Chapter 38 This Is Secret Protection

Benjamin still remembered that day he questioned his mother, why didn’t she tell him what happened to Alice’s family at first.

At that time, his mother’s attitude was very firm, “Your dad and her dad are comrades-in-arms. If the two continue to be in contact, then your dad will definitely be involved. In the future, you will not be allowed to contact Alice again.”

Benjamin felt very sarcastic. This was the mother who had been calling Alice daughter, who was closer than his son.

When Alice left alone with a serious illness, she was so sad inside. The reason why she can look like this now was that she can see the chilly world in a day and grow up instantly.

So Benjamin knew that if he wanted to be with Alice, he still didn’t know what will happen. After all, they had to pass all the difficulties.. But he just couldn’t let go of her. Since they can’t be together in the name of husband and wife in this life, he must also guard her for a lifetime.

Chuck called, but didn’t call Alice, but a driver, who also knew Alice’s current location.

Benjamin frowned, inconceivably, “Are you looking for someone to follow her?”

Chuck was driving car, “This is called secret protection.”

Half an hour later, they went to a general outpatient clinic close to the bar, and Alice was sitting on a chair with her teeth grinning and asked the doctor to help her check her body. It seemed that she had hurt everywhere.

Benjamin really wanted to take a big step forward and carried the stupid girl to the hospital. She was so injured that he was so angry that she would go to this ordinary outpatient clinic instead of the hospital.

As soon as he was about to go to her, he was stopped by Chuck. Chuck’s voice was very low. “If you want to regain her dependence, don’t take the initiative of her and don’t touch her pride.”

Usually, the poorer the more self-esteem one should be.

Benjamin was still considering Chuck’s words. Chuck had already stepped in first. “Alice, why are you here? How did you get hurt? Is that Okay?”

Benjamin was standing behind Chuck. This is a good show, pretending not knowing what happened to Alice. Chuck can take the film emperor!

Alice was also surprised to see Chuck, but her injuries made her a little embarrassed. “Chuck, why are you here?”

Chuck naturally told Alice the reason he had thought about before he came. “Oh, yes. It was because of Ben. He just ran back and forth between the two cities, and couldn’t adapt to the climate. He was constipated, and he was afraid to meet an acquaintance at the hospital.”

Benjamin’s handsome face was red, blue and black, and Chuck dared to slap him.

Only then did Alice see Benjamin, seeing that his face was not very good, as if he was still gritting his teeth. It seemed to be really uncomfortable.

In addition, such a small clinic was originally to prevent meeting acquaintances, but as a result, he still met someone who was an acquaintance, and it was inevitable that he looked embarrassed now.

Even the doctor who helped Alice to treat the wound could not help smiling. After all, it was a doctor, and she was very professional. “I’ll prescribe medicine for your friend later. If it’s not serious, you can return to normal tomorrow morning.”

Chuck nodded his head proudly. Alice looked at Benjamin in a dark face and stood at the door without saying a word, and couldn’t help but grinning. This smile didn’t matter, and the wound in the corner of her mouth cracked again.

“Oh …” It hurt.

Benjamin had already stood in front of Alice, and also pushed away Chuck who not only hindered things but also hurt his friends.

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