Chapter 40 You will be mine

Bella was frightened after David’s behavior today. She also had not had a single day off in the year. She asked for leave and the turned off her phone. When she walked out of the hospital gate two strange men stopped her.

Bella had a bad feeling she warned them. “What do you want to do?” There are cameras everywhere. If you try to kidnap me and you can’t escape.”

“Madam, Mr. David Wilson ordered us to pick you when you come out of the gate.” Bella didn’t expect David Wilson to be one step ahead of her.

“I’m not free now. I have a party with my friends, and I’ll go back later.” Bella refused and passed by those two men.

The man grabbed Bella’s hand and said, “Forgive us, madam, Mr. David Wilson told us no matter what excuses you have we have to send you to the villa.”

They tried to grab her.

She was very frightened and she resisted, “Leave me. Please let me go. I don’t want to go there. What’s the difference between you and kidnappers?”

Her struggle was useless. They grabbed her and took her to the parking lot.

She saw Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown coming out of the car. She immediately called him. “Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown.”

Colonel Thomas Brown looked at her surprisingly.

“He’s a special soldier. Leave me.” Bella said to those men.

The men looked at each other and loosened their strength.

Bella ran quickly to Thomas Brown. “You come here to see the chief?”

“To deliver his meal.” Thomas Brown answered.

Bella saw the two men staring at her continuously. She was panicked and said. “I will go with you.”

While she was walking with him that two men had been continuously following her. She followed Thomas Brown to James Grayson’s ward.

He was talking with his grandmother.

Her face blushed when she remembered that last scene.

That time she ran away to save herself and now she felt like a sheep who herself came to the lion.

James Grayson glanced at Bella for a second and looked away as if he hadn’t seen her.

“Chief, The food you ordered.” Thomas Brown said respectfully, putting the rice on the side table.

Bella didn’t dare to move forward. She kept standing at the door.

“You should go home. You don’t need to be here with me.” James Grayson politely said to his grandmother.

“As you and that girl in Wilson’s family are in love. I want you two to get married soon and give birth to my grandchildren. I don’t know how long I can live. I just want to see you married.” Grandma requested him.

“I know, I will handle my matters.” said James Grayson.

“You had taken a long time handling them, but they are not handled yet,” Grandma complained.

James Grayson looked at Thomas Brown. “Send my grandmother back.”

Bella got nervous and clenched her fist.

Outside is David Wilson, inside is James Grayson. She cannot dare to provoke anyone.

Thomas Brown walked out with Grandma. Grandma looked at Bella and thought it was a nurse. She didn’t care, so she went out of the room.

James Grayson fixed his eyes on her.

Bella didn’t raise her head. She bit her lips and twisted her hands.

James Grayson chuckled. “Are you going to stay silent forever?”

Bella explained, “There are two men out there following me. I come here to hide.”

James Grayson picked up his cell phone and dialed the phone out. “There are two men outside following Bella. Deal with them.”

Bella looked at him. He had helped her again.

“Come here.” James Grayson murmured.

Bella didn’t move.

She wanted to go out, but she’s afraid they are still outside.

“Want me to come there and hold you?” James Grayson uttered.

Bella’s ears turned red. She took some steps towards him and stands in front of the bed.

James Grayson looked at her and did not speak. He naturally had a great sense of oppression.

“Are you scared?” James Grayson asked softly.

Bella nodded.

“I’ll be gentle next time.” James Grayson said with some regret.

Next time?

Bella’s heart was about to jump out of her mouth.

James Grayson’s phone rang. He answered.

“Chief, it’s settled. We have sent them to the police station. They won’t be released for a week.”

“Um.” James Grayson responded.

Bella heard some phrases being uttered from the other side of the phone. “I’m leaving now. I’ll see you some other time.” She almost ran away.

James Grayson looked helplessly at her back.

In David Wilson’s villa-

David Wilson’s on the phone and listened to the report. He had an evil thought, he ordered, “Ask Miller to do some things. These days James Grayson is too free.”


David Wilson turned gloomily and looked at Simon, who knelt on the ground.

“Mr. David Wilson, I was doing what Michael has ordered me,” Simon said sadly, the chain was stained with blood.

David Wilson looked at Simon, “After that medicine did my woman and James Grayson have sex?”

Simon was not silly. He said quickly, “No, just after a moment they have been rescued, their clothes were all neat.”

David Wilson’s anger disappeared a little.

He knew that Bella would not let other men touch her. If other man wants to touch her, she would defend herself even if she was drugged. He felt that he should really share himself with this woman.

“Minister David Wilson, what to do with him?” His subordinate asked.

“Put him in the lockup for some days. We will use him.” David Wilson ordered.

He pulled off his tie and called the director of the Department of Gynecology. “This is David Wilson. I want to surprise Bella tonight. I’d like to ask you for a favor. I happen to have two tickets for a trip to Hawaii, and someone will send them to you.”

When Bella came out of the hospital the director of the Department of Gynecology called her, “Bella, there is an emergency. Your patient of bed 32 who has high blood pressure and who was pregnant is about to give birth. Her husband has called you for her delivery.”

Bella was stunned. How did the director of the Department of Gynecology know that she was at the gate? It was urgent and she had no time to think about it. She runs towards the Gynecology Department.

When she came out of the operation theatre, she saw David Wilson in front of her. It seemed that she had been waiting for her for a long time.

Bella was shocked. She ignored him and tried to run away quickly.

David Wilson grabbed her hand.

“Leave me!” Bella looked back at him impatiently.

David Wilson raised a smile and picked up her like a princess in his arms. “Emotional? I have come personally to take you to our wedding room.”

“I’m not feeling any emotion. I think you had played enough, David Wilson?” Bella shivered with fear.

David Wilson looked down at her “It will be fun. If you perform well, I will forget about the past. I will let you conceive my child and give birth to him. From then on, your position as my wife will be stable.”

She’s didn’t want to conceive or give birth to his children. She didn’t want to have any relationship with that monster.

“Help, help!” Bella was so frightened that she screamed loudly…