Chapter 36 Vivian woke up

Christian and Patrick drank until late at night. The maid prepared dinner, but they hardly ate anything.

Hope had gone to bed early. There were only Christian and Patrick in the living room.

“Christian, I really don’t want to lose to you.”

Patrick had rarely drunk and he had never drunk so much before. He got a little drunk soon.

“But I know she loves you and she has only loved you.”

“I don’t expect to have her. I only hope that you will treat her well when she wakes up.”

Christian could hold his liquor, so he wasn’t drunk at all. Patrick was talking drunken gibberish, so he hurriedly called the maid.

“You are drunk. The maid will take you to the bedroom.”

Christian asked the maid to arrange a room for Patrick. Patrick quickly fell into sleep.

Christian was sitting in the living room alone. It looked like he was in a trance, but actually his mind just went blank.

He was too exhausted to know how to think.

The big house was standing alone in the silent night. Christian thought for a moment and went to Vivian’s room.

In the past year, Vivian’s vital signs had become stable and she didn’t need those complex medical equipments anymore. She was like a sleeping beauty.

Christian had never seen her as a vegetable.

He believed she had just fallen asleep. He had always lain next to her carefully and cuddled her in his sleep.

“Vivian, our baby called you Mommy again.”

“He is a very smart boy. He is just one year old and he has learned to walk.”

“Please wake up soon.”


He habitually kissed her on the forehead and quickly fell into sleep under the influence of alcohol.

He was too exhausted today to talk to Vivian for a while before sleep as usual.

When he was sleeping, she slightly lifted her fingers.

The next morning, Christian woke up to Hope’s crying.


Christian opened his sleepy eyes to find his son stumbling toward him.

The little boy had woken up alone. He was so afraid that he started crying.

“Hope, my sweet boy, Daddy is here.”

Christian patted him on the back and tried to comfort him in a soft voice.

But Hope struggled to break free from Christian’s arms, trying to run over to Vivian.

“Do you want to stay with Mommy?”

Hope nodded.

“All right, Daddy will make breakfast for you. Don’t disturb Mommy when you’re here.”

He knew Hope didn’t understood what he was saying at all, but he still didn’t trust him to stay alone with her.

Hope sat on the bed with his eyes fixed on Vivian.

Her fingers moved a little.

She found herself in the warm sun and there was a smell of flowers in the air. Then she heard a child’s voice.

“Mommy, Mommy.”

Other than that, a magnetic man’s voice was calling her name.

It was blurry at first, but it soon became clear. She finally found where the sound came from.

It was a tall young man with a cute baby next to him. They kept calling her.

“Oh, my baby.”

She had come to her senses. She reached out to hug her son, but she couldn’t move no matter how hard she tried.

It seemed that Hope had noticed her uneasiness. He leaned in to feel Vivian’s breath.

The more she felt her son’s breath, the more desperate she became.

She had missed her baby so much.

However, it seemed that her arms and legs were being hold down by an invisible force. Sweating all over with worry, she tried to break free with all her strength.

“My baby!”

Suddenly she opened her eyes. The pillow was soaked in sweat. She gasped as if she had gone through a fight.

She hadn’t seen sunshine for a long time. Her eyes were too sensitive to see clearly anything around.

But her waking up had startled Hope. He burst into tears.

She couldn’t see clearly things, but she was so familiar with her baby’s voice.

“My baby? Dear, don’t cry, Mommy is here.”

She reached out to hug her son, but only to find her arms too weak to move.

He cried hysterically and climbed down the bed pitifully to find Christian.

Christian had been preparing breakfast for Hope in the kitchen. Hearing him crying, Christian immediately put down the milk and ran out of the kitchen.

“What’s wrong, Hope?”

When he rushed back to Vivian’s room, he found Hope crying loud.

He hurriedly held his son in his arms.

When he looked up, he saw Vivian sitting in the bed with her arms trembling. Her face was pale and sad.

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