Chapter 35 A Year Had Passed

The large room was too quiet to be disturbed. The sun was shining on the huge French windows, bringing a vibrant vibe to the silent room.

A beautiful young woman was sleeping peacefully in the soft bed. Her eyes were closed, as if she had nothing to do with the outside world.

A little boy tried his best to climb into the bed and he looked at the young woman with his curious black eyes.

Now and then, he would poke at the woman’s cheeks and touch her hair. It seemed that he was having a great time.


There came a deep male voice. The boy hurriedly turned around to look at the serious man.

Christian lifted his son with one hand and put him on the soft carpet. His tone was serious too.


Hope looked at his sullen face and held his leg. He said in an injured tone.


He looked at Vivian in the bed with a happy smile.

Christian picked him up and walked out of the room.

“Hope, my dear boy, Mommy is sleeping. We’ll play with her when she wakes up, ok?”

Christian said to him gently and closed the door. Hope nodded lovingly and took a last glance at Vivian’s room over his father’s shoulder.

“Hope, look! Who is here?”

Patrick was casually sitting back in the couch with his hands in his pockets. When Christian walked slowly toward him with Hope in his arms, Patrick smiled gently.


Hope reached out to Patrick and called him Daddy. Patrick quickly took him over and held him in his arms.

“I’m actually your godfather.”

Patrick gently stroked his chubby little face. Quietly nestled in his arms, Hope was sweet and cute.

“The little guy only knows Daddy.”

Christian curled his lips and shrugged his shoulders. He was afraid that the kid would mistake him for someone else.

“How is she doing?”

Patrick put Hope on the floor and sat down opposite Christian, waiting for his answer hopefully.

“The same as before.”

Christian took a sip of water. His tone was calm and his true emotions were hard to tell.

Patrick lowered his eye. Both were silent for quite a while.

It had been a year since Vivian lapsed into unconsciousness.

Under Christian’s charge, everything had been going very well. Hope had learnt to walk and talk.

Patrick had studied Vivian’s case unremittingly in the past year and tried every means to cure her.

It seemed that life had been going on, but it still ended in the same way.

“Wait for some time. It will work.”

Three months ago, with the help of many famous doctors in the whole country, Patrick had racked his brain and come up with the last solution. It was the last resort for Vivian.

If it worked, it would be a miracle.

If it failed, it would be a life-long regret.

Christian tapped the couch casually with his long fingers. He was mature and charismatic.

He knew better than anyone Vivian’s current condition. No matter what others might suggest, He had never lost hope.

He had declared that Vivian was now recuperating at home. No one was allowed to talk about her.

Hope was toddling and playing around in the living room. He was more than a year old and had just learnt how to walk. He was very happy, walking and crawling.

Christian and Patrick talked for a while.

“Let’s go see her.”

Christian knew Patrick had been worried about Vivian. He was grateful to Patrick because of what he had done for her.

“No, thanks. Maybe next time.”

Patrick took a glance at Vivian’s room with his gentle eyes.

“All right then. Why don’t you stay for dinner today? Hope has missed you very much.”

“Ok, let’s have a drink.”


Patrick had always found time to have a chat with Christian. Both in their late twenties, they were close friends who had been going through the trials of life together.

“How are you doing? I heard your father had set you up with a girl.”

Christian poured him a glass of wine. Patrick smiled helplessly.

“He is getting older. Maybe he wants grandchildren.”

Patrick drained his cup with one gulp. The wine was good, but it was strong.

“You’d better think for yourself.”

Christian frowned. Time was running out for Patrick. No one knew what the future held for them. Apart from him, no one had hopes for Vivian. But he should his own life.

“What are you thinking? Don’t forget, we would compete for Vivian once she woke up. I never admitted that I would lose to you.”

Patrick chuckled. Christian found his provocative words amusing.

“What, are you so afraid I would compete with you that you wanted me to get married as soon as possible?”

Patrick poured himself another glass of wine.

Christian didn’t bring up any life trivia later. They raised their glasses and drank as they pleased.

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