find one?”

Alice was provoked by him. He felt that he was superior above her, wasn’t he?

“No.” She was so angry that she continued to eat and didn’t bother to care about him.

Benjamin casually said, “By the way, my salary is monthly, at 3,000 dollars a month.”

3,000 dollars?!

Alice was almost choked by the food she hadn’t had time to swallow, and she stared wide open at Benjamin.

Was he looking for a nanny? Or he was showing off rich? It’s no wonder that the tone of speech was so murky, because he had confidence.

Chuck had already seen Benjamin’s trick and does not intend to reveal him.

Alice took the water that Benjamin handed to her, and drank a few to calm her breath.

Afterwards, she looked at Benjamin with a flattering expression. “You said you gave 3,000 dollars a month?”

Benjamin nodded earnestly, “Yes, if she performs well and I am in good mood, I may give some bonuses.”

“And bonuses?” Alice’s excited with a pair of beautiful eyes lighting up.

As a bystander, Chuck was speechless. Now Alice was a silly rabbit, and Benjamin was the treacherous old fox.

The old fox was using a sweet and delicious cake to lure the already hungry white rabbit.

Benjamin felt that the plan was already a success. For three years, his heart finally felt a bit comfortable for the first time.

He knew that as long as she re-entered his life, there would be more room for him to breathe, and everything could go slowly.

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