Chapter 40 Do You Think I Want to Hug You

The moment she was lifted up by him, she seemed to be able to feel the blame deep inside him for not being able to take good care of her.

Alice’s heart was sour for a while. If she had suffered a little injury in the past, she would have coquettishly let him carry her. Now she can’t do that, and he…

“My leg was not injured. I can walk on my own.” Alice was struggling in his arms.

Benjamin stared straight ahead, and expressionless commanded, “Shut up!”

The corner of Chuck’s tight lips seemed to be ticked up, thinking that with couple liken them might be inseparable.

But just because their invisible love was too deep, so that when all the truth was revealed, their injuries were the worst.

Silence took control of the car. Alice lowered her head and held her thirty arms in her hands.

Chuck was serious about driving, but he had tons of things full of his heart.

Benjamin had been waiting for Alice to complain. She used to be like that. If someone had made her unhappy, she could chat endlessly around him.

But now, she seemed to be planning to say nothing.

Benjamin extremely suppressed the yelling at her and asked her in a deep voice, “Why are you hurt?” He wanted to hear what she would say.

Alice’s heart was tight, and she gave the reason to lie to her mother every time, “I accidentally fell off the stairs and it became like this.”

Benjamin snorted and remained expressionless. In fact, when he was expressionless, he was the angriest. “Your three-year-old child, you can throw yourself like this when walking, why didn’t you directly break you?”

Alice turned her head to stare at him, even if he didn’t care about it, he might not curse her for falling!

The sound was amplified in decibels and she shouted at him, “I said, it’s a staircase, not a smooth road.”

Benjamin also turned his head to look at her, four eyes staring at each other. The band-aid on her forehead, and the swelling of the corners of her mouth, were a fatal pain to him.

Ben suppressed the urge to immediately kill those cheap women, “Then please, when you walk up the stairs, you just kick off the obstacles. If you don’t kick her, they will trip you.”

Alice didn’t understand what he said. How did it feel like there was something in it? She looked away, and turned her back to him, and watched the night scene rushing out of the car window.

Benjamin looked at her thin back and sighed deeply in his heart. What should he do with her? When will she think of him as her world?

When arriving at the destination, Benjamin was going to hold Alice who rejected.” If you still acted like this, I will not go on. I am not disable. If you hold me, many people will look at it and it will be shameful.”

Benjamin bent his waist at the door of the car. He just hugged her for a moment. How did he make her shame?

“Get out of the car quickly.” A cold voice ordered.

Alice emphasized again, “I don’t want you to hold me.”

Benjamin reached out his hand and dragged her out of the back seat. “You think I want to hold you?”

Alice pouted her mouth and didn’t speak. He treated her, the girl who got hurt, with such a strong force. How could not he know treat her gently?

Alice watched Chuck enter the Warm Night. This was the most expensive nightclub in the area. She quickly stopped Chuck. “Brother, I can’t afford this.”

Chuck smiled warmly. “It’s okay. Ben said he offered me a supper tonight, and you’re my companion.”

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