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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 39 She is Exceptional

Rex held her cheeks up in order to let her focus on his eyes, “You must obey whenever the boss order you. This is how to treat a boss, do you understand?”

As he said, his hand sneaks into her pants. In the night-breeze, his big palm touches her bare skin which gives her a shiver. “Rex! We’re on the street. Are you crazy, what is someone seen us!”

At first, even though she knows he is a lechery, she thinks he won’t dare to make a mess.

But now…

“What about it?”

Lily’s eyes widen and look at him in disbelief, as if she has heard it wrong, “Please calm down. Don’t do this, Rex. I beg you….”

He doesn’t seem to hear her begging for mercy and continue to mess around her body.

Lily has resisted till out of strength. Fortunately, he’s still on his mind. Looking at her reddish eyes, he let her go.

Even so, his sharp eyes keep on staring at her, “If I really act as your boss in this way, can you stand it?”

Only then, Lily understands why he has that temper out of the blue. It is because what she said just now. But what’s wrong with it, he indeed is her boss. If not, what else?”

He narrows his eyes, examines her dodging eyes and says earnestly, “Is it because of that call?”

Being pierced, Lily’s eyes flashes with panic. She looks away in no time. “I’m just afraid that someone saw us.”

Rex snorts, raising his hand to pat her cheek twice. It won’t hurt, it is more like flirting. “At this time and hour, tell me who will come out?”

Lily carefully glances around. Not only people, there’s no even a ghost…..

“Why didn’t you ask if you’re that curious?” Rex looks at her thin red face, “You’re afraid of me.”

It is not a question, but a statement.

Lily’s eyes flickered slightly. Comparing with the arc lamp under the sky, even hers was brighter. Rex almost couldn’t stand but wanted to kiss it.

“…. Not really.” Lily finally utters those word moments later.

She isn’t afraid of him. It’s just that looking at him would make her feel nervous.

Maybe it was because of their social background’s gap that makes her somewhat under pressure.

Coming above her head. “You don’t have to be afraid of me.” his voices are low.

Lily looks at him for a moment, “What?”

“I know everyone else is afraid of me, but you don’t have to be.” Rex looks at her dullness, her hair is in a mess because of him just now. But it was fluffy under the light, “Don’t really treat me as an asshole, okay?”

“…..” Lily looks away in no time. What a terrible idioms, she still has a pride!


In a quiet night, his voices seem particularly pleasing.

Lily responses softly, “Huh?”

“You don’t need to be afraid of me, okay?” He repeats again and let her chin go. He then re-lit a cigarette and takes a deep breath.

Lily nods, as if she has understood. It might probably means that he would not hurt her.

In fact, she trusts him. He is by her side over several dilemmas. Moreover, if he really wanted to do something to her, he doesn’t even have to spend much effort, all he needs to do is say it.

But he doesn’t.

Wondering whether it was the moonlight that makes a shiny gloss over their shoulders. Lily looks up into his deep facial expressions, and couldn’t help but asks, “Rex, do you regret helping me?”

Lily feels it was awkward enough that Tim finds Rex just now. Who knows that he might beat him, it would affect Rex’s reputation. Even if it is only a joke, it is scary enough.

At first, she thinks Rex would mind, but unexpectedly, he doesn’t hesitate to speak in time.

“I never do things that I regret.” He strikes her delicate cheeks, leans forwards and whispers in her ear, “You’re an exception, but I don’t regret it.”


Tonight, Lily hardly falls asleep. Even after returning to the villa and lying on her bed, she keeps on recalling his words.

She covers her quilt over her head. Her mind is absolute chaos. The only thing that can be sure is about Rex, she keeps on thinking about him.

The next morning, Lily wakes up before six o’clock, packs up her stuff and leave hurriedly before Tim and Jade got up.

It is only eight o’clock when she arrives at the office, which is still half hour before work starts.

Lily prints out the file that she sorted out last night. After hesitating for a while, she still decides to go to Carlos’ office.

She tries to turn the doorknob, but it is locked. Looking down to see a narrow gap between the ground and the door, she crouched down and stuffs the files inside.

“What are you doing?”

Behind her, comes the voice of a man.

Lily is startled, almost kneeled on the ground.

She stands up with both hands and feet, turns around and sees Carlos’s emotionless face. She then subconsciously hide her hand behind her back, “No, nothing. I drop something on the floor, so I… I picked it up.”

Carlos apparently wouldn’t believe her stupid lies and reaches out his hand, “Give it to me.”

Lily pretends to be stupid, “Give what?”

“The things on your hand.” Carlos frowns, “Don’t let me said it for the third time.”

“…..” Lily takes a deep breath and handed over the files.

Carlos looks through every page and finally stops at the last page.

After scanning through it for a while, his long fingers point at the page and places it in front of her eyes, his gaze looks directly to Lily’s red face, “What’s this?”

“A written self-criticism…” Lily whispers.

He raises his eyebrows slightly and looks back at it again, reading out loud, “Asking for permission should be informed in advance. In the view of the previous unpleasant behavior, I hereby declare that it will not happen again.”

“Yes…” Lily lowers her head, her heart beating fast. Why do you read it out loud, just look at it is enough, it was really shameful you know…..

Carlos pokes his lips silently, “You came here early in the morning just to give me the files and written self-criticism?”

Carlos pauses and shakes her head honestly, “No, I woke up early this morning and happens to bring the files over.”

The words pour out just like that. Carlos, who was standing in front of her remain silent. When she couldn’t help but wanted to look up, her forehead suddenly gets knocked off. It was Carlos rolling up the files into a tube and knocks her, “You are really innocent.”

Lily touches her forehead, where it was being knocked off, “Carlos, are you still angry?”

Carlos couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t do it again. You have to be more rigorous next time.”

Lily sighs of relief, “Yes, sir.”

Carlos waves his hand, “Get to work.”

Watching him going inside, Lily quickly steps forward and says, “Oh, Carlos, there is one more thing….”

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