Chapter 37 Be with me. It’s an order!

She had an intense kiss on her lips. Soft, gentle with his unique fragrance. She couldn’t help wanting him to go deeper. He licked her lips, and the strong smell of his body made her dizzy. Bella was unable to breathe. Oxygen seems to be pumping away. Unconsciously, she opened her mouth to breathe.

He went deep into her mouth licking her teeth with his red tongue and tangling with her little tongue.

Bella felt flustered. She was unable to think, wanted to push him away but felt powerless. He turned over pulled her on the bed and lifted her white gown with his hand.

Bella held his arm and said, “No.”

“Bella, I will be responsible.” James Grayson murmured and looked at her eyes sincerely.

Bella stood up immediately, she didn’t dare to look at him again, bowed her head and said, “I’ll see you again at noon.”

Bella almost ran away. She felt that she was about to agree. But she hasn’t got the divorce yet and that’s not right. She went back to the office in a daze.

Amelia William has been waiting for her in her office. “Why are you so late?”

“My friend had a car accident. I went to see him.” Bella sat down at her chair.

Amelia William smiled and sat down on Bella’s table and said proudly, “Girl, I have good news for you.”

Bella looked at Amelia William’s appearance and a flash of light flashed through his mind. “Do you find evidence against David Wilson?”

“Yes, but there are still a few days to go. Ha-ha.” Amelia William said.

“Why some more days are required?” Bella was confused.

Amelia William smiled carelessly.

The girl, who was once an assistant David Wilson has his phone recordings. And she demanded two hundred thousand. But if she told Bella about this amount, Bella would not agree to pay that price. Anyway, her father can afford 200,000, but she has to compromise some things. For example, dating.

“You need to help me with one thing.” Amelia William said with a smile.

“What is it?” Bella asked.

“I have a blind date on Saturday. If you accompany me, your affairs will be settled.” Amelia William made an offer.

“Well, if you want me to accompany you, I will accompany you without any conditions.” She was a good friend of Amelia William, and she enjoys her company very much.

“Okay, now I’ll go back to the office.” Amelia William got up.

Bella remembered one thing. “Help me find a house when you will be free. I’m going to move out.” Bella told her something.

“You should do this.” Amelia William patted her back. “I’ll arrange a house for you, don’t worry about it.”

“Thank you.” Bella watched Amelia William leaving. Her life had nothing but at least she had a good friend.

At noon, she hesitated to visit James Grayson. She could feel that James Grayson had feelings about her. If she went, she probably fell into his trap? But if she does not go, it will be so mean of her. After all, he got injured just because he saved her.

He saved her life.

Bella was confused.

The cell phone rang. She looked it was James Grayson and her heart beats faster.

Took a deep breath and answered.

“When will you come?” James Grayson asked quietly.

“That, I… At noon… There are other things.” Bella said.

“Your work card is here, if you don’t come to me, I will come to your place.” James Grayson said, actually he ordered.

“Well, I have ordered the meal. I will come to you in a moment.” Bella whispered.

“Um.” James Grayson hung up the phone and looked at Thomas Brown and said, “You don’t have to stay here anymore.”

“How can I leave? If something happened to you, we can’t afford it.” said Thomas Brown worriedly.

“You looked so conspicuous, and nothing will happen to me. I ordered you to leave. Don’t talk so much nonsense.” James Grayson said impatiently.

Thomas Brown had no choice but to obey his orders.

Bella stood at the door of James Grayson’s ward, took a deep breath and knocked at the door.

The door got opened. She was surprised that James Grayson opened the door. Is he in better health? Just before Bella opened her mouth to say something she had been pulled in by him. He closed the door and kissed her fiercely on her lips.

Bella stretched the eyes and did not respond for a while. The kiss became intense and deeper. His red tongue entered her mouth and disturbed her breath. She knew it was wrong. She slowed down and pushed him away.

James Grayson loosened her lips, her chest was close to her and a strong breath hung around her.

“I’m not asking for your advice. It’s an order.” He said in a deep voice. His deep eyes were filled with passion.

“We can’t do that,” Bella said again.

“Why not? David Wilson does not like you. Your marriage exists in name only. You just get along with him to punish yourself.” James Grayson said definitely.

“But I’m married to him. I can’t justify myself for any reason.” Bella’s eyes are red.

“Just tell me one thing, do you like me?” James Grayson asked directly.

Bella’s heart was very confused. Her words will decide her fate.

“Can’t we be friends?” Bella asked again.

“In my opinion, there can be no pure friendship between men and women. If you like me, no matter what I face, I will go without hesitation but if you don’t like me…” James Grayson paused and looked at her with burning eyes.

Bella clenched his fist, “if not, then?”

He did not reply, and his eyes were somewhat craved for her. Then he asked, “Will you like me?”

“A handsome and tall man like you, who doesn’t like? Your looks, your background, your status are enough to make any women crazy. But this kind of love, if it’s just a temporary impulse, I don’t think it will last.” Bella said rationally.

James Grayson squinted his eyes and burst out with a sharp edge. She can’t compromise. She can’t give in? It is this much wrong to have an affair with him? The woman he loved will surely be his dearest.

“How do you know it won’t last long if you haven’t tried it?” James Grayson said domineeringly.

“If it started with a mistake, how can it last?” Bella said pessimistically.

He hated her so much. She always hides in her shell like a tortoise.

He raised her chin and kissed her on the lips. It was very fierce, he sucked and licked her lips. She breathed in his strong male breath, which quickly filled her lungs and weakened her limbs. He can’t be pushed.

He kissed for so long and then finally releases her.

Looked at her red and swollen lips and said, “You asked me, what I do if you didn’t like me.”

Bella looked at his wild eyes and had a bad feeling.

“I’ll take it by force.” James Grayson said peremptorily.