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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 4 He is Rex

Leaving the villa, let alone luggage, Lily don’t even brings much clothes. Coming alone and going alone gives her an illusion of returning to a year ago.

When she is wandering in the street, she receives her mother’s phone call and don’t tell her mother about these things. After trying to choke, she stays in a KFC from noon to night.

Finally, she can’t bear it. She calls her friend Abby.

When the phone is connected, Lily breaks down completely. She cries so much that she can’t say a complete sentence. She just repeats, “I’m going to divorce, I’m going to divorce…”

After asking for her address, Abby finds the shop all the way with her phone, and see her sitting alone in the corner. Outside is the dark night, Abby’s heart pains, walks to let Lily in her arms, “Lily, I come.”

They don’t talk. Lily cries for a while. After drying her tears, they go back to Abby’s private apartment, a duplex apartment in a prime location. It’s nothing for such a rich girl.

“Tell me what happened.” Abby gives her a glass of hot water.

Lily just opens the conversation box and tells her the whole story. Abby just sighs a lot, “Lily, if I say that Tim cheats you, I’m not surprised, do you believe it?”

Lily don’t understand, so she says, “when you were married for half a year, we went to have dinner. You asked Tim to pick you up and take me home. He asked for my contact information, but I don’t give him. At that time, I was not sure what he meant. I just thought it was a little strange. Besides, when you were married, I didn’t dare to talk about it. I didn’t expect that he had something to do with Jade.”

Lily is stunned for a moment. It turned out that Tim had already been interested in her best friend.

“Lily, I wish you divorce with Tim, in such a day, early death and early transcendence.” Abby says carelessly, but his words are not rude. “Isn’t Susan arrogant? When she takes you as a soft persimmon, you must argue for yourself. The legal adviser in my father’s company is from the law firm of King. I will ask him to help you.”

“Do I have a divorce case with Tim?” When it comes to this, Lily is a little flustered. “I’m afraid I don’t have so much money and material resources…”

The most important thing is mental power. After all, it’s too cruel for a lover to go to court with the one she once loved

“Lily, don’t be silly. Don’t you give up just as they wish? You are sad here, but Rex and Jade are happy!” The more Abby thinks about, the angrier she gets, “I’ll go to inquire about it for you, and then I’ll straighten it out for you. Just go to the lawyer directly. I tell you that if you don’t think about yourself now. But you regret later, just Don’t cry for me .”


The next day, under the urging of Abby, Lily goes to the Rex’s law firm, the most high-end business office building located in the city. The whole two floors are their area. The most famous lawyers in China are here. No lawyer don’t want to enter the here. When someone comes here, he represents the top. His annual salary is not cheap and his future is promising.

Lily is looking for a lawyer Mr.Smith. The front desk tells her that lawyer will come later, and asks her to wait in the sofa.

When Lily is bored, she looks at the pamphlet on the table. After a while, the door next to her opens again. Someone comes in from the outside. Then she hears someone shouting, “Good morning, boss and lawyer Smith.”

Hearing the two words of the lawyer Smith, Lily looks up, but is frozen when she sees the other person.

It is a face she knows very well, because not long ago she had an indescribable relationship with him. The scene of that night flashes in front of her, the Club Suite, the dark night, the soft bed, the clothes scattered all over the place.

Why is he here?

Obviously, Rex don’t expect to meet Lily here. Orson squints and stops.

The front desk staff informs her in time, “Mrs , this is lawyer Smith.”

Smith, wearing a pair of eyes and in his thirties, looks a little fat. “Hello, Mrs, your entrustment has been received before. Let’s go in for an interview?”

Lily would like to say no, but the reality seems not to allow it.

She nods almost stiffly, “OK.”

“Your office will be used by the seminar group. Come to me first.” All of a sudden, Rex standing by, says something.

Maybe lawyer Smith doesn’t think it’s different, but when it is in Lily’s ear, it means something different. Is he intentional?

A group of three people walk towards the office and pass the office area all the way. Lily sees everyone calling him “President Rex”. He is not only a PR man, but also the boss of the law firm of Dynasty. He is the successful man in business and politics who nobody dare offend.

Sitting in the chair, Lily feels her butt is going to burn. Her whole body is stiff.

“Mrs, I hear that you want to fight a divorce lawsuit? Is it convenient to tell me about you and your husband?” lawyer Smith quickly enters the state.

Lily takes a sneak look at Rex and sees he is just bowing to work. She whispers, “I have been married for a year. Yesterday, I caught him in bed with mistress who is my best friend. My mother-in-law also knows about it. I’m the only one in the dark. Now I want to divorce. They won’t accept it.”

“Do you have children?”

“No.” Lily bites her lips, pauses and says, “we haven’t had a relationship. We haven’t had a sex.”

Lawyer Smith pushes the glasses on his face and hide his surprise behind them. “Now, divorce is very simple for you, but I need to know your appeal.”

“I want my husband to lose his reputation and fight for my own property,” she says.

Mr,Smith nods, “there is another key question. Do you have any evidence of your husband’s infidelity?”

This time,Lily asks, “evidence?”

“Such as words, video, or other forms of information that can prove that your husband do cheat.”

“… I don’t. ”

“First of all, you need to collect materials in this field. Otherwise, it’s useless to talk. we need to have materials and evidence that we can rely on.”

Mr.Smith’s words undoubtedly throws a basin of cold water on Lily. The later communication can’t go further. It is just a piece of evidence that has stuck her. When she is about to leave, Rex, who has not spoken all along, suddenly says, “stay here, Mrs, I want to talk with you.”

It’s well known that Rex doesn’t fight a marriage lawsuit. Mr.Smith is stunned for a moment, thinking that he is going to leave for any other reason.

In the office, there are only two people left. Lily stands in the same place, stiff and embarrassed. The man opposite is sitting on the leather chair. His tailored suit makes him more and more elite

“You wanna divorce?” The man’s magnetic voice comes.