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Chapter 35 Fight

Sure enough, women had strong intuition

As soon as Alice entered the changing room, there was a waitress who had always disliked her came to her. “Oh, your grace is here, always wearing a face of arrogance. Your dad was an embezzler!”

“I heard that your dad had used the public money, and had many concubines. You are a coquettish bitch!”

“I heard that your dad committed suicide because of fear of punishment. It’s a pity. They all say that it’s better to live than to die. Why was your dad so unwise …”


They said one by one, satirizing Alice. For three years of hard life, she had very little pride in her bones, but every sentence of them today was aimed at her parents.

Even if they were telling the truth, she could not lower her head and let them humiliate her

The dead should be respected.

“Pa!” A quiet moment went through the noisy changing room.

One of the girls covered her cheek that was slapped by Alice, and was furious. They did not expect that Alice would raise hands to them.

“Bitch! The daughter of an embezzler! How dare you!”

The girls began to attack Alice, and the fight between women began.

When Marco came to the dressing room, she took a leisure look in it. At first, she didn’t take it seriously as fighting was commonplace.

She didn’t even bother to hear it, when she heard someone shouting, “Alice, you bitch. Today I will ruin your face …”

Marco didn’t think too much and rush into the crowd.

In the fight, the real masters are often those who were not afraid of death, and Marco was the kind of person.

She was not afraid of death herself, and beat the women who bullied Alice. Almost every employee in this bar was afraid of her.

When Marco defeated all the girls in the changing room, even if the girls held the grudges, they didn’t want to suffer any loss. They also didn’t want to fight with a desperate death with a person dare to die.

Alice was leaning against the closet and sat on the ground. She knew how embarrassed she was at the moment.

She used to look like these three years ago. At that time, she was still full of thorns. Proudly felt that everyone should spoil her.

Frustration came time and time again. She gritted her teeth and pulled out every thorn in her mind, and told herself every day that she could live, at least she could accompany her mother to the end.

Marco looked angrily at Alice, who suddenly became weak. “What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you fight back? Listen, Alice, if you want to die, you don’t have to suffer this. You just climb to the top floor and jump.”

The corner of Alice’s mouth had already bled. She smiled bitterly, and the blood leaked into her mouth, and she wanted to vomit.

Marco squatted down and helped her organize her messy hair. “Alice, what’s up with you? Since you have been that big room that day, you seemed to have been stunned all day long. Is there anyone you know there?”

Alice looked up at Marco. In the past three years, Marco was her only friend. The first time she was bullied, she was also saved by her.