Chapter 35 I hooked up with you!

Bella saw him vaguely. She closed her eyes and urged, “Hurry up.”

“It hurts a little when it goes in. Hold it.” James Grayson said worriedly.

If it weren’t for the medication, he would do the first part carefully.

She nodded wildly.

James Grayson was unbuckling his belt when the shutter opened. He got alert and looked at the door. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown came with soldiers and there was a doctor as well.

“Chief, are you all right?” Thomas Brown asked worriedly.

James Grayson was somewhat absent-minded. If they had come a little later, he should have done it with Bella. He was a little agitated. He stood up and told the doctor, “Give her a tranquilizer first.”

“Yes.” The doctor gave Bella a tranquilizer.

Bella powerlessly watched the injection. The body’s turbulence gradually disappeared. She slept soundly.

Looking at Bella’s face that was like peach blossom and the chief’s clothes that were untidy and there were kiss marks on his neck, Thomas got worried, “Chief, have you been assaulted?”

James Grayson’s sharp eyes swept over him. “You talk a lot of nonsense.”

He picked Bella up and headed for their car.

Thomas Brown rubbed his nose. He didn’t have an idea that he has ruined someone’s good time.

Bella woke up in a daze. The first thing that flashed into her memory was that she was kidnapped. She sat up in panic. Tried to remember something. Yesterday, she was given some medicine. It was James Grayson who saved her. She almost did that with James Grayson. She felt completely ashamed.

“What are you thinking?” James Grayson asked.

Bella found James Grayson sitting on the sofa. Her face turned red unconsciously when she remembered the incident last night.

“I am not thinking anything. I want to brush my teeth and wash up.” She got up with a dull head and didn’t dare to look at him. She almost fled into the bathroom.

James Grayson stood up and leaned against the door to watch her brushing her teeth and washing her face. “Do you remember what happened yesterday?” James Grayson asked.

Bella lowered her eyes. She remembers, she touched his one and that touch was still on her hand. But she tried to play smart.

“No… No… I don’t remember anything.” Bella said.

James Grayson’s eyes darkened a little. She didin’t even dare to admit it?

James Grayson bit his teeth and tightened his chin. “You were given medicine last night.”

Bella looked at him with twinkling eyes. “Did the chief save me?”

James Grayson sneered, “We did that.”

“No, obviously not. At that time your people arrived here.” Bella exposed his lies.

James Grayson raised his insightful mouth and said, “So you remembered. It was just a short-term memory loss?”

Bella, “…”

She knew that she had been caught. She lowered her eyes and complained that he was making her feel ashamed. “Why you are doing that?”

He looked at her. His breath fell on her face.

“Why am I doing this, don’t you understand?” His voice was softer, somewhat depressed, somewhat implied.

Bella’s heart beat faster.

He really thought about her! It was not her imagination.

However, she was still a married woman and this was not appropriate.

James Grayson’s cell phone rang.

He looked at the phone. It was David Wilson. He twisted his eyebrow and answered. “What is the problem?”

“Let Bella answer the phone.” David Wilson raged.

James Grayson looked at Bella, and handed her the cell phone, “David Wilson.”

Bella didn’t expect David Wilson to call James Grayson for her.

She answered the phone suspiciously. “What’s the matter?”

“You slept with James Grayson?” David Wilson asked sarcastically while hiding his anger.

“Don’t think about others with your dirty thoughts.” Bella was not happy.

“Better not, James Grayson is the chief of the special military region. The youngest chief in history, his father is a vice president. One day, he will become the president of the country. If you are with him, it will be a stain on his life. You are my wife, David Wilson’s woman.” David Wilson said in an arrogant way.

She hates that sentence, you are David Wilson’s woman.

“Don’t you think you have too many women?” Bella cold voice.

“But only you are my wife.” David Wilson clenched her teeth.

“Then you should take care of your women. Kidnapped me and gave me medication. If not for you, would they dare? Why they found the need to do this with me?” Bella spoke everything.

David Wilson was surprised. “You just said someone gave you medicine? Who did that?”

“Who did that? Don’t you know? I was kidnapped when I came out of the hotel. How many people knew that I was in that restaurant and who want to get the benefit from that condition? I don’t want to tell you. Don’t call me again.” Bella hung up angrily.

“Do you still want a man like that?” James Grayson’s asked.

Bella remembered David Wilson’s words. James Grayson, Chief of the Special Military Region. He might become president of the country in the future. And she was a married woman. He had been so kind to her. She shouldn’t interfere in his future.

“I’m going back to work today,” Bella replied.

James Grayson did not like it. Her mind was caught by something. He gripped her chin and raised it. “What do you want me to do?”

Bella looked straight into his beautiful eyes.

“To me, you are like the sun. And when the sun shines I can feel warm but if I go too close it will turn me down into ashes.” Bella said earnestly.

“Do you think I am terrible?” James Grayson was agitated and his chest fluctuated.

“No. It’s just a statement of fact.” Bella explained.

“The fact is that you are a coward.” James Grayson loosened her hand and turned his face away from here. “You can go.”

Bella respectfully bows, pick up the bag, didn’t turn back and left.

James Grayson hit the wall hard with a punch. It was the first time he had lost self-control.

David Wilson called Emma Johnson and asked directly, “It was you who kidnapped Bella last night.”

“Of course not. Who said that? Did someone kidnap her last night?” Emma wore a mask of innocence.

“Don’t let me know that it was you. Otherwise, I won’t let you go.” David Wilson ruthlessly said.

“Didn’t you say that you didn’t love her?” Emma Johnson asked.

“Even if I don’t love her, I won’t allow anybody to bully her as Mrs. David. Okay, I’ve got something on my side.” David Wilson hung up the phone irritably.

Emma Johnson bit her teeth. Bella had the status of Mrs. David Wilson. Soon she will take that from her.

Mrs. David Wilson’s identity will only be hers.