Chapter 34 A man likes eating sweet foods

“Vivi, what are you doing here?”

Vivian was pulled back to reality by a familiar voice. When she looked back, a pair of good-looking men and women came to her.

One was her bestie, Angie, and the other, of course, was William.

She didn’t expect to meet the two of them here, nor did she expect William to accompany Angie to the supermarket. Ironically, she had asked William to go with her before.

He was silent for a moment, quietly refusing.

After that, she never called him to come with her to the supermarket.

True love is great.

In spite of this, Vivian winced uncontrollably. When she faced them, she smiled and said, “Yes, I come here to buy some things.”

Angie thought Vivian was in a daze. When she answered, she remembered, “Vivi, today is weekday, why aren’t you at work?”

She came back to find that Vivi is a workaholic, who can work hard for money, although she did not know why Vivi is so short of money.

William was thoughtful, standing there without talking, but gave a kind of invisible pressure. In addition to the outstanding appearance, he has attracted the eyes of many people.

Vivian collected herself and said in her usual tone, “Well, I’m a little sick today, so I asked for day off.”

Hearing her friend’s discomfort, Angie immediately expressed concern, “Vivi, are you okay?”

“You don’t need to support your family, and I don’t know why you work so hard. Why didn’t John come with you?” Angie complained.

“It’s just a small problem.” Vivian unconsciously grasped the handrail of the cart and saw the man didn’t have any response at all. Although she was relieved, she felt even more upset.

Why should she be upset? Isn’t this a very normal behavior?

“You are still too nice.” Angie shook her head disapprovingly. When Vivian refused, she turned to the man beside her and said, “William, please tell Vivi about the importance of the health.”

William looked at the women who were afraid of him, coldly said, “The health belongs to their own, they are not willing to cherish, then others have nothing to do.”

“But Vivi is nobody else. She’s my best friend.” Said Angie, pretending not to agree with him.

Seeing her best friend is going to argue with William because of her, Vivian interrupted and said, “Angie, I’m done shopping.

“Hey, Vivi, why are you in such a hurry?” Angie wasn’t arguing with William for Vivian, but for her own. She wanted to prove she was important to William.

This is a common problem for many women who want to prove their status in their boyfriend’s heart.

Of course, she thinks it’s also a little strange and always feels Vivi is very nervous today, as if afraid of being found out something.

William, with his keen senses, has also noticed the details that no one else had noticed, depending on his profession.

A lawyer has a better grasp of detail than an ordinary person.

He noticed that Vivian’s shopping trolley contained a water bottle that looked like being for a child’s, and she bought a cake. He remembered that Vivian didn’t like sweet foods.

He also saw a book under the fruits, if he was right, it should be the Water Margin.

He was sure that Vivian doesn’t like this kind of tedious and boring novel. Her telephone call yesterday and the abnormality today must prove that she had secret.

And she seemed to be particularly afraid taht he would know.

There was a flash of reflection in William’s eyes.

“Maybe she’s in a hurry.” “William answered faintly, moving on.

Angie also did not think much. she spent a lot of effort to let William accompany her to go out to the supermarket. Vivi might not mind she accompany William, instead of her.

Now Vivi also has a boyfriend, so she should be able to understand her mood.

Vivian could be said to be defeated and fled, because William’s vision was too direct and terrible. She felt that if she stayed more time, her secret would be seen through, so she fled shamefully.

After several rounds of shelving, Vivian stopped, calmed down, and suddenly seemed to remember something. She nervously checked the contents of the trolley and found the cupcakes in the most prominent place. She felt anxious at the moment.

Fortunately, the Water Margin was at the bottom.

Then, as if to console herself, Vivian tells herself it’s just a piece of cake and that William won’t remember she hardly eats sweet foods, so he won’t discover the thing.

Vivian was not in the mood to buy things. She rushed to the counter to check out and went out of the supermarket.

Confirmed that there’s no one, she fled to the hospital by taxi.

At the hospital, Vivian calmed down and returned to the ward with a big bag of things.

Vivian takes the cute, naughty cat cake out of the bag and puts it in front of Roe.

“Cake.” When he saw her favorite cake, Roe couldn’t help crying.

“Well, mom will open it for you. ” Vivian knew that William had a sweet tooth, and only she knew the secret of his sweet tooth.

Who would have thought that a serious man like him would have a sweet tooth?

She also accidentally found that on the clerk’s birthday. They went out to play in the evening, bought the cake but no one ate. They were drunk and went away. Only she did not drink, so she took back the unopened cake by the way.

When she took it back, she found that William looked at the cake for a while, so she knew he had a different reaction to sweets.

Sure enough, she cut the cake and put it on a plate and brought it to him. He did not refuse.

Vivian sat aside and watched Roe gently eating the cake, and his eyes occasionally showed joy. She knew that Roe also likes sweet food.

But that man would not express his preference for sweet foods even though he likes them much, and he would not touch then in front of other people.