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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 36 the One She Used To Be

Marco was a woman with a story. There was a story in the past she did not want to mention it, and Alice never asked.

Alice smiled at Marco and couldn’t make her worry too much about herself. “The guest that night was my former friend. And today, I fought with those girls because I don’t want to hear them say my dad was bad.”

Marco sighed softly and sat beside her, tickling Alice’s chin teasingly, “I didn’t expect that you were still a proud petite girl.”

“Who do you listen to?” Alice couldn’t figure it out. It has been concealed well for the past three years. It suddenly seemed like everyone knew who she was before.

Marco shook his head lightly. “Not before long did you go last night, some people started to rumor in the bar, gossip about you became more outrageous.”

Who said this? Alice already knew it in her heart, but she never expected that Marco never really regarded her as a good friend.

Marco suddenly thought of an important gossip again, “Yes, I heard that you had no fear among friends and classmates before, just because you were sleeping with the younger master every day, and that young master protects you.”

Alice’s eyebrows twisted, and she looked at Marco with incredible disbelief. “Did you guess randomly? Or did they just pass on this?”

“All the employees here, including the cleaning aunt, almost know your indecent past. I guess there was that young master in the private room that night, right?”

Women naturally love gossip.

Alice’s helpless explained to Marco, “He and I have always been good friends. We do live together, but …”

Marco made a stop gesture and interrupted Alice’s explanation. “Okay, well, I probably already understand what you meant. But did you think I would believe that a man and a woman are living together, and they are just friends?”

Alice gave her a glance of guilty. In fact, if it wasn’t the only drunken mess that night, they would be very innocent.

“You love it or not.”

Marco took the opportunity to tease Alice, “Chick, you blush.”

Alice would rather die than confess, “No, it was because I was beaten.”

Marco reluctantly let her go, “Well, hurt people, you still have to go to a small clinic to deal with the injury, I will help you ask a day off.”

“That can only be the case.” The girls usually saw how unpleasant she was, and now Alice felt that her whole bones were almost falling apart, and there were several places of pain without moving.

Marco reported to the head that Alice was beaten by other girls, and the head was black at the time.

However, the head didn’t protect Alice so much before. What happened suddenly? Every girl who participated in the fight against Alice tonight deducted a month’s bonus.

Marco booed endlessly, and it seemed that someone had secretly protected Alice.

Benjamin received a call from the head and heard that someone had beaten Alice, and he was much more furious.

“A month’s bonus? I want those women who had beaten Alice to disappear completely in this city before dawn.”

He can punish all those who have bullied Alice by the cruelest means. In the eyes of many people, he was a tyrant, because he had given all the favors to Alice.

The head pleaded, “Mater Benjamin, in fact, those girls are not easy. All of them fought today because Alice fought first. Of course, the main reason was because some employee mentioned Alice’s father, that’s why …”

Benjamin frowned suddenly, “Tomorrow, I want to see those women who hit Alice, and no one should miss!”


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