Chapter 37 Brotherly Rivals, How Wonderful Would Be

Molly, why aren’t you just being nice? If you have to go to hell to be a demon, then don’t blame him for finding a good opportunity to let you go.

Benjamin was originally at Chuck’s side. He came here this time, just for Alice.

Chuck glanced at Benjamin, “What’s wrong with Alice? Seeing you like this is like killing someone.”

Who said just now that “I stay here, definitely not because of Alice. Your company needs me now, and besides, your office building was designed by me, and I am one of the big international celebrities. It would be fine if you don’t give me a penny, but it also is not way too much to ask you for a suit house, right? ”

Benjamin glanced at Chuck. “You call her now and ask her where she is? Then ask her to have supper.”

Pretending not to understand, Chuck asked “Who is she?”

Benjamin gave Chuck a severe glance, “Hurry up!”

Chuck didn’t even intend to pick up a cell phone. Two long legs crossed hands leisurely, and he took cigarettes and matches on the table. “Mr. Ming, your attitude of asking for people makes me very uncomfortable.”

Benjamin was not angry and smiled. He may be not as sophisticated as Chuck, but he still had a superior ability to adapt to changes.

He looked at Chuck strangely, “Believe it or not, I’m beating you now and sending you to the hospital. Then I will have many chances to meet her at the hospital.”

This guy, for the sake of a woman, had the idea of beating his brother. There was no cure.

“I don’t have her number, do you have it?” Chuck asked deliberately.

Benjamin was still thinking about the severity of Alice’s injury. He was impatient and Chuck ground his tongue here. “Don’t think I don’t know. You also investigated her,” said Ben.

Chuck took the cigarette in his mouth and took a deep breath, and there was smoke in it.

The still-lit cigarette was put out in a black crystal ashtray. “Ben, do you think you and Alice can still be together?”

This is of course the pain in Benjamin’s heart, but he didn’t want to touch the question that made him unable to find the answer.

“I just made it clear; I never thought to start again with her.”

Chuck smiled inexplicably, “Don’t try to bother her again. Once the lover, after a long time of reunion, either fall in deep love or entanglement, and you, are destined to be with no end. So let her go, also let you go. ”

Sometimes the future was clear, but some people were always stubborn and wanted to fight against fate.

Benjamin’s face was very pale. Of course, what Chuck had said he had already thought about, but he might have been too persistent. No matter how he tried to convince himself, he couldn’t let it go.

Benjamin was mad at him, mad at Alice, and now mad at Chuck’s stand-by attitude. “Don’t think I don’t know you like her.”

Chuck sneered. This didn’t seem to be everyone’s secret, but no one had ever said it, “Yeah, I don’t deny that I like her. It seems to have been for many years, but I keep telling myself that you are my best friend.”

It was really unpleasant that when there is so much fish in the pond, the two best friends fell in love with the same woman. Certainly it is very upset.

Benjamin was a little irritable. “Since you put friendship first, call her now.”

Chuck sighed softly, “I can call her and take you to see her, but I have one thing to tell you, starting from today, I will chase her.”

Benjamin suddenly stood up, “Chuck!”

Chuck also stood up and took out his mobile phone. “Don’t be so nervous, you are much better than me, but I still want to tell you that I can give her a simple and happy future, and you may find it difficult.”

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