Chapter 34 I promise to be only yours

Bella went out of the hotel. Her heart was depressed. Her mind was in a mess. Because of James Grayson, she understood something. It seemed that… she had something for him in her heart.

There was a rush of footsteps behind him. Bella subconsciously turned back. A man with a mask came over, took the spray and sprayed at her. There’s a strong smell of anesthesia. Then Bella blacked out. That man carried her and put her in the car.

“What are you doing?” James Grayson caught up and asked them.

A man behind him put one hand on his shoulder. James Grayson’s eyes glide across the sharp edge. He turned back and hit that man. The man holding the spray in his hand was thrown on the ground. James Grayson ran towards Bella.

Another man rushed out and blocked James Grayson. He did not stop and rushed over. Before the man punched, he was pushed out and hit the car. James Grayson’s action was too fast. He can handle them all.

“Get in the car.” The man who had fallen to the ground got up and jumped into the car.

James Grayson watched the car with Bella went away. He chased the car. A pistol came out of the car and shot him. James Grayson leaped away. They stepped on the accelerator and ran away.

James Grayson immediately called the Road Administration, “Check two cars, one is a black Santana with license plate number LP315, the other is a black Volkswagen with license plate number DV510. Tell me their whereabouts in ten minutes.”

He got into his car and drove fast.

David Wilson waited for a long time but Bella did not come back. He called her but she didn’t answer. He was upset, so he went out to look for it.

“David Wilson.” Emma Johnson stood behind him and shouted softly.

David Wilson looked back at her and smiled. “What’s wrong?”

Emma Johnson came up to him with a red face. “I booked a room in the hotel.”

Of course, he understood her hint. He liked to be chased by women.

“What did you say to Bella?” David Wilson asked.

Emma Johnson looked at his smiling eyes but could not see clearly what he had been thinking. “I love you, but your wife is someone else. There are thousands of words I want to say to your wife, but she went off in anger and gave me no chance to speak.”

David Wilson laughed, pulled up her chin and kissed her on her lips.

“You are the only woman I love. Don’t let me down. Those dumb women only make me tired. You’re so smart, you understand.” David Wilson said meaningfully.

Emma Johnson’s brain was tangled in some thoughts. What David Wilson knew?

“Are you in love with Bella?” Emma Johnson asked a question.

“Do you think she deserves love? You’ve just come back. Spend some time with your family.” David Wilson suggested and walked towards the elevator.

The Director of the Road Administration called James Grayson and told him that the two cars were stopped at a abandoned pier off the river.

James Grayson drove quickly. One and half an hour later, he reached the pier. It was a quiet place and the two cars were parked there. His eyes flashed the past but now there was nobody in the car. There was only one light on in the warehouses. He approached quickly.

Bella was lying down, her hands were wrapped around her chest and she was trembling in bed. James Grayson realized something was wrong. He ran in.

“Bella.” James Grayson shouted.

Bella’s face was red. Her eyelashes were trembling. She opened her eyes and said. “James, go away quickly.”

“Don’t talk. I’ll take you to the hospital.” James Grayson picked her up and turned around.

The door shutter of the warehouse was pulled down by the masked man.

“Man, this woman is an absolute beauty. Enjoy her tonight.” The people said insidiously.

James Grayson understood what had happened to Bella.

Her eyes become more diffuse and her desire grew stronger. She felt as if countless ants were climbing on her.

James Grayson twisted his eyebrows and looked into her eyes. This would be very difficult for her to bear. He knew how it felt. Three years ago, he faced the same situation. He had lost his senses and as she passed by him. He did that thing to her.

“Bear for a moment, my men will be here soon.” James Grayson put her on the bed.

He looked around and found cameras in all four corners. Bella watched him ripped off all four cameras. The urge was getting worse and worse. There were some pictures in her mind. She swallowed helplessly. There were tears in her eyes.

She had never done any bad thing. She didn’t even say bad words behind someone back. Why did God do this to her? James Grayson dialed the phone and watched her cry, his heart was more softened. He wiped her tears.

Bella looked at him. Her eyes full of sexual passion. Her face looked more loveable, sexy and beautiful. Her waist was straight. Her soft, warm red lips touched his lips softly. Her hands went around the back of his neck, and she pulled him closer. He was stunned and his back stiffened.

Her delicate taste plunged into his nose. Her tender tongue was on his lips. She was so hot that she swallowed the taste of him, and she wanted more of him.

James Grayson’s eyes were widely opened. He felt that his senses were on the verge of collapse. The belly burned with fire. The perspiration dripped down from the forehead.

Bella saw him stunned. She anxiously kissed from the corner of his mouth to his adam’s apple. James Grayson clutched her chin, opened her eyes and looked at her with burning eyes. “Do you know what you are doing?”

Bella caressed his strong chest muscles. She was dying of heat and was completely out of her senses.

“Give me. I want it.” She gasped and kissed his lips again.

Her kissing skills were very bad, but the damn soft feeling went down to his heart. He closed his eyes and did not want to think more. Her sweet tongue touching his lips. Lingering, tactful, hooked together and open, and then hooked together.

It was she who has taken the medicine. But he felt like he was also drugged. His abdomen was so tight that the man thing came to life and emitted more heat.

Bella’s hands were moving here and there restlessly and moved towards his abdomen. But she could not find the right direction. James Grayson took her hand and put it in his trousers. He gasped heavily and looked deeply at Bella.

“I cannot tolerate, I want it.” Bella cried.

James Grayson made up his mind. He knew that she was under the influence of drugs, but he didn’t want to miss this chance.

“Bella, I will be responsible for you. I promise that for this life that you will be my only woman.” This was the commitment of a military officer. He does exactly what he says.