Chapter 39 He Was Too Nervous and Too Obvious

Benjamin’s nervously lowered eyes and looked at Alice, and it seemed necessary to teach her small skills like kungfu.

Alice felt very pain for the doctor touched some place where Alice hurt. Alice bit her lower lips tightly, her eyebrows were squeezed tightly, her eyes were closed, and she was painful but could not help crying or shouting.

“Hey, please be gentle!” Benjamin shouted coldly at the doctor.

The hard-working doctor was startled, and Alice opened his eyes because of his impoliteness. She looked at the doctor with an unhappy expression and grinned, “Sorry, it may be because of recent constipation that he was in bad temper.”

“I …” Benjamin could not speak, and looked back at Chuck who had nothing to do with him.

Chuck shrugged at Benjamin, then asked the doctor, “Doctor, is she OK?”

The doctor saw the friend’s attitude was better. “The right arm was dislocated. I just helped her recover. But recently, I still need to pay attention to it. The other places are just skin trauma, just need to apply the medicine on time. Don’t get water on the wound. And she will recover soon. It’s basically fine. ”

Benjamin said angrily in a cold voice, “Basically fine? She was heavily gotten hurt!”

The people present remained silent again, because Benjamin was too nervous.

The doctor asked Alice, “Do you often dislocate your arms?”

Alice nodded. Indeed, it had been this way since she moved the goods for a month in a courier company three years ago.

The doctor looked at Benjamin and Chuck. Seeing that they were not ordinary people, then he looked at Alice, who wore very ordinary clothes, but she had the inherent dignity.

“You’re malnourished, and deprived of sleep. You are too thin, please eat more in the future.” After that, the doctor said a separate sentence, “If you choose a boyfriend, choose this.”

The doctor’s eyes were looking at Chuck.

Benjamin stared. Was this doctor sent to anger Ben?

Chuck was proud of his smile.

But Alice said flatly, “I can’t match either of them.”

Alice stood up with the help of the doctor. There was bruise on her leg, but it did not affect walking. She asked the doctor, “How much is it?”

The doctor calculated the prescribed medicine and looked up at Alice. In fact, Alice was no stranger. She often came here three years ago, and had rarely been injured in the past two years.

“One hundred and seventeen.”

Alice bowed her head and looked for money in her bag. Two hundred yuan was already on the table. “No need to give the change to me.”

The one who liked to play cool in front of Alice, was no one except him Benjamin.

In fact, Alice was grateful to him because she didn’t have so much money in her bag, and it was almost 70 yuan.

Alice gave him a thankful look, then looked at the doctor, and said embarrassingly, “Well, you can give it to me.”

Benjamin’s eyebrows deeply frowned. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would really doubt that this woman was really Alice.

The doctor gave Alice thirty yuan, glanced at Benjamin with a hint, and whispered to Alice, “His medicine was in it.”

Alice nodded in understanding, “Thank you.”

Even the doctor can see it; this guy was particularly love saving face.

At the clinic entrance, Alice looked back at Benjamin and Chuck who were behind her. “I’m not going to work tonight. Please use these thirty dollars to invite you to eat delicious food.”

She raised her small hand holding thirty yuan and shook them in front of their eyes. Whatever she saw, she had a happy look after she just picked up the money.

Chuck nodded immediately, “Okay, I just happened to be hungry.”

Alice looked at Benjamin with a smile and waited for a response from him. He looked as if someone had owed him millions.

What she waited for was his sudden pick-up. Instead of his answer. And he carries her to walk in the direction of parking.

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