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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 41 Eric?

If that thing didn’t happen, maybe William had already married Angie.

A frivolous voice, “Beautiful lady, seeing you are alone, I wonder if I am honored to be with you tonight.”

“I’m sorry, but I’ve got a company.” Vivian frowned slightly and refused him politely.

“How can that man leave you alone? Don’t be so shy, lady.” The man showed a smile that he thought was elegant and graceful, and kept making eyes at Vivian.

Inverted triangle eyes, a flat nose, coupled with his two pinches of vibrissae from his nose.

Vivian’s eyes were twitching, where did his courage come from?

“I already have a boyfriend.” Literally, he can get out.

But it seemed that the man couldn’t understand her words. He reached out to fingered his fringe, showed an “evil but alluring” look, and suddenly showed his big buckteeth.

His big gold teeth, under the light, almost blinded Vivian’s eyes. If there was water in her mouth at the moment, she will definitely spit it out.

The man’s taste was so terrible.

“Miss, you are so beautiful, so kind, so lovely, suitable for a more handsome man.”

For example, his nick name “the little prince of his nightclub” always worked. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t win her heart.

Thinking that he could spend a good night with this beautiful woman tonight, his was so excited.

Not only Vivian’s eyes began to twitching, but also her mouth began to shake. Who do you think you are?

“I’ve already had a boyfriend. He’ll get me the juice and be back soon.”

The man heard she repeated that she had a boyfriend, but he did not see her boyfriend come over, he thought she was playing a trick on him.

He thought himself emotional, “Miss, I know you’re shy, it doesn’t matter. I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Eric, deputy general manager of Eric film company.”

He was winking at Vivian, “It was easy for you to enter the showbiz, with my resources.”

Wanyu film company? Vivian seemed to have heard of it. It’s an entertainment company with a strong background. But at present, the brain-impaired deputy general manager was actually a rich second generation.

Vivian moved backward and kept a distance and said, “Thank you, but I’m not interested in it.”

At the same time, she was also finding John. He shouldn’t have gone for so long without coming back with a glass of juice.

Seeing Vivian refused him repeatedly, Eric was immediately unhappy, and he didn’t remember that she was the unmarried girl of which rich family.

He guessed she was just a social climber. How dare she refuse him? He said angrily, “Miss, don’t be shameless.”

Vivian frowned unhappily. Now she became angry from embarrassment. Vivian didn’t want to argue with him and chose to go away.

However, it seemed that Eric didn’t intend to let her go. His hand reached out, almost touched Vivian’s back.

A tall man grasped Eric’s hand readily, he said in a cold voice, “Mr. Eric, what are you doing?”

“William? Let me go!”

Eric didn’t expect that he would come here. What’s more, he is a tough guy. Although William is not the boss of a big company, he has a law firm, and Angie…

He didn’t dare to provoke William. A lawyer is required whenever the companies meet trouble. William is a winning general.

His father was even polite to him.

But now his wrist hurt. Can he let him go first?

Vivian turned around to look at the men wonderingly. Seeing William holding Eric’s wrist, she soon understood what was going on. She didn’t thought Eric didn’t give up and wanted to attack her.

She was grateful but doubtful. He was meeting her parents with Angie, didn’t he? How can he appear next to her? Where is Angie?

William let Eric go without expression. Even if he just stood and didn’t speak anything, he made people feel intimidated.

Eric was not willing, but he had no chance to win against William. So, he could only glare at the two of them. He turned around angrily and left. It’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge.

He would find William again, and he would never give up the woman.

Eric just took two steps and felt slipped. Because of the inertia, he hit the corner of the table hard. The marble table was undamaged.

It was just that man named Eric was whining, covering his crotch, rolling up and down in pain on the ground. The shrill sound made the men on the scene tighten up and clamp their crotch subconsciously.

Even William, the expressionless man, sipped his lips.

“Ah…It hurts me. I’m…done.”

She didn’t get it at that moment. How could Eric hit the table in such a precise position?

No, although it was not obvious, there seemed to be water mark on the ground.

Vivian couldn’t help taking a look at William. The champagne in his hand…

He was so bad! But why he would help me?

When Vivian was thinking about the reason, Eric had been carried down. People around him only see Eric sliding down. They didn’t see Eric pester Vivian.

Therefore, they treated it as an accident.

“Vivi, what’s the matter? Are you ok?” John came and said apologetically that he just went to get two cups of juice. He met several business partners halfway, who operated important projects with him recently.

He had to stay for social activities. When he finally got out of there, he noticed that she was surrounded by many people.

Vivian didn’t want him to worry about it, and William had already dealt with it for her, so she understated, “It’s OK, it’s just an accident.”

“What’s going on?” Angie also came over and saw William was also there. She asked coquettishly, “What happened to you, honey? I heard that there was an accident.”

“I don’t know.” William answered without changing his expression.