Chapter 34 I Hope There Was No Future

On the way back, Alice feel wronged that she was kissed by Ben. Ben himself was a man of few words, so if she didn’t say anything, he would remain silent.

They soon arrived at the hospital entrance. Alice first came out of the seat belt to see if she was skillful about this.

Holding the breakfast bought for her mother, she said indifferently to Ben, “Goodbye. By the way, if you don’t like Molly. Don’t marry her.”

Ben didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh. When did she finally figure out?

He got out of the car, standing in front of her, with big hands on her thin shoulders, and looked down at her. “From now on, every word I say, please listen carefully.”

Alice raised her eyes and looked at his deep eyes, not knowing what to say.

Ben was serious, “First, I have never had any relationship with Molly. From the beginning, you forced her into my life. I was about to get married, but the bride was not her.”

“Second, your knife was a legitimate defense. Without that knife, I might have killed you.”

“Third, I didn’t stay with you at the time. I’m sorry. I was forced to swear when I was a kid that no matter what happened, I will go through with you together, but I didn’t be with you.”

Alice felt uncomfortable. She should say that the person who should apologize was her. What justifiable defense? He just wanted her to let go of that thing. Even if she didn’t hit him with a knife, he couldn’t choke her.

As soon as she was about to bow her head, Ben’s slender fingers held up her delicate chin, and raised her head, and let her look at him, “So it’s all gone. It’s cold, so wear more clothes when you go out. Take care of yourself. ”

He loved her, with affectionate but not tying her too fast. As long as she can be beside him and stay at ease, he didn’t care anything.

Therefore, Ben often thought that he must have owed her a lot in the last life, and this life he was so pampered her in this life.

Alice, when will you understand, if I don’t love you, how can you hurt me like this, and let you do whatever you want with me.

When Alice returned to the hospital, her mother was awake, and Dr. Ran just came by to check. Alice asked the nurse to feed her mother later because she was late for work.

This time happened to be the peak time for the restaurant. If she didn’t show up, the chef should think she was lazy again.

Although the fat chef had been fierce to her every day, if not for him she was likely to starve to death.

Alice was thinking about the words when Ben left while selling rice, “Alice, the night three years ago, we were over. Don’t call me again. Don’t try to connect with me again.”

In fact, even if he didn’t say it, Alice didn’t have the gut to start all this again. Even if they could cross that threshold, Godmother Joan’ s words still being kept firmly in her mind.

They just can’t go back again.

As he said, there was no if, only consequences.

Between them, it is impossible to go back to the past.

She appeared at the bar on time in the evening. As soon as she stepped into the bar, she felt that the atmosphere tonight was not right. She didn’t know if she thought too much, as she always felt that someone was pointing at her behind.

She remembered the days when her dad died, someone on the street recognized her as the daughter of the former mayor, and many people would start talking about her behind her back.

There was an uneasy feeling, and she wondered if there were any bad things waiting for her.

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