Chapter 38 I only love you

Bella was frightened of him.

By force! This was the worst nightmare of her life. She remembered that night. That man, he was strong. He did everything by force. With force, he attacked her and smashed her. Her happiness, her love, ended with that nightmare.

Bella shivered with fear. “Then I will hate you.”

James Grayson looked in her eyes and saw the real fear. He felt his heart wrenches hard by her and felt the pain in his chest. She was really afraid of him. Now he felt it meaningless to force her.

He turned, open the drawer. Took her work permit and put it on the bedside table. He uttered, “You can leave, don’t come here again. I’m a wolf. I won’t guarantee that next time I’ll let you go as I did yesterday.”

Bella’s heart ached.

Why her relation with James Grayson was becoming worse and worse? Her mind was blank. She put the food on the side table took her work card and wear it around her neck.

“Take your food with you. I won’t eat it.” James Grayson said coldly.

“I ordered this meal from the canteen, not cooked it myself. It will be like you ordered food from the canteen, that’s all.” Bella explained.

“I don’t want to eat what you brought. Take it away, or you want me to throw it away.” James Grayson said angrily.

Bella had no choice. She took the lunch box and said, “Take care of you.” She turned and walked towards the door.

James Grayson sneered and his eyes were as red as blood. She was walking as nothing had happened. He clenched his fist tightly.

Bella opened the door and saw Anna Wilson coming. She closed the door immediately. “Anna Wilson is outside. I’ll hide here.” Bella said and ran towards the bathroom. She was annoyed while doing all this. Why did she want to hide? She didn’t do anything wrong.

Anna Wilson came in, with a bouquet of white lilies and a fruit basket in her hand. She was dressed in the bright pink miniskirt with silver earrings and dark makeup. Her dress had a deep neck which reveals her white skin and she looked very sexy.

She put the flowers in the vase and the fruit basket on the table and raised a smile, “If I hadn’t seen you with my own eyes, I would have thought you came here to avoid the evening party.”

James Grayson did not speak. He looked at the bathroom and slightly frowned.

Anna Wilson was used to his behavior. She didn’t mind because he behaved like this with every woman. She sat down in the chair beside him. “Grandma said that they wouldn’t announce anything at the party. She would throw another party to announce our wedding date.”

James Grayson’s facial expression was indifferent and his eyes were as vast as ever.

“If you don’t say anything I’ll consider it as your consent.” Anna Wilson said to him.

Bella leaned against the wall and felt some discomfort. He will get married soon. Their ways cannot be the same. Even if they don’t want to, this chapter will get over soon. She thought she had made the right decision.

She opened the peephole, looked inside the room. She looked at James Grayson. Her heart trembled and she closed the door again.

James Grayson was upset. Was he a beast to her? She was afraid of him. She just wanted to avoid him. He gritted his teeth and looked at Anna Wilson.

His suppressed anger was spreading. “Okay, let’s get married.

Anna Wilson felt delighted. She rushed to James Grayson with great enthusiasm. She wanted to kiss him. James Grayson hesitated for a moment and stepped back.

Anna Wilson hugged James Grayson and asked, “James Grayson, do you want that with me?”

James Grayson looked at the door of the bathroom. There was no movement at all. Emotions don’t exist in that woman. He was nothing in that woman’s heart. He felt very sad and uncomfortable.

When he was in a trance, Anna Wilson had already taken off her clothes.

“After all, we are going to get married. Today, we do that and I assure you that I will serve you well.” Anna Wilson said anxiously.

He could not hide his disgust. He was just angry with Bella. Now he had regained his consciousness. He realized that he really didn’t like this woman. “Anna, I was just kidding.”

Anna Wilson was stunned. The smile on her face was awkward. “James Grayson, I assure you will feel amazing. If you don’t want to do that. We can have oral sex. You will like it.”

James Grayson’s eyes were tight. He was very upset. He just wanted to refuse. He saw Bella coming out of the bathroom and creeping towards the door. She looked really interesting.

“How? Oral?” He asked. He doesn’t know whether he’s deliberately asking to let Bella hear or helping her by shifting Anna Wilson’s vision.

Anna Wilson did not expect James Grayson to ask such a question.

She thought she had convinced her. She smiled charmingly. “With the mouth, it can be sucked tightly and can be done without using hands.”

Bella’s face turned red when she heard it. She wanted to get out of here quickly. The air suffocated her. She opened the door, there was a slight sound.

Anna Wilson heard the voice and was about to turn back. James Grayson squeezed her chin and gazed at her face with deep eyes.

Anna Wilson felt deeply trapped in his eyes. It was the first time that she had seen him so closely. She closely looked at his facial features. He was flawless. A perfect man.

Bella opened the door. Colonel Thomas Brown and an old woman were standing outside the door. She was so nervous. She could not get out. She went back to the bathroom.

James Grayson twisted his eyebrows and helplessly looked at Bella’s back.

“James.” Anna Wilson called his name.

“If it’s oral, I prefer a woman with a smaller mouth. You don’t seem to fit.” He said very bluntly and walked towards the bathroom.

Grandma accompanied by the lieutenant colonel came in and saw Anna Wilson undressed. “Oh, I’m sorry. You people carry on.”

Grandma took Colonel Thomas Brown and closed the door.

Anna Wilson felt embarrassed and put on her clothes.

James Grayson entered the bathroom, closed the door and locked it.

“Why you didn’t go out?” He asked.

“There was someone at the door that’s why,” Bella explained.

“Bella, what are you guilty of?” James Grayson questioned and looked at her as if he had a scanner his eyes, left no place for her to hide.

“I am not guilty.” Bella lowered her head. His questions made her breathless.

“Really?” James Grayson’s eyes flashed a fierce light.

He put his arm around her waist, pulled it into his arms and kissed her lips.

Bella leaned back against the wall.

He kissed her mouth, her neck and his big palms lifted her skirt…