Chapter 4 Why do I still feel unreconciled

While talking, the topic turned to William,”He was a top student in law department of his university, deeply favored by his supervisor. However, I didn’t expect that he had opened such a famous law firm by his own skill.”

Angie cannot hide her smile, and she seems to talk about her boyfriend. The bright smile makes Vanessa heart broke. Vanessa hang his head to cover the eyes of the lost and unwilling.

Four years away, she should be satisfied, why does she still feel unreconciled?

Besides, the man is not hers. He always belongs to Angie.

After dinner, Angie said she wanted to go to the place where Vanessa worked because she came back without anything. Just by the way, she can buy two pairs of shoes in their shop, so Vanessa drove her to the store.

“Yeah, it’s an international brand.” Angie was very satisfied with the place where Vanessa works, turned to look out, and then said, ” You are close to the tax office of William, just across a city center!”

“Well, I never notice.” Vanessa said with a smile, “Just two days ago, I took some new styles shoes from another store. You can come to try.

“Well, I’ll try.”

Vanessa took some of the new styles for Angie’s try, and told her which several shoes cannot touch water. With With the welcome of the shopping guide, it seems that some guests have come in.

“Shall I introduce for you, Sir? Or do you want to see for yourself?”

“I’ll see for myself.” The man’s voice was deep, which let Vanessa shiver. She just looked up and found that Angie sitting on the chair ran to William barefoot, and a little sour appeared in her heart.

It should be nice to see former lover again, right?

“William…” Angie repressed the inner excitement, and walked toward the man step by step. She saw his calm eyes emerging surprise, so that she cannot help to raise the corner of the mouth and said, “Long time no see.”

But just a few seconds of time, the man’s eyes recovered calm, and then he nodded toward Angie. Such so indifferent attitude let Angie a little lost, so she asked: William, what do you do to come here?”

“Buy shoes for a friend.” “You are the manager of this store, right? Could you help me pick out a pair of shoes?” William talked to Vanessa.

Vanessa stiffly promised,”Well, please follow me to this side to have a look.”

When she just took a pair of new shoes in style out, William said they were ok, and directly let Vanessa pack, so Vanessa asked the salesman to invoice, and passed the shoes to him.

When William was ready to leave after checking out, Angie, who has been ignored by him for a long time, finally can’t help to follow him up. She stretched out his hand to grab the sleeves of William, and spoke in a soft voice,”Willan, we haven’t seen for so long, can we find a place to talk?”

“Next time, I’m busy. “William talked to her coldly, which seemed that Angie was a stranger.

Then, carrying a shopping bag, he went out.

Angie was shock, and directly lay on the shoulder of Vanessa to cry bitterly, pitiful to say,”Vanessa, doesn’t he like me anymore? The eyes he looked at me just like a stranger, which made me feel so bad.”

“Well, he likes you very much.” Vanessa patted Angie’s shoulder, comforting her,”If he does not like you, why he only puts your photo in his wallet for so many years.”

“What?” Angie looked up and asked with full of doubt,”Vanessa, how do you know?”

Vanessa’s face stiffened and she quickly said, “Oh, one of his classmates often brings his wife to our store to buy shoes and he also know that you were in a relationship with William before. When I talked to him,, he told me something by the way.”