Chapter 37 She was reborn


In the bright sun, Vivian looked innocent, confused, helpless and sad.

He was falling in love with her again.

“Vivian, you are awake.”

He put down Hope and walked over to her. It was unbelievable that she finally woke up. He was happily tearful.

Christian’s voice restored her memory a little.

She tried her best to raise her arm and gently rubbed her eyes to adapt them to the bright light.

Two minutes later, she was finally able to see the man in front of her clearly.

His face was familiar. He was the man she had dreamt about for many times. But he, as a whole, seemed a little strange because her memory hadn’t fully recovered yet.

The very sight of Christian was heartbreaking for her because he reminded her of those miserable memories.

Hiding behind Christian timidly, Hope popped his head out and stole a glance at Vivian.

She was excited to see her son. He had grown up a lot, but the moment she laid eyes on him, she still could tell it was her boy.

“My baby.”

She tried to reach out to hug him, but he dodged out of shyness. Her son was afraid of her, which made her sad.

Standing by the bed, Christian watched her facial expressions, secretly doubting that he had been dreaming.

“Vivian, don’t move. I’ll call the doctor.”

He ran out of the room. Within ten minutes the room was crowded with doctors and nurses.

“Quick, give Mrs. North a physical examination.”

The chief doctor was so nervous that his heart was racing. As an experienced and respectable doctor, he had never seen anything like this before.

The doctors were all excited, but a little intimidated. Vivian was confused. Christian sat next to her with a straight face and held her in his arms. His hands were shaking.

Awaken by the rustling noise, Patrick was having a headache. He got out of bed in a daze and panicked when he saw so many people outside.

It was unusual. He was scared that something might have happened to Vivian. He pushed his way through the crowd and went over to Vivian’s bed.


He found a young woman looking in his direction.


Vivian felt guilty when she saw Patrick’s anxiety.

His nightmare had gone. After a night’s sleep, he had woken up to a miracle on such a regular day.


Patrick burst into tears of joy.

“Let me do it.”

He quickly calmed down and gave her a thorough examination.

Vivian was less nervous with Patrick around.

Christian looked serious when he held her more tightly. She was a little embarrassed.

She was certainly happy to see Christian when she woke up.

She subconsciously wanted to hug Christian, but the baby reminded her of what she had gone through.

She had no idea whether she was punishing Christian or herself.

After a quick and thorough checkup of Vivian, Patrick put on a long-lost smile. He was happy from the bottom of his heart. He had been waiting for so long, and she finally woke up.

“Due to bed rest for such a long time, there is slight discomfort. But apart from that, everything is normal.”


Patrick was happily tearful again.

“You’re a miracle.”

Christian was finally relieved.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes life was so wonderful.

“Try to eat regular meals. If everything goes well, you’ll be fully recovered soon.”

Patrick gave her some advice about her menu and exercise programs that suited her current condition.

“You’d better take her for a walk more often. She had been lying in the bed for so long. It will take a while for her to exercise.”

“I’ll make a recovery plan immediately. You’d better stay in the bed before that.”

Patrick was busy giving her advice. He was beaming with joy.

Vivian listened to him carefully with a smile on her face.

Christian’s body remained stiff. He wasn’t jealous of Patrick and Vivian anymore. He was sorry that he had never been as good as Patrick.

“Christian will take good care of you these days. I’m going back to discuss your situations with the doctors, and I’ll see you soon.”

Patrick nodded at Christian. After taking a glance at Vivian who was now beautiful and lively again, he left the room joyfully.