Chapter 39 Let’s try it together

Bella realized what he wanted to do, and her legs trembled.

He had so much strength that she could not stop him. She pushed his shoulder. His hand went in her trousers.

“Uuh.” Bella hummed softly.

She had never been touched like this before. She felt as if fireworks were blooming in her mind. It felt very strange like magic.

His breath was also heavy. With love-filled eyes, he stared at her eyes, “Did you feel it?”

“Don’t do that.” Bella was shy and annoyed.

“What should I do? Go in?” He asked and went in.

It was too tight to move in.

He could feel the tightness of her body and his heart surged with excitement.

He wanted to replace his fingers with something else.

That slowly moved up.

“Ah,” Bella screamed slowly. The sound was not too loud. She knew Anna Wilson was still outside the door.

She wanted to struggle but not against him.

James Grayson looked at her expressions and said softly, “Does it hurt?”

“Let me go,” Bella demanded.

Her marriage had nothing like a marriage. She was never touched by a man except that strange man. This was natural. It was impossible for a woman to not feel anything after being touched like this by a man.

She blushed and bit her lower lip.

“Take it easy and feel it slowly. I won’t hurt you, I promise.” James Grayson said to her.

Not hurt you?

“I said no,” Bella said helplessly, looking at him with red eyes.

He did not want to frighten her. He kissed Bella’s lips. “I just want you to like it. If you don’t try it, how can you know this eternal feeling? I can’t wait for you to get divorced.”

His voice was so soft, and his breaths were on her face. The movements of his hand were becoming more and more compatible with her.

She was too scattered to think anything.

“Knock, Knock, Knock.” Anna Wilson knocked at the door. “James Grayson, what are you doing?”

Bella was too scared to move. Her back was stiff.

He looked straight at her face as if he hadn’t heard any knock. He always had been this much quiet and strange. Three years ago, when he was under the influence of drugs, he made this relationship with her.

After that, he hadn’t tasted the taste of any woman. Until he met her again. He knew he had been waiting for her. He didn’t deny what he thought of her. He just wanted her.

He unzipped his trousers.

Bella was so frightened. When his hand was on his trousers, she opened the door.

Anna Wilson was surprised to see that Bella in the bathroom.

Bella ignored her response. She opened the door and ran away.

James Grayson was so angry that he slammed the door. What’s wrong with her? Why does she fear him so much?

Bella ran out of the neurology department. She was completely panicked.

She almost did that with James Grayson. They were, almost!

She was totally out of her senses. She felt crazy.

Bella opened the door of her office.

David Wilson sat on her chair and saw her coming in and twisted off the burning cigarette butt. “Did you do it with James Grayson yesterday?”

Bella felt something burning in his cold eyes.

Her kidnapping and that medication last night. Today morning’s incident and James Grayson’s injuries, everything was because of him. And he still dared to question her?

“Do you care?” Bella asked indifferently.

“You are my wife, and I will not allow you to ditch me or cheated on me over another.” David Wilson stood up immediately.

“I can’t count how many times you have cheated on me. Where did you come from?” Today Bella was not coming slow.

He walked near to her with a grim voice and said, “Such temper doesn’t suit on women. It will only make people feel irritable. When men play it looked fashionable but when women play it looked cheap. Actually, Emma Johnson came to me today, she wants to be my secretary. I don’t want to say yes. But now, it seems that she is much lovelier than you.”

“I wish you two a happy marriage forever,” Bella said indifferently. She was tired of him.

He pressed the shoulder and hit her against the wall. “Woman, don’t challenge my patience.”

“Divorce me if you think I’m unbearable,” Bella shouted.

“Do you want that man this much?” David Wilson finally got angry. His anger spread and burned until his eyes got red.

Bella felt that his words were incoherent and illogical and that she needed to be a little childish to understand him or to communicate with him.

“It’s none of your business. Let me go.” Bella pushed him.

David Wilson opened his mouth and said, “It seems that it’s time for me to fulfill my biggest obligation as a husband. I will satisfy all your needs.”

Bella was panicked. Her eyes were widely opened, and she felt more anger, “David, Let me go.”

“Where do you want to go? In a moment, you’ll beg me to come in.” He pushed her on the desk. He hit her fiercely that all her books, files and documents fell on the ground.

She saw dangerous intentions in his eyes and pushed him back. She would rather go to James Grayson than to feel this disgusted behavior of David Wilson.

David Wilson’s breaths were chaotic “Move. You know? The more you struggle, the more excited I feel.”

“You are shameless.” Bella bit her teeth.

He did not seem to feel that she was scolding him. His hands were on her thighs and were moving up…

“Well, it’s like a love between a human and a beast.” Amelia William heard the voice coming from Bella’s office and appeared in time.

Bella saw Amelia William. Her expressions were surprising and even had an impulse to cry or weep with joy. She felt all kinds of complex emotions in a second. David Wilson stared at the changing expressions in Bella’s eyes. Emotions in her eyes were irritable.

She really didn’t want him to touch her!!!

For a moment he was in a trance. This is the same Bella in front of him, a woman who once loved him so much. Even when he betrayed her, plotted against her and hurt her, she still married him without hesitation because of that love. Now she had changed.

Bella took the opportunity to save herself. She ran to Amelia William. “Amelia”

Amelia William pulled Bella behind her. Stared at David and glanced at the mess.

“Mr. David Wilson, for what you want to have there are many women outside, one is waiting for you in the military area as well. Bella had to do an operation this afternoon. Do you want her to be left with no strength, even to hold a knife?” Amelia William spoked confidently.

David Wilson starred at Bella and the indifference and resistance in her eyes drove him crazy. “I’ll pick you in the evening. Tonight we will use our wedding room well.”

Bella watched David Wilson going out.

After he had left, she immediately opened the window. She disliked the smell of tobacco and his perfume very much.

Amelia William looked at her pale face anxiously. “Bella, for your own safety’s sake I suggest you take a few days off. Continue the job after getting a divorce.”