Chapter 41 I just feel sick

David Wilson threw her into the car. He locked the door and ordered to drive.

“Mr. David Wilson, a car behind us is chasing us. What should we do?” David Wilson’s man said while looking at the rearview mirror.

David Wilson looked back and saw an Audi following them. There was a man in the car. The mas wearing a hat and his cell phone was in his other hand.

David Wilson frowned, “Play with him. It will be fun.”

“Yes.” The driver responded to his command.

Bella saw the car revolving around the city. She felt something bad in her heart. What does David Wilson want?

James Grayson’s man informed him about the whole situation. James asked, “Did Bella go with him at her own will?”

“No, she was forced.” James Grayson’s man answered honestly.

James Grayson’s eyes filled with anger. “Tell me your location. Don’t be afraid to send him to the police station, if necessary. ”

“Chief, the situation is strange. I think he knows that I am chasing them. His car has been continuously moving around the city center.”

“Oh, I see. You keep following him.” James Grayson hung up the phone. He turned around and looked at Lieutenant Thomas Brown and gave an order in a very serious tone, “Call the doctor to remove this plaster.”

“But…” Why the chief is interfering others domestic affairs?

“But what?” James Grayson threw a sentence.

Thomas Brown was afraid to speak anything.

“Now inform the head of traffic police to send the real-time video of the city center to me.” James Grayson ordered again.

Thomas Brown swallowed his saliva with no ambition. He straightened his chest and saluted. “Yes, Chief.”

At 5 .p.m..

The time of day with heavy traffic. In just five minutes, there will be many pedestrians and vehicles which will cause heavy traffic. David Wilson’s eyes sparkled with a cunning light. He frowned and said, “Let’s begin.”

“Okay.” Driver responded.

Bella saw that suddenly the car speed increased. The car seemed to drift on the road.

“Ah.” Bella lurched in the car and screamed.

David Wilson looks at her and enjoyed her pain. He was giving her punishment, and his eyes were reflecting his pleasure. But he never knew that his wife can look so cute even in such situations.

Bella stared at him. She grabbed the door’s handle and tried to stabilize her body. She saw a woman on an electro mobile also running a red light. But their car’s speed did not slow down.

Bella’s heart was beating fast, and she shouted anxiously, “Stop the car! Please stop! It’s dangerous!”

The driver didn’t pay attention to Bella’s words and continued his rash driving.

When the woman on the electro mobile tried to turn, David Wilson’s car rashly passed by her. Bella looked back. The electro mobile collided with a car, and the woman badly fell down on the road.

For David Wilson a human life means nothing? She never knew that he could be this much insensitive. Why did she marry such a cruel brute? She loved an insensitive man. How stupid she was!

“David Wilson. She might be dead.” Bella said helplessly.

David Wilson frowned, “I didn’t hit her. She was running the red light at her own will and her skills were very poor.”

“Would that have happened if your driver hadn’t been driving so rashly?” Bella replied angrily. She was exhausted.

He looked at her as if he had nothing to do with it. “Bella, Congratulations. You have succeeded in getting my attention and interest.”

“Don’t you think you are behaving so arrogantly? You think I want you to take an interest in me?” Bella frowned.

“My interest in you and my attention for you. You have been striving for these two, haven’t you? Now you can feel arrogant because you have achieved this but don’t be too arrogant, okay?” David Wilson’s eyes were filled with dangerous vibes.

“You haven’t understood it, till now?” Bella was helpless, and she thinks this person is very unreasonable. “No one is still waiting for you to hurt her, and no one wants your attention. What has passed is passed. Our paths cannot unite again. Please get out of this fantasy and don’t interfere with my freedom again. Stop the car and let me go.”

David Wilson’s heart was filled with anger. In Bella’s eyes, he saw a decisive light. Something that he had never seen before. This made his heartfelt some panic.

“You are my wife. Why can’t I interfere?” David Wilson asked in a cold voice.

“Wife? David Wilson, did you think that you had a wife when you were cheating outside? Did you think for a second that you have a wife when you were having affairs with other women? Have you ever thought that I am your wife when you send me to those gangsters for your girlfriend’s safety?” Bella screamed.

David Wilson touched her chin and said, “But you are still Mrs. Wilson, aren’t you?”

Bella looked into David Wilson’s eyes. “Now it doesn’t matter.”

David Wilson’s eyes were cold. He holds Bella’s face and said, “Bella, don’t dare to say it again. There are many women in the world who want to marry David Wilson. If I divorced you don’t expect that David Wilson will look back at you again. Answer me after thinking clearly.”

Today, his feelings were very strange. His breathing became heavier, and he was inexplicably nervous about her answer.

Bella didn’t need to think anything, not for a moment. “Divorce, I don’t want to live with you. Not anymore.” Bella was determined.

As she uttered these words, she felt his lips kissing her lips. When David Wilson’s lips touched Bella’s lips, he felt that there was a current flowing from his lips to his heart.

Her lips were soft and fragrant which attracted him to suck hard. He wanted her to punish her for saying all these, for rejecting him.

Bella’s eyes were clear. She clenched her fists. No matter how much he hurt her. She will not cry. She has understood that David Wilson would never pity her or cherish her. Even if she died of pain, he would not let her go. The only way is to bite his teeth and not let him go farther.

David Wilson’s breath became heavier.

He took Bella’s hand and pressed it across his trousers. That part was hot, erect and terrifying for Bella.

Bella felt disgusted. She didn’t even count how many women had touched it. She was angry she tried to push him back but she was helpless.

“Listen, I won’t divorce you until I’m tired of playing with you.” David Wilson said and his eyes were red.

“I will only hate you more.” Bella squeezed some words out of her mouth.

His eyes flashed a sharp light. “I have saved something for this woman whose heart is not here, anymore. I’ll let you know what pain is, and you will never forget this day. The day when you got fucked in the car by David Wilson.”